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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Agents again!

I am going bonkers! 2 agents want chapters to 2 different novels! Pizzaface is ready to go. But Queen needs alot of work!!! And it is the agent that I have wanted so badly. It's the second time I've tried to interest her--she's a BIG agent! I can't believ it! 2 requests in one day!Queen has to be flawless as she is the agent I've always wanted. But it needs alot of work! I figure I can rework it for the next few weeks--get it as close to perfect as possible--and send it! I'm so hyper about all of this--I need a good stiff drink to float my feet back down to reality.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sipping Iced Tea

Tabs had quite a night! She spent a few minutes alone in the classroom composing herself after I left, but then she apparantly was the life of the party--staying up until 2 am. I am pooped from running around like a chicken. PJ got home this am. He will take the girls to their afternoon show and S and I to their evening show. Then we shall hit Earls for appies and shirely temples to celebrate. Need to go on my power hike today--not sure how I can fit it in. I like to go asap in the am. Poppy is asleep, napping. The big girls are playing, PJ is mowing the lawn, S is doing a crossword. And me? I will start Taco's for lunch. I so long to have a lazy morning or afternoon with nothing to do but sit at my computer, sip iced tea and write, write, write on Sugar Shack at Sea!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dancing Queen Young and Free only 10 years old!

Just dropped off Tabs at Pirate night. She was uncharacteristically teary and didn't want me to leave. Ever since that horrible dance teacher put her down, she's been teary and clingy. Hopefully the good that will come out of this is that Tabi will learn that you can get knocked down, but you can get right back up again--stronger than before. Mist is a dress rehearsal for the big dance finale. She looked absolutely gorgous in her electric lime-green dancing disco queen outfit! Penelope is in LOVE with her new sing along with the Wiggles book. Sandra has been a big help with all the activities and even has had time to make us peanut butter squares for a treat. I have been zooming along with the novel and loving it. I'm so into all my bizarre charaters, especially the obnoxious ones. PJ is lonely in Edmonton as he has been phoning 2x's a day and even wants to chat with each of the girls forever! It has been a lovely, sunny day. I will meet Tabi's class at the Monteo Beach club for breakfast tomorrow. Our prayers are with dear Little Clifford and Theresa's family as he is so gravely ill.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dog Gone!

PJ is in edmonton at the Fairmont as I write this. Mistaya is at her friend Melanies. Tabs is down stairs watching TV and Penelope is playing ball. Woo Woo is looking for something to do. Silver is asleep on my bed!Rats! Woo Woo is not looking for something to do! The bleeping dog just peed on the floor all over Penelopes Ball!!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

My Sun, Moon and Stars.

Peter and Tabs are at a Father's day night at the school. Theys hould be home soon. Mist, Poppy,and I had a bath and made peanut butter squares. I spotted a star on Popsters Pj's and sang "Twinkle, twinkle..." to her. She ran from the living room to my bedroom and brought me a book, the "Twinkle Twinkle Little star" book. She is so brilliant! Went on a nice long walk with the girls before supper. PJ leaves for Edmonton tomorrow. Mom arrives on Wednesday. I hope Tabs is over the hurt feelings involving Tap dance. I think she probably is. Mist and Pops are playing hide and seek at this moment. Mist is researching giant squids for me and doing a bang up job!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Family Night

What to do...My Saturday night "family night" and as usual it is drizzeling outside. That means I have to think up an indoor event. Difficult as all I can think of are movies and Penelope is too little. Thought of the drive-in in Enderby but the show starts at 9:30--well past Pops, Tabs and Mist's bedtimes not to mention their parents. I don't even have a meal planned out. My night always gets rained out...Boo Hoo!

Friday, June 8, 2007

drive in

The weather has turned warm again. Mistaya is outside with a friend. Tabi is making herself waffles. Baby P is intently looking at some Brat dolls.Borred this afternoon. Wrote until my brain grew tired. I want to plan a party, an outdoor movie party, like a drive-in in my backyard. The problem is who to invite? Someone fun...

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Melt down

Bought Pj a bunch of new clothes at the Tomy Hilfiger outlet. Penelope and I then met PJ for lunch at the food court. Misty had dance tonight. Tabs entertained Poppy for me. Made Korean noodles for supper and a salad. Tried out salad radishes--good. Wrote alot more on Pizzaface #2. I love inventing all the weird and wonderful candy! Misty is researching all about squids for me.Mist is currently in a mjor melt down as she forgot her rough copy of her essay at school and it is due in good copy tommorrow. Wow! ALot of tears! Fun night at the school tommorrow night. I hope the weather cooperates. The melt down continues...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Stressed. All this business about what to do about a vehicle: no time to sell the Volvo ourselves. Volvo will cost about 2ooo to fix air conditioner but it won't be guaranteed. Peter doesn't want to sink more $ into the volvo for repairs that won't guaranteed. An all new system would be 4000. So we'd have to trade in the volvo and get something from a dealer. This is difficult as everything is sooo expensive and we'll get squat for the volvo.The girls are all well. Poppy's appitite hasn't been the greatest--rejecting most foods. I don't know if it's a new stage or what. Has discovered her nose has two holes that fit her pointer finger perfectly. Tabs and Mist are avid bloggers themselves. ..Need a night out with a few good conversationalists and a tastey bellini.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

First Timer

Hi anyone who might happen apon my blog. I am copying Catherine because I find her blog such an inspirtation. I thought it was a good way to keep a family record of daily events. Just talked to the Head of the Ballet school. Tabi came home from class upset because the teacher told the class that "Tabi is brain damaged" because she didn't understand the teachers instructions and stood silently instead of jumping on the next dance moves. So I complained. We just got back from supper at Eastside Mario's--thought kids ate for free on tuesdays--opps, found out it was Mondays. Misty had her trackmeet today. Little spagetti legs ran the 8oo like a champ! She said her legs shook forever afterward. Poppy loved Eastsides and all the bright lights on the ceiling. Enjoyed Misty's trackmeet too--wanted to run onto the track and spin around--had to buy her a peice of Starbucks coffe cake to bribe her to stay calm so I could watch some of the events. Very busy week with fieldtrips, dance practises etc. PJ has intestinal upsets from eating lunch out--oh how thrilled he'll be to read that!Wrote an entire chapter for my Notpizzaface #2 novel. Signing off, MJ