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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fairy Dust

My Pip. She has a little cold. Her big sis Tabs is home again with a sore throat and cough. However, it is very mild and I hope she will return to school tomorrow. Needless to say, our swim night is cancelled until all are well. It is just as well as I have to have Mistaya at drama rehearsal in make-up and curled hair for 5:30. And I must send her with a supper to-go. Tonight I am making club house sandwiches and sweet potato fries. Easy.
This weekend my girls and I will start our pot garden on our balcony. Also, I am planting perhaps 100 sunflowers on our back slope. 
I am in a confused state of mind as I am not ready to plan out my thesis in detail until I am finished my classes...I guess I better discuss this with my supervisor. I need the time to figure it all out. I am not sure I am ready to nail it down yet. I just do not have the time. Every spare minute I spend on my class. Three children take up a lot of time. And they are unpredictable with their wants. Take today: Tabs decided to stay home. The school phoned and said it was picture day. I had to drop Pip at day care, drive Tabs to school and then pick her up again at lunch, which took a least 1/2h + out of my work time. Pip's day care teacher's son was in the same predicament so I drove him to school too.
Mistaya is busy all weekend with her play, thus PJ and I will be staying close to home as she is our one and only babysitter. And we must be available to drive her to and from the performances.
I admit it, working on classes takes too much time. I am longing to be able to spend more time on my passions: writing and painting.
Will meditate tonight--saw a picture of a woman on a pilgrimage in Tibet, she was walking around Mnt. Kawagebo-- a sacred Buddhist site. I SO want to got to India and Tibet. But alas, schooling first.  This is how I am feeling,  little tired of my class (it is the most boring one yet) and so longing to have the time to get on with my passions in life. But I cannot travel the world on fairy dust, and this is why I am going to graduate school--to advance my career. And then hopefully my pockets will be filled with more than just fairy dust.
And speaking of fairies, we have a resident fairy in our home. Her name is Larch, she is actually a brownie. My girls have been communicating with her for years, she usually writes back and always drinks the chocolate milk they leave for her.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Organic, Free-range, Local, Trans-fat Free, Non-processed and No Cornsyrup--To Go Please!!

Two of my little girls--Pip and Tabs. Tabs is home today with a bad cough, although she will head back to school tomorrow. I took these two little darling organic food shopping. I was ever so pleased to find natural mayonnaise and dill pickles and this cool ketchup made in Alberta.  And then we went to Chapters/Starbucks. I ordered, "The Body has a Mind of Its Own." Must read it for class.
Tabitha made a word search puzzle while she was in the car and gave it to me to do at Starbucks. It was a difficult puzzle--words hidden in all directions and diagonals, and backwards too. I am always so amazed by her brain. Doe-Doe (Fernando) has unfortunately decided he is capable of going down stairs ( he was afraid). This has turned into a nightmare with him darting down to eat the cat's food and darting out the front door whenever it is opened. We bought him a collar yesterday (yes, our first pug that actually has a little neck to put it on!). It says, "Bad to the Bone." So true.
Mist has dress rehearsal tonight. I bought her mascara for her costume and of course she just had to try it out today. She announced " I look so mature with it. Without it, I look like a little kid."--hello, you are a little kid, Misty!
Tabi must go to dance tonight as they are rehearsing the number where her group, (The Butterfly catchers) encounter the other group of dancers (The Butterflies).
This morning I took Doe-Doe on my run. He was amazing. A little black jock of a pug. I know I won't be able to take him once it starts to warm up. Pugs and heat don't mix. I did try my first morning of "at home yoga" It went really well. Took me about 25 minutes but I think I'll go faster once I master my routine sequence.
Tomorrow the gals and I try out the new water sports complex.
Peter and I are starting our date night again. Friday's we do a sport and then either supper out together or a show. I loved date night last fall. It will be something to look forward to.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Gnarly Bunch

This is a school in San Fransisco. Probably a preschool--those are children riding their bikes on the roof. I liked the idea of using the entire building space. The roof looked like a lovely place to play with plants and a great view.
Taking a short break from reading to blog. One can only read for so many hours. 
Stepped up my workouts at the gym. I was getting bored. Now, I do 20 min on the Elliptical trainer, then lift weights: the key is, though, that I lift two sets of weights for a specific target spot, ie: squats, then I race to the bike and to 1 1/2 min hard cardio. Then I race to my next weight machine. So after each 2 set of weights, I do a hard, quick cardio. It is a much better workout and not so boring. So, for those very few folks that might actually be interested, this is an overview of my weekly workouts: 3 mornings weights and cardio at gym (1h)
2 mornings 1/2 hour run (hills)
1 morning an hour spin class.
1 powerhike/ week.
1 home yoga class after run (20 min)
This doesn't include all fun sports I do with the family: pool swim, beach swim, walk dog, tennis etc. And this is my summer schedule. Winter includes skating and skiing and no tennis.
Family pictures yesterday were extra fun as we posed for a goofy set and a normal set. Our goofy set included horn-rimmed glasses and fake gnarly teeth on each of us (even little Pip!) I couldn't quit laughing for the photo shoot--man were we an UGLY bunch! The photographer got a kick out of us too. We brought Fernando--no fake teeth for him though. The picks were outside on the beach and in a park.
Mist's big Shakespearean debut as a fairy in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is this Thursday. I can hardly wait to apply her fairy makeup. They'll perform 4 shows over 3 days.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Work It

