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Friday, July 9, 2010

Once Bitten—Twice Shy

Last pic is of Little Tommy Cat--runs the Perhentian Island Resort with an iron paw.
Yesterday we went snorkeling to 4 different spots for about 1h each. I was snorkeling in the deep blue sea for over 4 hours yesterday! It proved to be tiring by the last spot. However, I swam way out in the open sea with sea turtles—just like the one’s in Disney’s Finding Nemo. The largest was huge—it had to have a shell about 4 feet across and six feet long. I followed it as it swam and surfaced for air beside me. The sea is so turquoise and so calm and warm like a bath. The boat parked in the middle of the deep sea when the driver spotted turtles and told us to “jump in quick, quick!”—the only English he knew. There are no currents to take one far off course unexpectedly so it is easy to forget one is swimming in the deep blue sea.
Entering the water is a dream for snorkelers—Uber Snorkeler Theresa would love it! Smooth white sand and calm water—no rocks, no current to make it difficult.
The coral is fire coral and some of it is the most beautiful pink colour—like strawberry milk. There are so many stonefish here! Snorkeling in shallow water over coral always makes me nervous because I spot so many and I don’t want to brush up against one. Swam through many, many schools thick with 6 inch silver and black-stripped fish. They take little bites of me. I have tiny chunks of skin missing from the hungry little creatures.  They swim right at me with eyes wide and mouths open! And there are invisible sized jellyfish that cause needle like jabs occasionally that sting for about 10 minutes.
Saw another giant monitor lizard right on the beach walking home from an outdoor restaurant. They are like crocodiles! And the giant fruit bats are amazing to watch in flight also. And the snails are big with beautiful long shells.
Now onto the worst news: my last snorkeling trip. I borrowed a large T-short to put over my bikini from Peter as my bum was scarlet and painful from being burnt (morning snorkeling) despite 50 sunscreen. We snorkeled way out, looking for some big sharks. No sharks and I was getting tired—I snorkel on my own steam but Peter wears a life jacket in the deep water because he has always felt uncomfortable in deep water. As I headed to shore I felt a stabbing, searing pain on my torso below my chest. It hurt so much; I ripped off the T-shirt to see what was on me. I found nothing but a large patch of burning red (4 x 2 inches across). The pain was such that I wanted to cry. And then a big welt formed in the centre. We walked back to the resort and asked the snorkel guy what could have stung me—it hurt considerably. He said jellyfish and to put lime on it. We walked to the restaurant to get some lime. The juice relieved it momentarily but it till stung and was growing in size. I took a Tylenol and a antihistamine and waited it out. I felt nauseous and my bones ached for hours afterward. Now, I am slightly hesitant to go back in the sea. I know I will, but I am not wearing a T-shirt again for it to swim up! The jellyfish are rising in population thanks to global warming and hunting of sea turtles and sardines that dine on them.
-Next Day:
Peter and I took a two seater kyack out to some private beaches and bays. A workout! Snorkeled in the bays—just Peter and I. The water is so turquoise and clear. Saw a few more leather back sea-turtles and lots of clown fish and anemones. The turtles always have a few small but long yellow fish swimming right with them, practically attached to them where ever they go.  We spotted about 4 really big fish 6 feet ish—either sharks or tuna—but they made us tres nervous as we were the only ones swimming in the bay—so we stayed away. A lightening storm was cracking in the distance so we only stayed in the bays for about an hour and headed back to our beach. One can kyack all around the island and explore all of the coral reefs and bays in private.
No need to where deodorant here. The humidity is so high, my hair is in ringlets and I sweat of the deodorant and sunscreen in minutes.
They do make yummy banana cake J
PLEASE scroll down as I posted 2 posts today. Pics are pretty amazing of the sea and resort.

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Blogger Sara Nessman said...

Your pic's are beautiful. It looks like a wonderful place. Too bad about the jellyfish but you seemed to recover quickly.

July 9, 2010 at 6:23 PM  
Blogger Melissa Mix Hart said...

Thanks Sara--yes I recovered quickly TG I recieve little stings daily but that one was big and so painful!

July 9, 2010 at 8:37 PM  

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