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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Communication Revolution: Forward Ever, Backward Never!

I took the girls out for supper last night to a new Mexican Restaurant called Fernando's. Of course we had to try it out since I love Mexican food and our darling dog is named Fernando. Peter was in Vancouver at meetings.
It was very busy down town last night. Fernando's was busy too and very chilly outside! We had to park about 6 blocks from the restaurant. Walking back to the van proved to be very chilly. We stopped half way at a Starbucks for hot coco.
I love being down town at night. Peter is not big on the down town but I like it. I am always on the look out for interesting people and adventure. My girls are the three most interesting persons on earth but I am always open to meeting others. Unfortunately no new interesting people out and about last night. 
Where were you other interesting people last night? Next time try and be out and about when I need you.

Just returned from my Hep A shot. Now I am immune for life. It is snowing in Kelowna. The biggest snow fall ever last night and today. The snow plows can't keep up!
Tabs is home with a sore throat--too much choir! The girl has belonged to 3 separate choirs this past two months! She sings for an hour + daily. However, I believe it is actually a cold type virus. Pip has had it this past week too.
Tonight, Peter is finally home from Van. Date night! I am wanting to see a movie down town. Hope it stops snowing so we can. Sometimes, the snow plows stop working after 4PM so if it snows a lot after that, one cannot make it up the mountain until they plow the next morning.

Excited as I dropped my quest to find Buddhist sanga in Kelowna (community). The pressure to meditate with a group shut me down. I prefer to meditate alone, just before bed and get my sanga from a yearly visit to a ashram. I honestly don;t have 2 hours each week to meditate at the yoga house in the evening. I am too busy. And honestly, my personality is one that likes action. I am doing hot yoga and Zumba in the evenings instead. Zumba instead of latin dance because #1 I can't find a willing male dance partner: if you are out there please give me a call! #2 Zumba is at Tabs school gym at night--a five minute drive--convieniencce means a lot to me in the evening! Bikram's is too expensive. They don't give student discounts and they don't do punch cards. However hot yoga is offering $12 a time student classes this year--so I am taking them up on it Monday evenings. Yes, the floor is heated along with the room to over 100 degress F. I feel like a piece of bacon sizzling around during corpse pose--but beggars can't be choosers!

My paper was accepted for an international conference--YAY! It means though, writing like a crazed woman for 2 weeks to make the final copy deadline. I love my thesis though. Good stuff. I am so happy with my research. It is very exciting. I may not be able to leave academia behind after my MA is done--I love feeling connected to something much bigger than me and my research--this whole communication revolution is a fun ride!

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Blogger theresa_hart said...

I hope you don't smell like bacon after the corps pose - all in all a delightful image! And remember all the interesting people are at home(me) or engaged in stinky yoga or shooting movies or salsa dancing, choir, guitar lessons - just to name a few of the activities of the interesting people that I know.

January 13, 2011 at 8:29 AM  
Blogger Mix Hart said...

What is stinky yoga? I am actually afraid of the answer...
Unless of course, you mean hot yoga aka sizzling-corpse yoga. I love that! Hence force all hot yoga shall be known as Sizzling -Corpse yoga.

January 13, 2011 at 8:39 AM  

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