Mistaya and her friend Maddi--dressing 1980's aerobics.
A beautiful day today, although I feel a little yuck. A nasty head ache and stomach cramps/nausea. I think it is actually the same bug Tabs has although she has a sore throat and stuffy nose with it. Peter has had it as well and the Mist too. The headache is the worst of it.
At least it is not the swine flu. Epidemics are horrible. 
After reading "omnivore's Dilemma" it is no surprise that human/pig/bird viruses will start combining often. Feedlots and industrial barns create toxic environments. The animals are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics just to keep them standing long enough in such crowded, poor-feed conditions before they're slaughtered. And the drugs pumped into them find their way in ground water, streams and oceans. Yes, I knew reading this book would create a lot more work for me--no more buying any meat at the supermarket. Also, I only buy dairy that is pure milk or cream:
"modified milk ingredients and "milk ingredients" on the label means the product comes from powdered American milk which contains hormones that are illegal in Canada. And let me tell you--the ONLY real ice cream out there is very pricey indeed!
My new class isn't my favorite. I find the professor old style/ego maniac. Doesn't want class discussions, isn't interested in any one else's ideas. He is master. Collective Intelligence doesn't interest him. I wonder if he's even heard of the term!
With this headache--I won't be trying on any major hikes today. I'd like a country picnic tonight, after family photo's at the park.
Rather stressed over future travel. With Pip now 3, we need to book 2 hotel rooms. No one will allow us 5 to a room. This makes our Fairmont stays tres expensive. What shall we do? We must travel, we are a family of five--man life is expensive! 
Pete's PhD convocation is coming up at UBC in Vancouver. His mom, sister Grace and brother Rob are meeting us in Van for the event. And then in June, the five of us will spend 4 nights in Vancouver. The girl's and I will relax and play and Peter has meetings. 
I have soooo much reading to do in the next month. Book after book. I love to read, but making notes takes the fun out of it!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Lovely Date

A hot chocolate face.
My darling Pippi was the perfect Starbucks date. She is a Fashionista. She picks out clothes and brings them to me, to help her get dressed. This is her Princess outfit.
I met with my supervisor yesterday. I have a lot of work ahead of me. My thesis will be a small piece of the giant Digital Fiction project I have planned. It is overwhelming, considering, I want to actually do some ground breaking, pioneering work. So it means talking with the top people in the field at other Universities and even approaching publishing houses for some form of sponsorship. All I can say is YIKES at this point.
The new giant indoor pool, slides, wave pool, surfing pool is finally open--actually it is ahead of schedule. I will buy us memberships and the girls and I will do a pool night each Wednesday before supper (to avoid crowds!).
Tabs had wacky hair day at school and soccer pics this evening. Her hair is a mass of pony tails and braids. 
Mist's drama coach is pleased with her fairy dancing in the play and has positioned her as the front fairy.
Pip has been enjoying practising yoga moves with me. She is determined to do them all correctly and insists I help her with the positions until she's mastered them. She "loves" them all. 
Class on Saturday. Family photo's at the park on Sunday. Tomorrow something fun. It all depends on the weather, whether it be indoor or outdoor fun!
Here's to a blast from the Pineapple Express!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Evening Stroll by the shores of Okanagan Lake

Back at Okanagan life. These pics were from last evening. Tabs and Pip wore their PJ's.
 Mistaya is busy each evening with drama practice. They perform "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the end of the month.
Tabitha is enjoying her new found freedom of being old enough to walk (or bike) to her friend's houses for play dates. 
Pip is having bad dreams. She told Tabitha this morning that she dreamed her "Littlest Pet Shop" pets were farting and then exploding and were soon all gone!
I will meet a prospective supervisor this afternoon to discuss my thesis project. The only draw back with this supervisor is that she is going on a sabbatical next year. But it is slim pickings at UBC for supervisors.
I am thinking of creating my own yoga routine to do each evening just before I meditate. It may be a solution until I have time to fit in a professional class into my life style. I am getting a little bored of my routine though. Will put some thought into this area of my life. 
Enjoying "Omnivore's Dilemma"--the politics behind agriculture! I had no idea that the invention of chemical fertilizer changed our world forever. Finding the book completely American though, it doesn't address what is going on in any other country currently. Well, at least not yet--I must read on.
Happy Birthday to my sister Miranda!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tabitha's Magic Garden

