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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Lovely Tabs 
A little Boomwhacking for fun!
Pics are of my darling Tabitha during her class' musical performance. They played the boomwhackers! Of course the teacher had to tell the students that although they are bright colours and look like something fun to use for hitting someone, they are instruments and must be treated with care.

Three months of the year spell insanity for moms: September, December and June. Staring activities and wrapping up activities means I am driving the children to and taking in several concerts a day. Of course, by leaving for Portland next week, I am missing many important dates: Mist's dance concert and Tabs' choir. I am going to see if I can catch Mist's dress rehearsal on the day I leave. I can catch more of Tabs' choir on other dates.

I am wrapping up my own dance classes these next weeks also and wrapping up a graduate degree to boot. I have not mentioned my M.A. lately as it has involved so many disappointing delays that I did not want to torture my readers with my own inner torment. However, once the degree is signed, sealed and delivered, you will be in for some interesting rants.

Life is strange. I am truly living in the moment as of late. I was raised the opposite way--always living for the future it seemed. But I enjoy this flying by the seat of my pants life style. I never know what wonder awaits me behind the next corner and I don't get hung up on very much, knowing it could all change in an instant. So, I trudge ahead trying to establish myself in my chosen careers : writing/painting and teaching (the above mentioned and dance). However, how it all plays out is still a mystery. I honesty don't know which one will be making me my serious bread and butter yet. I'm still in the infancy of everything. January, my student life will be behind me and thus I will have so much more mental energy to put towards my three passions.

 Of course, my number one passion is motherhood--that goes without saying. My daughters are the sun, moon and stars in my life. Peter was in Vancouver yesterday and I took my darlings out for shopping and supper. But I must say that after 3 hours of being out and about, I was rather pooped and cranky. Of course, my crankiness came after the kid's.
 I am debating a summer trip for just the Mist and me. I'll take each of my daughters on an international vacation  with mom when they are 15. She needs a French immersion course and I need a painting course. Mist wants to switch to French immersion for grades 11 and 12 and I believe a summer will get her ready for the transition (she'll receive the Dogwood on her diploma saying she's bilingual. She's very bright and good at French. Must decide and plan all of this before the New Year.
Pip had a little (non formal) report card from her kindergarten teacher (teachers in BC are still on strike and thus will not issue formal report cards). The teacher mentioned Pip was the most gentle, kind and excellent student in all areas--that's my precious baby girl!

Learning three new dances over December so I have an exciting new line up for my Zumba classes. May just post one of my latest dances soon. If I really love a dance, I feel the need to share it :)
So far I am teaching these classes in the New Year:

3 adult Zumba at UBC (Jan-March)
2 ZumbAtomics classes at the Rec Centre (Jan-March)
1 Mom and me Zumba class at the Rec Centre (Jan-March)
3 ZumbAtomic classes for the School District (January only)

As you see, I'll be trying to find all new classes to teach, come spring--it is a never ending search to work!

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Blogger Unknown said...

The boomwacker music sounds interesting. I'd like to hear it. I'm not surprised to read about the comments on Pip's report card. She really is a dear little girl!!

December 1, 2011 at 9:37 AM  
Blogger Mix Hart said...

Isn't she just? I know I'm her mom but I am truly trying to be unbiased when I say, she melts my heart every single day!

December 2, 2011 at 11:08 AM  

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