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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Hart Fart Brothers

I know I'm a little crazy. Mostly I have a huge sense of crazy fun and I am honest about it. I cannot express the glee I feel on finally getting to call someone "The Hart Farts." My last name is Hart. Yes, my sisters and I were lovingly called The Hart Fart Sisters by my parents on occasion. And sometimes I was called Hart Fart not so lovingly by some childhood bully. But still, I love my last name. It comes from Ireland (my Catholic and Druid ancestors) and before that it's roots seem to be Scandinavian (recent research by me). It is my father's last name and thus mine. It means stag, as in male deer. It is a very powerful symbol in Druidism.

When it was time to give my own daughters a last name, it was no easy choice. I wanted them Harts, Peter wanted them to have his last name as is tradition in our culture. I don't like hyphenated names because I think they are short-sighted. The name ends after one generation as who wants a triple or quadruple hyphenated name attached to their kid? So, since I have my Dad's last name and love it, I decided to compromise and let my girls have their Dad's last name. Each of my daughters has Hart as their third name.

Now, about those Hart Fart boys. Peter didn't want anymore dogs. When he agreed to go along with me adopting the two darlings, it was with the understanding that they are my dogs. So, my dog boys have my last name. Hence, the Hart Fart Brothers. And yes, it feels really great when I say it :)
The youngest Hart Fart Bro's (my darling Pablo) ears grew so fast that they stand straight up and then the tips flip backwards. I will have to brace them up for awhile until he stops growing as he has the most unusual ears that fold over backwards!

Life updates for inquiring minds:

Only had to cancel one Zumba class because of my inflamed lungs. I have a respiratory virus that I caught from my darling Tabitha. Because I have asthma, my lungs stay infamed for weeks after any respiratory virus. I teach in a few hours at UBC. If my lungs start to really burn I will announce 'we are taking it down a notch' and will dance to a whole bunch of my cool-down songs for the rest of the class :)  --slow songs like the one I choreographed to Rhianna's You Da one. 
I detest ever cancelling my Zumba classes. I don't have a sub and thus i worry I may loose students for every class cancelled. So, you can be sure if I cancel a Zumba class it is because my lungs are on fire and I cannot breath at all.

Thesis defense postponed months and months now. It has zero to do with me or my work and everything to do with red tape. My external examiner keeps being replaced and then the scheduling doesn't work and thus we are waiting and waiting for UBC to allow me an external who is available to attend my defense sometime in this lifetime. All this red tape is costing me $ in tuition and psychological torture. This degree was supposed to be done in 2011.
Yes, I've learned a lot about post secondary academia (the clueless, the fragile egos), grad school, conference presentations, the evolution of story Online. This stuff is very valuable to me and I have especially enjoyed presenting at the two conferences I attended-LOVED it. But sometimes, you do things that involve so much mental anguish that you think: was it really worth those years of my life? Let this M.A. not become one of those things...

And on a super positive note: had time to edit my novel again--nearly finished this final edit and I dare say--I am so in love with this book! Will send it away to professional editor prior to e-Publishing it. And then my publishing house will publish it. I am aiming for this spring. You really are in for a treat. Queen of the Godforsaken is one fun ride to read :D I'm not just saying this because I am the author. It is hilarious. Dark yes, but funny too. Will keep updates leading up to its release: Spring 2012.

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