I picked this little kit up at a toy store in China Town. Tabitha built the set by folding the paper included, then she poured the liquid into the bottom of the tray and viola: over night a crystal garden grew. It is lovely, teasing little fingers to touch the fluffy, billowing pink trees. But, alas, the fluff disappears into nothing when touched. The crystals are delicate.
I miss San Francisco--the city. I long to put Pip into her stroller this morning and head straight down Powell Street for an early morning Starbucks fix. I wonder if I would ever get sick of the city? Maybe the winters would be cloudy and cool? For me to pop Pip in her stroller and walk to the nearest coffee shop from my home, would take me a minimum of 1 1/2 hours each way, and that would be running it!
Reading "Omnivore's Dilemma" for a class critique. Making notes while I read sure takes the fun out of reading. A lot of reading and presentations for this new class.
I would like to take yoga once a week for my flexibility, but it is so difficult to fit it in. I must workout by 6 AM weekdays. All my mornings are filled with other sports and actually I cannot find a yoga class in this city that starts before 9 AM. I am wondering if I should leave it until my life style allows for such a class? IE: When Pip is older and in school? Or I am finished with my graduate studies? Or would that be horrible for my body? Should I make time now, no matter what because flexibility is so important to one's health? In addition it is pricey, approximately $20/ 1h class. And each studio is at least a 15 min drive from my home. These are my obstacles: time, childcare, money and distance. What should I do? How should I rethink this? Is yoga a priority now for me? Yes, I am not as flexible as I usually am. I do need it physically to loosen my spine up again. What to do....any suggestions at looking at this in a fresh light?
A beautiful morning in Kelowna today. I purposely missed Spin class and slept in until 7 am as I was so not getting over my jet lag from San Fran. One needs to have one morning a week that one doesn't rise at 5:30 am, just to get caught up on the weeks stresses.
So, to recreate the blissful mornings I experienced in San Fran, I have decided to take Pip down to the water front for a morning walk and then pop into the down town Starbucks and then take her to a park. This afternoon I shall read more of that frighteningly tragic book "Omnivore's Dilemma"--so I can feel like I am feeding my family SHITE and ruining the world in doing so....

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Farewell San Francisco...

Telegraph Hill--the parrots were hiding on me.
View of Lombard Street from Telegraph Hill. Telegraph hill is in the Italian area of San Fran--once the famous Beatnic poet hang-out of the late 1950's.
These sea lions were a happy and stinky bunch.
As Peter and I say to each other, that no matter what ups and downs our relationship may have, "we'll always have San Francisco..."

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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Peter and Me on our way down to the famous Tongo room for supper.
The band on their floating barge. They played Van Morrison and tunes like that. It was quite enjoyable.
We ordered shaved pork lettuce wraps, a delicious rice medley of 5 rice varieties: black, red, jasmine etc., gingered beets and a beef boc choy dish. It was flavourful and delicious. I also tried their Mai-Tai--mighty potent.
The room's photographer took this one of us.
I'm off now to Hatha yoga class. Will ask the concierge where that fabric store is that Theresa keeps talking about! This afternoon and evening Peter and I will be reunited and play tourists again. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ok, so I couldn't resist shopping. But I REALLY must. No more! How will I get it all back? I just purchased a gorgeous pair of slacks for the winter from French Connection. An incredible sale--very Katherine Hepburn. I am usually not a pant person aside from jeans and cut offs in the summer. I am a dress person. But these pants are the exception. I feel so sophisticated when I put them on...and my Fluvoggs will go perfectly with them. Tonight Peter and I will dine at the famous "Tongo" room. It is here in the hotel. It was decorated in the 40's, complete with a large pool, lightening and thunder. This hotel has so much history. It survived the earth quake of '06 quite well, although a fire resulting from the earth quake damaged the interior. The mansion across the street was completely destroyed in the earth quake and rebuilt. Also, I didn't realize the TV series from the '80's "Hotel" was set here. And so many entertainers have performed in the Venetian room throughout the past Century. 
Pilates class was an adventure. Our teacher a real character--an MFA in dance from the Walt Disney Performance University--seriously--I had no idea there was such a place. 
Walking up the hill this morning, sunshine on my face, I felt so happy to be here. I don't really want to move here, and I miss my girls terribly, but what a lovely place (San Francisco is) to be today.
Hope you enjoy the photos, I love taking them!

