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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Truly Good Trophy Hunting

My daughters, cousin and friend colouring eggs for Easter.

My parents are coming into the city for the weekend. They are sleeping at my sister's house but will be joining us for a a dinner party at my house tonight. And here I sit, this morning in my bed, ready to plan the meal. I live my life day by day naturally. I have a day planner that I use to keep track of appointments and dates but I do not look at them or worry about them until the day I must. So, as the party is tonight, I must decide on a menu and go shopping this morning for the ingredients. 
I am thinking a Moroccan themed dishes for some reason. I make this delicious Moroccan carrot soup and that could be my starter. I am not worrying about a dessert tonight, I have watermelon. Tomorrow night we are having a dinner party at my sisters house to celebrate Easter and my mom's birthday so I said I will bring the cake. That is tomorrows project. Cakes are something I actually like to cook. I can experiment and have fun with them.

A California Quail is outside my window today crowing its coucko-coucko sound. I love those birds. There are many in my neighborhood and their teeny-tiny chicks are adorable. It s finally spring up on my mountain. The sun is shining this morning.

My girls have been invited to a neighborhood park this morning for a big chocolate egg hunt. Of course my girls are very excited to attend. I am all for the fun of it but, the volume of chocolate that they come home with frightens me. I took them to the hunt last year or the previous year and the hosts had hidden much, much chocolate--huge 12 inch bunnies and more. My girls came home with baskets and baskets of chocolate.  Our home Easter morning egg hunt and baskets seemed unnecessary after that. What to do? I said they can go (Tabs and Pip are still into these events but not my Mist) but said that they must give their candy to friends and only bring home one thing each--the only truly good trophy hunting that exists. Tabs was NOT amused. 

I have been quite busy for weeks. Evenings teaching Zumba, days editing different works for deadlines. I have been promising and promising myself a night in bed watching a Netflix foreign film. And guess what? I finally did it last night. I watched a French film: A Balcony on the Sea. I enjoyed the film. Recently, I have learned much about the Algerian/French crises on two continents during the last century. I was beyond exhausted and felt not very great at all--stressed, tired etc. But I was determined to live up to my personal promise and I did. Happy that I did because by the end of the film my head felt a little better.
 I made my own hot-fudge sundae sauce and treated myself to a sundae in bed as well. Sometimes I think about the big treats that I have several nights a week and ponder, how can I get away with eating like this? The ingredients of my treats are always the best: home made sauces with butter, milk and cocoa, top notch real cream ice-cream, real whip cream on top. But still, they pack a lot of excess fat and sugar calories. I have to say,  from personal experimentation, it is simply because of four things: #1 I almost never eat any simple carbs except for these evening treats. #2 Only seriously hard cardio at least 5 times a week for a total of at least five hours will keep one trim enough to eat these treats without consequences. #3 I eat these types of big sweet treats only about 3 times a week total. #4 I seldom drink alcohol. One drink 1-2 times a week is my max ( it is metabolized like a simple card so I save myself from these excess calories). So, having said all that, go out and enjoy at least one big Easter chocolate splurge!

Must go now and start my day. It looks a little like this:
-grocery shopping for dinner party.
-Easter treat shopping for my darlings.
-walk my dog-boys in the spring sunshine!
-practice my last new song for awhile-a salsa. Dance it 6 X's and my other new ones 1X each.
-make supper for the party.
(Somewhere in there I will no doubt be asked to play a game with the Pip).

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