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Monday, October 8, 2012

A Hart Hall Thanksgiving, Nelson, BC

Just returned from the Kootneys,  British Columbia. We stopped at my sister Theresa's for a Thanksgiving feast. My sister Miranda and her family also joined us.
Theresa recently bought and restored a historical hall. She opened up her Veterinary clinic on part of the main floor and the second floor is dedicated to a massive hall and kitchen--perfect for hosting parties, suppers and dances. Her new clinic is amazing. High ceiling and big windows keep it well lit.
 It is now home to my darling Pyewacket--the cat we rescued from a tree in the forest behind my home (he'd been stranded for a week). I couldn't keep Pyewacket because my bully bog Pablo would probably have killed him. My sister said she'd take him to her clinic and find him a good new home. Well, guess what? Pyewacket wrapped his magic tail around her finger and she could not part with the handsome boy. So , Pywacket is now her clinic cat. I will blog and tell the true, amazing story about finding Pyewacket and our magical connection in an upcoming blog--maybe for Halloween, as he truly is a magical cat.
Enjoy the pictures of our Thanksgiving at Hart Hall. I admit to posting a few comical comments under a couple of the pics--I couldn't resist. I wanted to keep going, but thought I might offend, so there are only a few joke captions. 
The meal was perfection: 3 antibiotic-free free-range turkeys, appetizers, casseroles, veggies,stuffing,desserts, lots of beverages. My sister catered it herself! She cooked everything for 60 people! This is a woman who works full time at her vet practice and manages all Hall tenants and activities. 
The night included a talent segment. I have many pics of some of the acts.  My talent was to lead  the Thanksgiving guests to dance the Bachata to a song by John Lennon, Stand By Me. Too bad I was dancing and couldn't get a pic of that--everyone danced! It was great. I wish I lived in Nelson, Hart Hall would be shaking with my Zumba classes every night.

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Why yes, the butcher was out of turkey. However, the moose was a nice price.
Another bottle of vodka in the punch, no one will be the wiser .
Hart Hall? I thought it said Halston Hall. I'm here to see his spring collection.
Something's cooking, but what?
Whoot-whoot! The fruit punch is amazing!
Kelowna girls.
The party's getting started...
And how...
The kid has obviously not sampled the punch yet... 
John, lost in a sea of young women, contemplates his political speech for talent time.
Get this woman some punch, and quickly!
Behind the scenes at Hart Hall...
Paul, Kyran and friends agree: that was awesome punch.
Watching the talent show...
Artemis and Pip
Nem and Tabs do a spoof on a Taylor Swift video.
Tabs and Rascal (her sax).
Nem and her violin.
Don't Stop Believing!
Justin Bieber for Prime Minister!
Bieber? I was talking about Trudeau!
Hart Hall at Thanksgiving.
Hart Hall
John Lennon really got them going...
Captain America has got to go...and bad.
The Queen and King of the ball make their appearance. Joop really needed a drink. 
Blink and you'll miss me.
He thinks I'm pretty without any make-up on...
Carol and Kyran jamming. Artemis wants to sing...
Artemis and her back-up band.
Mist and Pip
Peter on top of the clean-up.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Looks like a great time.
Wish we could have been there. The hall looks amazing!

October 9, 2012 at 8:55 AM  
Blogger M.M. said...

Yes, the hall is an amazing place! Wish you could have been there too :)

October 11, 2012 at 9:02 PM  

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