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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Elusive Human Body

Please forgive the bathing-suit pics. I am not very modest so I don't care one way or the other if I'm in a bathing suit or a floor length gown. But still, it takes courage to post them as I will get criticism: either someone will decide to diss my body or diss my personality
(doesn't she think she's all that). But, I post the pictures for me, myself and real human females. To reaffirm that indeed I am human and this is my untouched body: no photo-shop, no plastic, no surgery. My body is strong from dance, and other athletic pursuits. It is lean from a healthy diet, not drugs or cigarettes. My skin hangs were it hangs--I am human with living flesh, not plastic.

My mind has been perverted from decades and decades of seeing fake bodies in the media, mascaraed as human. I had no idea how fake the images I see are. I thought oh, a little air-brushing on the wrinkles perhaps? No, the whole entire image North America feeds us is plastic. All of it.

Please attend the film Pina. Look at  the fittest humans on earth (professional modern dancers) and see how you do not recognize the real, perfect human form. I didn't. I could not. How can I accept, at first glance, on screen, the reality of the human form when my entire life I have only seen fake humans on screen.
In Pina, the bodies are  real--no plastic surgery, no photography tricks. And let me tell you, I had a hard time coming to terms with the real human body on screen. I have only ever seen fake human bodies on screen. Even in real life--like yesterday at the pool, I saw many women's bodies, yet some were fake. The older women were real. Yet, I did not relate to them. I saw them as older than me. And so I looked to the women with children, to see if indeed I did fit in with my fellow humans. And yet, again, I did not see many like me. Some were morbidly obese and the others had fake boobs.

In Pina, the dancers are real humans. Super fit humans with no botox and no costmetic fillers in their faces and no boob jobs. Wow, real women are real all right. We look like the animals we are. We move, we have muscles and flesh that moves too. I write much more about Pina in tomorrows blog.. But I am waiting to attach a dance video that won't be ready until Friday-- so, I must not chat on about it just yet.

The mono-kini in the shots below is the bathing suit my darling teen-age daughter hated and advised me not to purchase. I couldn't help myself, I love it. It is so 70's retro. I snuck back to the mall the next day and bought it just for me.

My morning at the pool with my 2 youngest daughters was much fun. Pippi in her little orange life jacket was Ponyo (I swear, she really is little Ponyo!) and Tabs in her new yellow bikini was my Baby Buttercup Mermaid. I was their mother, Queen of the sea. We played ship-wrecked on a raft in the wave pool--spearing tuna for lunch. Tt was so much fun, I felt for a moment we were actually in Hawaii again, playing in the waves.

As I mentioned, I am not very modest so posting bathing suit pics doesn't phase me. I post them for me. When I feel down about me I can look at the blog and say to myself: see you've worked hard and you're not all that bad. You are real like the dancers in Pina. You are not some plastic North American Media creation. My body is not a symbol. It is simply a strong, fit and healthy human body, a woman.

 It makes me feel good to know that I have been able to create a super healthy, strong and fit body up to this point in my life. I've devoted a lot of hours to achieving this level of fitness but honestly, I have enjoyed every minute of it because I do love being active and I especially adore dance. And trust me, I do not take my body for granted. I look after it and baby it so it might have the stamina to keep up to my desire and passion for dancing. It's a delicate balance always. I've never been one to abuse my body with drugs, alcohol, sloth or unhealthy eating habits. My worst offender, I admit, is diet pop. Sometimes I get in the habit of having one a day even though it causes a major allergic skin condition in me.

By the way, my legs so needed a rest last night that I quickly changed my entire Ipod line up to low impact songs for my Zumba class last night. The new line-up included many sexy, booty circles and body waves but I really wanted to save my aching legs. And then, after the class, I realized it's not the high impact songs that are killing my legs. It is the slow songs that require me to dance low and hold my poses with low, bent legs, for long periods of time that hurt!

Gotta go get my babies ready for school--first day back since the strike and I hear the call of a wild Pippi and she doesn't sound happy...

Me: a real human female: body by my parents, Zumba and me.

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