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Friday, June 18, 2010

My Beautiful Girls

I took this pic of the girls the weekend before last, on the ferry crossing the Georgia Straight towards Victoria. It was really raining outside but we were able to see a pod of killer whales just after I took this photo.
A stressful event yesterday. Tabi's school bus drops her off each day at a scheduled time (20 minutes before Mistaya's). I glanced out the front window after about 5 minutes of waiting no sign of tabs but I spotted my neighbour (across the street) driving away from her home, heading down the mountain.
After 15 minutes and no Tabs I started to worry. I put Pip in the stroller and headed down to the bus stop to see if Tabs was distracted by chit-chat with friends.
Just as I arrived, so did Mist's bus. I asked Mist and friends if they'd seen any sign of Tab's bus on the way home. They said no--I started to worry. Where was she? Had the bus come but without Tabs? Had the bus had an accident?
 I decided to walk directly to my neighbour's house across the street (the same one I'd just seen drive down the mountain alone) to see if her son had gotten off Tab's bus and was at home. That way I'd know whether it was the entire bus, or just Tabs missing.
Suddenly a mom (next door neighbour) drove up beside we and rolled down her window, "Are you looking for Tabi?"
"YES!"I said.
"The bus broke down and I'm going to get my girls, do you want me to bring Tabi home too?"
"Yes, thank-you," I said, relieved.
So I continued up the hill to my house. Just then the neighbour(across street) I'd seen drive down the mountain earlier arrived home, with her son and the 2 girls from next door.
I was confused. The 2 girls mother (next door neighbour) had just left to retrieve them and bring home Tabs.
"Where is Tabi?" I shouted across the street. One of the girls said,
"She (across the street neighbor) didn't have enough room in Tabi in the car."
The across-the-street mom then said, "I saw the broken down bus on my home from work so as soon as I got home, I drove back down to get the kids."
I turned to the 2 little next-door girls and said,"Well, your mom just headed down the mountain to find the bus and pick you girls and Tabi up. I guess she'll just have to bring home Tabi now."
The 2 little girls rushed inside their home and called their mom's cell. Their mom said she'd had trouble locating the broken down bus and by the time she found it, a new bus had picked up Tabs and she was on her way home.
Tabs finally arrived, hysterical. Apparently one of the kids on the bus had a cell and called her mom, who called several moms all of whom rushed to the bus to pick up their kids and their immediate neighbor's kids. Tabs was the only one in her grade left without pick up but all her friends and neighbours were picked up. No one called me. 
My neighbour-across-the-street knew the bus was broken down and didn't even bother to tell me--no, she drove down and picked up her son and the neighbor's 2 girls and left Tabs.
  This, after all the neighbourly things I have done for her and her entire family (baby sat, drove her mother-in law for groceries). She didn't even have the courtesy or decency to tell me the bus was broken down, nor bring my little Tabs home.
This, when  I am the only neighbour with a toddler, thus would find it harder pack up the family to drive down to get Tabs, plus Tabs was then left alone on the bus--she didn't have a sister to keep her company like my next door neighbour's 2 girls.
 Most importantly, I was panicked, having no idea where my little Tabs was--you'd think after all I have done for her and her family, she could have walked across the street and told me that she just drove by the school bus, broken-down on the mountain and that Tabi would, no doubt, be late.
I am so disappointed and angry about this. Tabs was so distraught that I kept her home from piano as she also had dress rehearsal to get ready for that same evening.

I am panicked at the amount of work I have to do for school, meetings, applications, the trip, the girl's trip, rewriting our will (as our last one was before Pip was born). STRESS.

I need a macro lens for my camera. Peter say I should wait and get one in Hong Kong--but that means I won't be able to take any super macro insect/flower shots in the jungle.

Oh, and they just found the mother load of dinosaur bone deposits north of Medicine Hat, Alberta (my old home town) up to thousands of triceratop type dinos that perished together in their massive herd during a torrential storm and valley flood--Wow--I'm taking the girls to Drumheller this summer.

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Blogger theresa_hart said...

The girls are beautiful as always.
Drumheller is always exciting.

June 18, 2010 at 3:15 PM  
Blogger Sandra said...

Beautiful girls is right!!!!

June 18, 2010 at 3:42 PM  
Blogger Tabitha is the Best said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

June 19, 2010 at 9:12 AM  

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