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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

El Amor, El Amor!

Pippi and Artemis
The Tabs and I--she's going in!
Pippi, Me and Tabs
Artemis, Anemone and Miranda

Beach day with Miranda and her girls--they're back from a summer on the N.E. coast of the USA. My girls are thrilled to have their cousins home again. Pip and Artemis were so delighted to be reunited that they immediately held hands at the airport on Artemis' arrival. Tabs and Nem have already begun to choreograph their own ZumbAtomic songs together (they'll be taking my class and I guess they're determined to be guest instructors!).
Mist has been at the lake camping with friends. The Mist and I now share the same pant size and can trade clothes. She is about an inch or 2 taller than I am but we still can share the same jeans :)

I am in love with the song El Amor, El Amor--I am dancing to it for a  Zumba class I will teach to adults. I can't stop singing the melody, a lot.

The other night Fernando would not stop barking in the living room. He never barks in the house. I put him out, checked him out, nothing seemed to be wrong. But as soon as I left him, the barking started up. I put him in his pen in the living room for the night (where he sleeps) and the barking continued.
 I had been watching a French movie in bed He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, so,  I paused my movie to check on him again. Finally, I asked Tabs and Pip to come upstairs and see if they could understand why he was so upset. I left them to their work.
 Within a minute I heard Tabs exclaim, "Oh, now I understand what's wrong!" I asked her what it was. She said that there was a large bug on its back, beside his pen and he thought it was a wasp and was afraid. I rushed in to check. Sure enough, a long beetle like creature, on its back, leg waving in the air--it looked a lot like a wasp on its back. I picked it up and put it outside. As soon as I had removed the bug, Fernando rushed over to make sure that it was indeed gone. That was that. He settled right down. I had no idea Tabs spoke dog. She is a genius dog whisperer.

The girls are on a month long trial of being super attentive to Fernando. If they pass the test, we will adopt a little girl pup to be Fernando's friend. We're thinking a bugg. The test is Peter's idea as he is not a a lover of pets and anyway to stall us adopting another dog works for him. I think they'll pass the test though. I LOVE pets. I've never been without a pet--either a cat(s), a dog or both, my entire life. That's how I like it :) When I was a kid we had so many animals: cats, dog, horses, cattle, geese, chickens, fish, rabbits, magpie, rats...To name a few.
I have had a pet mole for about eight years too. It lives in my backyard and digs and digs all summer long. It's a Townsend Mole--they're very cute and large for a mole. I don't mind the mounds of soil everywhere--I love animals.

Watched The Help this weekend. Entertaining but very Hollywood which, I call Disneyesque.
Fall will be upon me soon--making plans...will update you later with the details...

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