Peter in the 350ZX. He's considering getting one of these for himself.
A spacious Victorian.
Big and beautiful Victorians.
We went to this park with our girls the last time we were in San Fran too (I was 3 months pregnant with Pip at the time).
An interesting Victorian.
Walking up from StarBucks.
Peter, looking very James Bond in his new outfit.
A view from our new tower room window. That is the Golden Gate Bridge. We have a panoramic view of the bay.
View from my window.
Another view from window.
Alcatraz, I took this photo while in our tower room.
We've moved rooms. We left our giant suite in the older part of the Fairmont for this room in the new tower. The view from out our picture window is amazing. A view on the entire bay, from the Golden Gate to all the way over past Coit Tower and Telegraph Hill. Peter likes the view (we're on the 20th floor best), I like the 11oo sq ft of the old suite! I'd like to go to Coit Tower and the original Mexican Mission before we leave.
Wicked was good. Patty Duke played the Head Mistress at the Witch school. The guy who played Marci's husband "Steve" on "Married with Children" played the Wizard. The girls would have loved it, although Tabs may have been a wee bit frightened. I liked the young witches the very best. Gelinda and Elpheba were great. The Orpheium Theatre is in a rough part of town so we took a cab home to avoid walking through it in the dark. 
Peter is at his conference today. I am going to be going to a Pilates class right away and then? I am actually so sick of shopping! I have to day ahead of me to do as I please so I will enjoy every moment of it.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

Pacific Heights, spring has sprung.
A walk around Pacific Heights...
Everyone walked backward up this street for some weird reason--Peter and I tried it. The view was nice.
Some Victorians.
The view walking backward up that hill.
More Victorians.
One of the bigger Victorians on the block.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Palo Alto and San Jose

Goodbye to the Fairmont for the day as we head for San Jose and beyond....
Peter driving the 300 ZX
Entering Stanford, Palo Alto, California
Peter at Stanford
Peter with the Rodin sculptures.
Rodin sculptures at Stanford.
Peter and me.
Peter at Stanford.

Another amazing day. Just returned from supper in a little city called Redwood. We ate at a super-authentic Mexican restaurant called Amelia's. Everyone spoke Spanish, our waitress no English. It was Divine, and well worth the hour or so confusing drive it took to find the place. We tried an Elsalvadorian Papusa: a thick tortilla, homemade on the spot, cooked with the filling (cheese and chicken) inside. It was delicious. I'd looked it up on the computers at the Stanford library. Yes, we stopped at Palo Alto and toured a bit of Stanford. The campus was beautiful, though, when touring inside the library, with a lovely reading room, I felt relieved for some reason, that I was a tourist and not a prospective student. It brought back all those past, (I thought long buried) feelings of new-student, alienating, confusing blues. 
We shopped all day at the outlets in Gilroy. Peter bought a gorgeous suit and three sport coats from Ralph Lauren. He is turning into quit the fashionisto. His wardrobe expenses far exceed mine! The best finds for me were at Banana Republic, 60% off all my purchases. I also really like MaxStudio--cute dresses. And Converse runners were a steal at the Converse store. SO much cheaper than in Canada: $15 vs $60. Peter and I each purchased a pair of Clark's shoes too. They were a steal as well: $40 vs $140 Canadian for mine.
Today Peter starts his conference and we attend Wicked tonight. Although, with the miles and miles of heavy duty climbing and walking we do, I must wear my running shoes with every outfit!
And the best tidbit, for Peter, is that we rented a new black convertable Nissian 350 ZX to cruise down to San Jose. The car is a modern version of Peter's red rocket. The 300 ZX he drove when were a young couple.

Beads and Roman Sandals

The Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill.
Inside the Grace Cathedral.
A view from my window. A former home, now a private club.
Front view of the mansion. Our hotel in right corner.
Ghirardelli Building behind me.
Supper at the Wharf.
Ghirardelli and Peter...
Down by the bay--Alcatraz behind the sail boat.

I am tuckered. Sometimes we walk for six hours straight. It is a busy place, living downtown San Fran.
Walked around Pacific Heights last night. So many fascinating Victorian homes. Ended up returning to the hotel too pooped to move. We had walked a total of 12 hours that day! We watched Benjamin Button in our bedroom and ordered room service. We always end up splitting a  club house sandwich. It goes a long way, and we're usually not that hungry.
I stopped at a charming Japaneses Sushi house on the way up to the hotel at lunch. I had a giant bento box that filled me up for life. It was a first for us: eating sushi for Easter in our Suite in San Fran.
We are renting a car today. Will drive to San Jose to shop--Peter is determined to buy a Ralph Lauren suit jacket. My past memories of San Jose are HOT! San Fran always stays relatively cool in the evenings with the ocean wind. But inland, watch out!
Some more pics of our San Fran adventure--above.
So happy my babies had a great Easter back at home with Granny and Auntie T, Joop and Kyran. 

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