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Friday, February 11, 2011

We Did It!

Tabs and her best buddy Mickey
Skating with Tabs class on Wednesday

Had so much fun skating with Tabs' class. Especially when all the children were called to board the bus home and I had the ice to myself for five glorious minutes. Now that was a skate...I loved it.

Yes, we did it! Thank-you Theresa and Peter for your help. We butchered my paper and got it under 5000 words :'(
The good news is all of the brilliant cuts can still be used in my thesis :)
It is ready for submission--after my 50 word author's statement and photo. What photo shall I submit? None of mine are very business like.

Very happy--excited about much. This afternoon we leave for night skiing at BigWhite. I am packing sandwiches for supper. Peter's knee is still damaged from his fall snowboarding at Christmas so he will stay with Pip on the baby hill. I will take the big girls and hit the slopes.

What else? Peter's Egyptian Visa came on the same day the Egyptian president stepped down. So...perhaps the trip will come to pass. He is going to Cairo and Alexandria to check out their universities and review some of their programs--helping them modernize their programs.

Zumba was so much fun last night--met an old friend of mine there and chatted a bit. But I had an allergic reaction to something I ate--horrible stomach pain and giant hives on my arms??? Don't have a clue what it was perhaps a chemical in something.
The zumba teacher went to Tabs' school this week and taught her class some basic Zumba steps. Tabs  loved it! She is a chip off the old block.

Mistaya got a call back from an audition for a local theatre. They want her to be in a musical this summer--I am excited for her.

I purchased the most amazing boots yesterday. Hand made in Portugal. Teal lace ups. Perfect with jeans and skirts. I will wear them to T's party I believe. I seldom buy shoes--I only buy the best and the coolest--that way them are so unique they never go out of style. 

And I found the best Renaissance painting workshop in the South of France. I would study under Gregory P.--an Italian artist trained in USA. I will have 35 studio instructional hours--he will teach me the Renaissance technique of painting oil and egg tempera for more luminescent paintings. It is a very good price for room and board and lessons. The ateliar is open to me day and night. I have always wanted to learn this. It is a dream come true. The workshop is ten days in late April. That means I have 2 months to completely finish my thesis/masters degree and two months to practice my French. Gregory is already a great teacher as he wants to communicate online to discuss and plan my work. Because it is ten days only, I must arrive with my canvas ready and sketched--so I can begin painting as soon as I arrive. I hope to use this skill to teach workshops here in BC on my return and perhaps (because I have a BEd and MA) I can help teach the workshops with Gregory in the future--yes, I have big plans--just don't tell Gregory...

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Blogger theresa_hart said...

When Horace recovers from editing he's getting his paintbrush ready to learn Renaissance painting! But the courses must be held in Canada. He's tired of Europe. Paint Melissa paint. Teach Melissa teach.

February 12, 2011 at 9:50 PM  
Blogger Mix Hart said...

Thank-you! Darling Horace will be welcome at all my workshops--will purchase cases of oranges and cloves in preparation :)

February 13, 2011 at 9:09 AM  

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