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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Deceivingly Handsome Boys

Pablo going in for a brotherly smooch.
Oh, if only this photograph portrayed an accurate description of our simple, uneventful life. Look how happy and carefree we all seem...

 The door bell rings after 9 p.m. I paused my movie and quickly pulled a hoodie over my nightgown.
A neighbor, yes, the one I often hear yelling "fuck-off!" to Fernando, is standing in my door way, agitated, trying to control his obvious rage.  The veins in his neck are bulging. He wants to talk to Peter. Peter's out of town. (Like he doesn't already know that) Peter's been away for a month--his car no longer in our drive. He obviously didn't really want to talk with Peter, the coward found it easier to vent his rage on me.

He's had it with my dogs--the fighting between Pablo and his dog and Fernando's barking. But that's not all, he's had it with the weeds in our yard and the mole holes that are in his yard and ours. Like somehow the wild moles are my pets and I'm breeding them back there. Seriously, when one purchases a lot that backs mountain wilderness, what does one expect? If you don't want moles, buy inner city land. Anyway, this same neighbour is the one whose giant dog used to crap in our yard and lunge at our children until we purchased and had installed a fence to keep it out (pre Fernando and Pablo days). And the one who smokes outside our master bedroom window each night so we can never leave our windows open in our bedroom or we are smoked out. Why are some people so intolerant? I've put up with him and his swearing/smoking and nasty dog for years without incident.

 I have done my best with the yard and I do the best with my dogs. It is obviously not enough for the guy with the anger problem. He is rather frightening in his rage. I really want an acreage or perhaps an apartment in Paris (Yes, this is the solution :D). What I know for sure is I am putting up a privacy fence to keep him and his obsessive spying eyes off of my property. I  awoke alone in the house the other night to the sound of a door opening inside my house. The dogs didn't bark but still, I was terrified that someone had climbed in a back window and the dogs hadn't heard them. When neighbors are aggressive and creepy, it makes one think twice about safety in the middle of the night.

Now, about those deceivingly handsome boys...I hit the wall with Pablo's behaviour last week. Came face to face with the option of finding him a new home. It took hitting bottom to awaken my Alpha mind. I awoke in a sense, became one with the dog--lol--for those who don't know me, I am not really serious but a little serious about this statement. I suddenly got what I needed to do. Who I needed to be. I understood what being a dog leader really meant. It meant letting go of my fears. My fears were holding me back from taking charge. I was terrorized by dog on dog aggression. Once I came to terms with my own fear, I was able to see what Pablo needs in order to behave. I realize that I cannot let him do anything I don't want him to--ever. Even if they are small innocent things--jumping on my bed in the morning etc. If I let him do things I've said no to before, he begins to ignore my demands even in a crises (when he wants to fight another dog). I get him now, as I get Fernando. I adore my dogs and realize we are stuck with each--for better or for worse.

As for my handsome Latin-lover-boy Fernando (a female pug was completely smitten by him the other day in the park), he has a mystery pain that flares up suddenly and causes him to cry and scream in pain--I cannot isolate its source and it comes and goes. So odd. Looking forward to Dr. Hart (my sis)  arriving this weekend to diagnose.

My darling Pip is asleep right now--we were returning from morning swimming lessons just an hour ago when she screamed that her stomach hurt. I pulled over to the side of the road and she vomited. Worried it was a major allergic reaction to the oat cereal she had for breakfast--oats have caused her stomach pain in the past. No more oats ever again! Tabs is glutten intolerant and now Pip cannot tolerate oats. Our house is pretty much grain free. May be a quiet day in our house.
I am just beyond happy my babies are back home with me. I missed them so very much. They make my heart sing every single day.

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