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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stomping Through Autumn

Me again (taken this week ).
I went to a talk Thursday night by Dan Buettner. He is an award winning National Geographic writer amongst other things (explorer). He was talking about Blue Zones--pockets on earth where residents live to over 100 years most often. He listed the life style traits these people had in common. It was simple, yet inspiring advice for living a long life. The main points that I gleaned from his talk:

-An attitude that the World won't come to me, I must go to the world.
-Fresh plant rich diet (meat only a celebratory food).
-Walk everywhere you need to go daily.
-Community! Meet with a social group several times a week minimum. Daily is the very best.
-NEVER retire. Retirement is a concept that does not exist in Blue Zones.
-Elders must live with extended family. The elders work. They are expected to garden, care for children, help cook etc. And most importantly they are expected to help nurture and love all those around them. They have a real, important purpose in the family (these are people who are 100 +).

Tabitha has been home with a very sore throat and fever. She missed our ZumbAtomics class last evening. I missed my little darling but the class went well despite her absence. My niece Anemone had to be my #1 helper for the night. I have been so very busy trying to expand my Zumba network. So far I have several leads for more classes in the new year. My UBC class is a lot of work because I arrive there and the ball room is filled with chairs--it takes a lot of time and requires student help to stack them all--my class starts late :(
And now,  a serious plug for Zumba: I burn 1000 calories every single class I teach. It is the most amazing and fun way to be in the best physical shape of your life. I have never been fitter or stronger. Yes, I lift weights 3x a week, and do ab exercises 5x a week and run 1x a week as well, but the majority of my fitness is dancing Zumba up to 8x a week for an hour each class.

I am excited to be going to Portland, Oregon in December to take more Zumba training with Gina Grant. Gina is a super-star dancer. She, the founder of Zumba (Beto) and another dancer are currently on tour with Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias--they dance a few Zumba numbers during the concert.  I was so surprised that Gina even has time to still teach the odd training session that I jumped at the chance to be trained by her.

Busy getting organized with the rest of my goals as well. Trying to find a studio to rent etc. Because I am self employed, I hold a staff meeting with myself every Monday morning to organize the weeks goals/tasks. Of course, I am managing to move ahead with my art/writing career in baby steps until my thesis is finally defended next month and I am FINALLY done with my M.A. This is me once I am finished next month: :D  Also, I need meditation and Buddhism in my life. To have a community to meet with where I live is a goal of mine too. Sometimes things take priority over this quest (like building my career) but I feel it when I don't pursue spirituality as a priority in my life. Life gets so much more difficult. I have many interests and goals in life. Sometimes life can get a little overwhelming managing everything :P

Mist had a friend sleep over last night and little Pip is beside me as I write this, drawing away. Pip is enjoying kindergarten. The neighborhood kids all look out for her and like to hold her hand on the way to school, carry her back pack for her and let her sit beside them on the bus. I am especially grateful for this help when Tabs is sick and Pip must go to school on her own.

Mist returned from another Me to We Vancouver  this week. She spent the night in Vancouver. This year some of the guest speakers/ performers were: Mikhail Gorbachev, The Shaq, Mia farrow, Hedley, Down With Webster--pretty cool line up!

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