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Monday, November 7, 2011


No One Messes with My Babies

A bad mall experience yesterday. My daughter Tabs and niece Nem really wanted to go the local mall (and only mall in this small city). They had designed a graphic for matching t-shirts. A store in the mall could print these T's up for them in less than 1/2 h (I had a dreadful pinched neck nerve and really wanted to stay home and nurse my wound, but alas, I had said I would take them).
They wanted space, that is, to explore the mall on their own for an hour and 1/2 and then meet up with me. I coached them on all of our safety rules: any stranger watching them, talking to them or following them, they were to immediately go into a shop and tell the shop worker to call mall security and to phone me.  I was going to be at Starbucks in the same mall.

I purchased a pair of burnt Orange American Eagle sweats (for over my Zumba skirts) and then proceeded to Starbucks--see above pic for a glimpse of the lovely sweats ;).
As I was paying for my venti black iced tea, Tabs and Nem came running in to Starbucks, desperate for my attention. They told me that a boy about aged 12-13 with two female cronies was following them around the mall, calling them F$@#ing little B@#$%#s. 
Apparently, they were innocently sitting inside a mall photo booth (posing for their mandatory best friends mall-photo to document their trip) when someone (the boy bully) started opening the curtain and harassing them. They told him to please stop as they were trying to take a picture. He then proceeded to yell profanity at them both. They exited the booth and tried to run from him. They stopped at a money machine when he caught up to them and yelled "Boo! You'll never get away from me you F---ing B------s!"
They then ran to Starbucks and found me.

No one threatens my babies. Tabs and Nem are two of the sweetest, kindest and innocent little girls out there. They love to sing, dance and still enjoy playing with their dolls (when the bully first appeared at the photo booth and asked them their ages they were innocent enough to answer the bully with the truth--despite my telling them to NEVER talk to strangers in the mall).

On receiving my iced tea (the weakest iced tea Starbucks has ever presented to me btw :P), I told the little girls to come with me and we would find this boy. The mall is quite large with many wings but we persevered. Finally, I said to the girls that perhaps we would have to give up and not let this bully spoil their shopping trip. And then suddenly, there he was in his light green t-shirt with a female little blonde cronie girl on each side. I whipped up behind him and tapped the young teen on his blonde shoulder.
"Excuse me, but were you harassing my daughter and niece?" I said.
"Ummm....not really," he murmured looking ready to faint. His young girl friends stood snickering.
"You were harassing them and stalking them and that is against the law. What you were doing is illegal and I could charge you with harassment and stalking," I said.
"Ummm...sorry..." he said, perhaps peeing his pants.
"Stay away from those girls. You are not to go anywhere near those girls, ever again," I said.
"If I find out you've gone anywhere near them, ever again, I will hunt you down and I will press charges against you," I said.
And then we walked away. His girlfriends were pathetic young girls with no self esteem obviously, as they followed this young loser around the mall snickering as he tormented young little girls. A character as vile as that young man will no doubt grow to a man that continues to abuse girls and women with violent assaults. I just hope I terrified the little loser enough that perhaps he will refrain from his abuse for fear of being arrested.
Needless to say, the girls are too young to be unaccompanied at the mall even if Mom/Auntie is waiting in another shop. They are too vulnerable to predators of all ages.
Mamas, watch your baby girls.  It seems bullies are lurking when you least expect it! And also make sure your girls are not some pathetic cronie of an even more pathetic teenage bully.

***Thank-you all of my dear readers and friends for your generous support :D
 I am in second place! 
btw, if you haven't voted for me today yet, please press the 'Top 25 Circle of Moms' button up and to your left. Then scroll down until you seeModernista Mama and vote. Thank-you so very much my friends :)

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Blogger Ms.Love said...

I saw your post on Circles of Moms. I think you did a great job handling the situation. I was reading most of the comments on Circles of mom and so many seemed more concerned about that boys self esteem than the belitting and digusting words he called the girls. Way to go mom!

March 9, 2012 at 1:27 PM  
Blogger Mix Hart said...

Thank-you Ms. Love.
Yes, that was the issue. I wanted to stop that young abuser of girls. And also, I don't think some people realize that no mall security guy was going to search the mall for some kid calling little girls bad names. If I didn't find that boy, he would have gotten away with it.

March 9, 2012 at 1:41 PM  
Blogger Ms.Love said...

Very True. Most of nodded said yep just given you enough attention to make you feel like they listened and off you would go and out other ear it would go with them.
All I know is those kids are very lucky it was you and not my husband confronting them, he wouldn't of been as nice as you were.
Yes he has confronted kids in the mall that are doing these things to other kids and he doesn't even know the person being bullied, harassed, and assulted. He knows what it feels like and doesn't think others should put up with it.
I also don't think people understand that from you talking about the clothes and food you were in some sense trying to make light of what happen while revealing what a donkey that boy and his girls were being.

March 9, 2012 at 9:59 PM  

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