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Monday, October 10, 2011

A Hart Family Thanksgiving

 A weekend of fun with my family. The Hart's gathered in Kelowna, B.C. this Thanksgiving weekend for fun and work. The work was attempting to put new hardwood on our stairs. Unfortunately we could not finish the job as we need more mill work done and the shop is not open until tomorrow. The fun involved family feasting and parties. My sister Catherine and her family and my nephew Kyran were the only members missing this weekend and they were indeed missed. Much fun.

The company has returned to their homes and now it is back to work for everyone. I was up in the night with a sick Tabitha (she ate too much whip cream). So, I slept in. I will lift weights and dance tonight.
 I am working on my final thesis as a whole revision. My committee has assured me this will be their last reading.
Want to watch this French film I have been excited to see--a thriller. So far I have had no time for any movie watching this week. Perhaps if I can keep my eyes open past 9 p.m....
I have only recently managed to meditate in the evenings again after a break all summer long. It is hard to do it all. Evenings I must choose: meditate, read or foreign film.

 I want to have a party. My idea has been poo-pooed by Peter. Though, my girls think it sounds great! I wanted to have a Trani Party--dress as the opposite sex party. Peter and John assured me most guys will refuse to dress as women. Thus, I will change the theme. I want to dress up as Salvador Dali--I want to wear that long, crazy mustachio. Perhaps dress as you favorite artist party instead.

Looking to rent a studio downtown. Kelowna has no artist studio co-ops. Basically, I will carving a small space myself. Not easy so far.
Pippi and Artemis, Ebony and Ivory
Beautiful Girls: Anemone, Mistaya, Tabitha, Artemisia and Penelope
Tabs, Theresa and Mist
My Happy Parents
Miranda and Artemis
Happy Theresa
Mist and Peter
John Jr. and Miranda in Their Kitchen
Peter, Mist and Nem
Peter,  Mist, Nem, Tabs and Joop
Me and My Dad
Artemis and Pippi Setting the Table for the Thanksgiving Feast
Nem and Tabs
Joop and Theresa
Me and My Mom
Nem and Joop
Mist and Tabs
Artemis and Pip as a Creeper and a Vampire
John, Pip, Joop and Theresa
The Feast
The Feast Table
Anemone: Thankful that she won at Monopoly against  the "so called" world Monopoly Champion (Granddad)
Artemis: Thankful for friends and family
Pip: Thankful for dogs
Tabs: Thankful we all live in Canada
Mist: Thankful for Music
Melissa: Dance
Theresa: Thankful for interaction
Peter: Family
Joop: Thankful he came to Kelowna this weekend instead of Spokane, Washington.
Miranda: The Beautiful Day
John Jr.: Family Togetherness
John Sr.: Thankful for Sephen Harper's commitment to build more jails to house the criminals of unreported crimes (this is a family joke based on Harper's idiotic words last week).  
A Canadian Tanksgiving Feast
No Thanksgiving is Complete Without a Visit From Zombie Children
Pip and Artemis as Vampire and Creeper
The Johns
Granny, Mist and Peter
Vampire and Creeper Eating Their Own Veins
Artemis and Pip's Dramatic Performance
Tabs whipping 2 L of whip cream (we were all wondering why the electric mixer sound never stopped--Tabs had taken it upon herself to whip all 2 L!)
A Successful  Hart Ponder--Attempting to Ponder the Universe as One
An Unsuccessful Group Ponder
Tabs Trying Her Creation: Pumpkin Pie and Whip Cream. ( I am sad to say she threw this all up at 1 a.m. And her dear Mommy (me)  had to clean it all up)
Miranda on John Jr.'s Knee
Dance Concert Time! Dancing to Pitbull's Pause. The Little Girls Were All Amazing Dancers.

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