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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh, the Kisses, the Kisses...

Pippi and Mommy

Can't resist posting this photo series of the Pip and I. I love them all. They capture us perfectly as we are today.

Off to Mirror, Mirror with my littlest girls in half an hour. A lazy day for me. That leg massage yesterday was very painful and wiped me right out. Last night we had a wonderful first BBQ of the season at my sister Miranda and John's.

Mist has spent today over at a friends while the rest of the family has done nothing but hang around the home this lazy Saturday. Most unusual. I made spelt cream-cheese brownies. Very decadent.

The dog boys have freaked me for life. Found them in the back yard eating a dead baby bird. There is something about a dead bird that I find horrifying. I am not usually like that. If I find a dead cat on the road, I carry to the edge out of respect. I also dispose of dead mice. Of course it is difficult and heart breaking but I can do it, out of respect for the animal. But the dead bird was so upsetting to me today. I could not deal with it. I asked Peter to dispose of it. I think it was because it horrified me that my dogs were eating it.

I am not one to sit around the city filling out job applications. I am a woman of adventure and action. I have to be busy doing what I love, each and everyday. I cannot wait around. So, this in mind, I have booked myself a pretty busy spring. A freelance journalism course at UBC starting soon [must take online as I will be away the week it is offered in the summer :( ] and a digital photo course as well (just a weekend course at the college) as well, starting my free online French course. And most importantly my eBook publishing house--will publish 2 novels right away.
I cannot attend my 4 day meditation retreat this spring as it happens the same weekend I will be in Vancouver with Tabs at her Next Star audition. However, finally I am not teaching Monday night for awhile so I get to try meditation night at the Yoga House. I love finding group meditations that I enjoy attending weekly. Keeping up my meditation practices is very important to me. I love studying Buddhism.
 I'm still teaching Zumba 3x a week until mid June--still adore it! I will never stop dancing--it fuels my soul.
-Will find out in a few weeks if BC gives me my Teaching Certificate or makes me jump through any more hoops. I have my Saskatchewan Teaching Certificate but BC wants a lot of money and hoop-dancing to switch me over.

Trips planned each month until August:
April-Victoria for 5 days.
May-Vancouver weekend.
June-Montreal for a week.
July-New Orleans for 2 weeks.
August- Bella Coola weekend to photograph wild grizzlies.

I have to explore and have adventure to satisfy my soul. So, I am happy I have a plan. And an even bigger plan that I won't reveal, I do like to keep some thing secret ;)
 Hopefully the money will come as the writings are published...

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Blogger Unknown said...

Looks like quite the busy schedule! I think you're lucky to be away so you will be unable to attend the 4 day meditation. If it at the same place as the last one it is just too, too grueling!

April 1, 2012 at 9:00 AM  
Blogger Mix Hart said...

I could handle 4 days. I don't know if I'll ever be up for 11 again--doubt it, unless it is an outdoor retreat on a tropical beach!

April 1, 2012 at 12:41 PM  

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