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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nelson BC: Hippy/Party Town

My sister Theresa and me
Behind the scenes inthe kitchen (Sierra is in the black and white dress--Kyran's girl friend)
Kyran amd me
The chocolate/wine and jam tasting station
Joop and I
Party in full swing
Kyran and Harris
Tired but up fairly early considering I was up at T's party until 1:45 a.m. My sister throws the best parties. This one was a 'Quality' Party--teams judge which food product was the most expensive to the least expensive. She had 3 samples per food item and the foods included: chocolate, wine balsamic vinegar, maple syrup, jam, olives, cheese, soy sauce, olive oil , etc. I helped her prep for the party a bit and one of my jobs was the chocolate chopper--ya, me the chocolate junkie. Let's just say I felt a little nauseous by the time the party started. Our team tied for first place and T had an auction for the winners to bid on prizes. The appies were amazing too, cooked by Theresa and her son Kyran. T hired many of Kyran's friends to help with the party. The only battle was Kyran and I over our ipods. He hates some of my music and kept turing it off :(  He's too cool for pop and well, I love pop because it is so danceable and I love to dance.
I chatted with many interesting artists--always a treat as I meet so few in Kelowna. And only studio artists get all the craziness associated with being a studio artist. Although I have taken a break from painting to finish my thesis, I will be back at it with a vengeance. I am leaving in early April for an intensive 2 wk workshop on Renaissance painting techniques. So, talking with artists was much appreciated. I am flying on air-mile points so my flight is a little weird: Seattle, San Francisco and then Paris. I will take a train to Bordeaux and then onto the tiny Southern French town where the atelier is located. So cool. I am so excited.

Earlier in the day yesterday, I went skiing at Whitewater with Kyran, Joop and K's girlfriend Sierra. It was fun. At first difficult because I hated my equipment (I rented). It was crap. However, after lunch in the amazing ski hill restaurant (yes, Whitewater is the only ski hill in the world that has an award winning restaurant with healthy and delicious food--I had a bean/nut burger on whole wheat with yam fries), I had two amazing runs and by my last run I felt one with the mountain once again. It was very inspirational and makes me want to ski more and more. It was the most beautiful day: dark blue clear ski with towering white mountains. BTW, I wanted to gain a little weight--I lost too much the last month--and guess what? I came to the right place. Theresa, Joop and Kyran feed me the most delicious food. I am sure I will go home having gained all the weight I wanted to. All I know is I have been eating big time!

And finally, a quick note to say my bus trip down was the best. Who knew I would enjoy the Greyhound? I had a seat to myself, had 5 glorious hours vegging with my ipod. The driver was so cool: sang 70s folk songs to announce every stop and worked in the name of the town. He offered me a job driving the Calgary route (lol). And my sunglasses were stolen but I got them back. They were my favourites I bought in Malaysia, my 'Armanis'.
That about sums up one of my few solo weekends to date since I had children. Though, I hear Peter is entertaining our little darlings royally with UBC Basketball games and burgers for supper.
Kisses to my babies xxxx

I am sleeping up in the third floor attic and so is Kyran's friend Harris. T had mentioned, "I hope Harris doesn't try to sleep in your room tonight because that's always where he sleeps when he stays over." So about 3 a.m. I hear Harris stumbling up the stairs and fussing with the door across the hall, in my sleepy state I remember T's message and said, "Sorry, I'm in here tonight!" It was funny because I was sooo out of it and Harris was like, "Ya, I know, I'm over in here." It was funny, felt a little like a 1960s sitcom.

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Blogger Caroline said...

wahhh - looks like fun and I wasn't there

February 20, 2011 at 11:51 AM  
Blogger Miranda said...

Looks like a blast, as usual. How come I always miss out on these epic parties?

February 20, 2011 at 12:11 PM  

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