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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bertram's Beach

Family photo taken last month at my favorite Okanagan beach: October 2011
Here we are again! Me, Peter, Mist, Pip and Tabs.

I started my Friday early. After lifting weights in my home gym, I went to the doctor as I had been feeling so tired all week--not my usual energy. Thought I might have a bladder infection (a nasty down side to being a female). Good news is that I am fine but there is a virus going around that leaves people tired. 
So, I got a little paper work done (attempted to get in touch with my supervisor yet again--no luck and I am freaking out about this!) and then drove to the University to meet Peter for lunch. 

Right after lunch I attended Exam Invigilation training. Then, I sped home, changed into my dance gear and picked up 2 little dancers (Tabs and niece Nem) and off to ZumbAtomics we went. I danced my best but was noticeably more pooped than usual. My trick to teaching a class when my energy level is low is to smile a lot. If I look like I am having a blast, my students won't notice I am super tired.

After class I drove home for a quick supper--a bean burrito--and got ready for the Zumba dance party. Picked up a friend and off we went to find the party....looking....looking... looking...where's the party? 
Stopped at Oranj dance studio to borrow their phone. They were closed but a woman who was finishing up work was kind enough to let me in. 
Discovered the party was the next night--Saturday not Friday! Trust me to get the day wrong! So, instead my friend and I cruised down town looking for action ;) There was a hockey game on so parking was impossible. We finally found a  spot and stopped for a drink at The Greenroom. We were dressed for the Zumba party but at least I hadn't donned all of the neon junk I had in my car (the party was supposed to be a glow party).

After a good chat with my friend, I arrived home and called my sister's hotel. Theresa and my nephew KW had arrived in town from the Kootneys while I was looking for the party! My other sis Miranda, and my oldest girls (Mist and Tabs) were all ready at the Grand Hotel partying with her.
 I drove down town again to the hotel. The hockey game had just ended so I was lucky to find parking about a block away. I had a short but good visit at the htoel with my sisters and nephew. Tabs and I arrived home close to midnight. Mist stayed the night to hang with one of her best buddies on earth (her cuz KW) at the hotel as Theresa is renting a luxurious condo with two bedrooms and a kitchen! 

Unfortunately, sleep was not the luxury I received once home. My darling Pippi was ill with a horrible cough and sore throat and was up three times in the night crying, coughing and asking for help because she felt she couldn't breath. I felt worried all night and found sleep difficult. In the night I began to think my life is too crazy--I need to be home more. It seems I am always racing out to dance. I think if I keep weekends free--I'll feel OK. This weekend is unusual with the audition.

This morning my baby Pippi is OK but the cold she has is not pretty.

And now, I must get ready for an audition I have an hour away, in the close Okanagan city of Vernon. I must leave by 11 am and won't be back until 4 pm at the earliest. Tonight is the real Zumba party date but now I cannot attend as I am going out for supper to a new restaurant with my sisters. My sisters are great women. They are really smart, interesting, adventurous, fun and cool--just like me ;)
I hope this perkiness lasts me all day because boy oh boy do I need it today!

Apparently the big ski hills (Big White and Silver Star) open this weekend. But I won't be there. I have a feeling it will be a year of a little skiing but not our year to go crazy and be at the hill each weekend. Next year will be our go crazy year. 

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Blogger The Drinkwaters said...

Beautiful family pictures!

November 26, 2011 at 9:59 AM  
Blogger Mix Hart said...


November 26, 2011 at 8:55 PM  

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