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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hart-Fart Brothers Free Concert

Who Would Have Imagined He'd Be The Next Michael BublĂ©?

We Might Have Guessed He'd Be The Next Sid Vicious.

Learned 2 new songs this week. Perhaps it is the new songs that have made this weeks Zumba so rewarding. Each class has been much fun to teach. Will post new choreography soon.
 I said good-bye to my regulars at UBC on Monday night. Must not forget! I promised to send one of my favorite students a song list so he can practice all summer. Must do that soon! University term is ending so no more evening Zumba until next September. Though, by popular demand, I have been asked to stay on and teach a noon hour class until the end of June ( this class is filled with graduate students, faculty and staff at UBC who will still be on campus all through the summer).

My darling daughters are all back at school. They all enjoy school but Tabs has already caught some stomach bug so perhaps she will be at home tomorrow.
And those darling dog boys (the Hart-Fart brothers) are exhausting. Pablo jumps onto counters and tables! And the other night, I was up late in the evening, writing in the living room by the fire. My dog boys were in the back yard, doing their thing, just before bed time. Then they started up their incessant singing: Pablo does a high pitched bark and bites Fernando's ears and Fernando literally sings a long mournful, high howl. This can go on and on for half an hour if I let them. Mistaya calls it their "throat singing." It actually does sound a little like Inuit throat singing.
I was just about to let them in the back door when I heard someone across the street yell out into the dark night: WOULD SOMEONE SHUT THOSE FUCKING DOGS UP!

Well, that did not feel good to hear from a neighbor. I let the bad-boys in and turned off the living room light so the neighbors could not view me writing (our entire living room is a wall of windows and we are up rather high above most neighbors so it is easy to see into our house at night). About 20 minutes later the door bell rang. Peter was down stairs watching a movie and answered it. I heard Peter say, "No, I didn't hear a thing." --it was true, only the dogs and I heard the verbal assault--it actually shut them up!
When Peter came upstairs he told me the neighbor apologized and had said that he was referring to some other dogs.
--ya right--
But at least he apologized because one should never yell at neighbors like that. I mean, we have to live across the street from one another and our neighbor hood is very quiet, friendly and low key.
And yes, I know my boys can be annoying. I don't let them sing for very long when they are outside.

And guess what? More craziness for me and that blasted thesis. Copyright. Facebook own everything ever posted on their pages and good luck ever receiving permission to publish screenshots for research purposes (even when any and all identifying symbols are erased). You get the freeze out. I'll be 100 before I hear back from them. I'm up against a giant that refuses to play fair. I guess UBC doesn't want to be sued by Facebook--go figure. Bye-bye screenshots for the final publishing...

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Blogger Unknown said...

They're such earnest looking little dogs!

March 29, 2012 at 9:15 AM  
Blogger Mix Hart said...

Yes, earnest and determined :)

March 29, 2012 at 12:02 PM  

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