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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fried Feet, Itchy Legs and Other Summer Treats...

Yesterday morning, I awoke and of course, did not feel like lifting weights as per my usual Monday morning routine. But I persevered. My last exercise was in my back yard--hand held weights and walking lunges across the lawn. I had just opened the back door and stepped on the first step and STAB! A bleeping wasp got me on my calf. I am not a wimp. I take wasp stings in stride (bees are another story, their poison hurts way more). But this one was especially nasty, my leg still hurts today and it is so itchy I had trouble sleeping last night :(

Anyway, despite my calf, I decided to go to dance class at noon and then afterward pack a lunch for the beach and read a book I need to finish. I packed up everything perfectly: lunch, beachwear, beach umbrella etc. The only thing I forgot were shoes. I wore my dance shoes to dance in but one cannot walk to the beach in dance shoes. After a gruelling workout, I changed at the studio into my new bikini (I got an amazing deal while  visiting my parents in Kamloops on the weekend--70% off). Once I arrived near the beach, I decided to walk barefoot from the car to the beach.

I forgot about direct sun on pavement. I didn't even consider direct sun on wood. I crossed a wooden bridge to get to the beach. The wooden planks were about 200 oC. I had to keep walking once on the bridge because by the time my feet were scalded beyond repair, I was 1/2 way across. I hobbled towards the water, the hot sand adding to my misery. Once I hit Okanagan Lake, steam rose from my steps. Despite my burnt feet, I had an amazing time on the beach by myself: swimming, lunch, reading, people watching.

Some parents have a devil of a time with their children. I am amazed at the number of children (under 10) that hit and try to bite their parents if their parents try and make them do something that they don't want to do. I would never let my kids get away with that. Kids try it on for the first time at about age 2. I let my girls know that NO ONE hits me, and that they were never to hit anyone in less it was in self defense. None of my kids ever try to hurt me. I am appalled when parents barely react to their child's bites, slaps etc.

The trip back to the vehicle was not as agonizing: I thought ahead, I threw my towel ahead of me on the bridge and walked across it, standing momentarily on my tip toes to pull it up and toss it ahead of my again and again. I put aloe vera on my feet once home and fuzzy socks. They seem to have healed.

My darling girls are all on vacation: Mist at her Aunties and Tabs and Pip at their Granny's and Granddads. Peter and I have been biking the Kettlvalley railway at night. SO cool. The smell of the mountain air is euphoric and I saw a little pika! A pika is a rodent related to a rabbit. It doesn't hibernate and lives on rocky mountains at high altitudes.
This morning I've already played a game of tennis with Peter. I am pooped though--I was a crappy player as I am so tired from itching last night :(
Meeting a new friend for coffee this morning and then tonight a movie out with Peter--I love summer :) Tomorrow I travel to pick up my little girls in Kamloops. Thursday we travel to pick up Mist and then onward to the USA for our family vacation. Next blog will probably be from Idaho or Washington...

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