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Monday, June 18, 2012

Arthur Homestead, Lac Brome, Quebec

In the early eighteen hundreds, Peter's great-great-great grandfather Arthur built this home and farmed this land in the Eastern township area of Quebec. Peter's great-great grandfather, great-grandfather, grandfather and father were all born in this house. In the 1960's (much to the disappointment of his parents) Peter's father Alfred did not want to take over the family farm and thus the place was sold for the first time. Instead he took his life long interest and passion for bug collecting, went to McGill University, and became an entomologist. We were fortunate to meet a few of Peter's grandmother's relatives yesterday--one woman, (Peter's great-grandfather and her grandfather were brothers) named Winnifred Pibus, told us that young Alfred's mother called him "the little critter" when he was little as he was always outside, chasing after insects.
The land is filled with maple trees--sugar bushes--the kind that one taps for maple syrup. We were fortunate to arrive on the property in the company of Peter's first cousin once removed named Danny and his wife Judy. They were wonderful tour-guides/hosts for our day in Lac Brome. Danny was born and raised in the area. The farm is now owned by a wealthy Montreal woman who has been ailing for the past few years and has been unable to visit her vacation property. This allowed us to explore at our leisure. It also opens up to real possibility of perhaps the land coming back into the Arthur family in the near future. We were able to explore the barn-inside hints of its long history on the farm and its builders lives. A most tranquil, beautiful place. Alfred Arthur was a lucky boy to grow up in such gorgeous country.
Peter at the rear of the stone house.
A view of a little of the property and house.
Front view from the road--it originally had a veranda across the front.
The original well.
A small stable/carriage barn across the road from the house. The Arthurs kept their horses in here, separate from the main barn.
The original Arthur barn.
Inside the barn an old sleigh has been left--I think it has been on here since its last use and was the Arthurs.
Old pig feed packages insulate the inner walls of the barn. A local mentioned (Winnifred Pibus) meeting a young Alfred and his father Fred at the Brome Fair--the Arthur's had brought pigs to show.
An old pig trough in the barn.
An old hand plough left in the barn--again the Arthur's I assume.
Old harness equipment still hangs in the barn.
The tiny church Peter's grandparents Grace Pibus and  John Alfred Arthur were married in. It is a short walk from the farm Peter's grandmother was raised on. I will show you the original Pibus farm and land in another blog soon. It is quite impressive--the Pibus farm is still in the Pibus family after nearly 200 years! They still own 400 of the acres: lush hills, and farm land. 

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Blogger Unknown said...

What a beautiful spot! It must have given you a real sense of family history to explore the site. Nice to meet Peter's relatives. I found your blog fascinating!!!
Especially the old farm relics and the sleigh.

June 18, 2012 at 9:21 AM  
Blogger Mix Hart said...

Yes, it was really an amazing experience to learn so much of the early European-Quebec history. And the Arthur and Pibus farm lands are just beautiful--so quiet, private and lush with green forests, hills and ponds.

June 18, 2012 at 6:45 PM  
Anonymous Rob Arthur said...

Some great photos and commentary. It has so much heritage and history. When I last visited the farm there were an orchard and there were several deer in the meadow. It was in the fall and the maple trees were so colorful and beautiful. I had not known about the relics. Very interesting.

June 19, 2012 at 9:40 PM  
Blogger Mix Hart said...

Thanks Rob. It really is a beautiful place to visit.

June 20, 2012 at 3:46 AM  

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