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Friday, October 30, 2009

Home Alone on a Friday Night

Peter, Pip and Tabs tonight on their way to the school movie/Halloween party. Their cousins could not attend because of a possible flu bug.
 Mist and her friend Ashley volunteered at the school tonight, but had already left for their duties before this picture was taken. All arrived back home recently, except Mist has gone out again to a friends party (as Mary Poppins--she looks so stunning as Mary Poppins!) I will post pics tomorrow of the gang.
I asked Peter if he would accompany the girls tonight as I just didn't feel up to it. I had a confusing, stressful and boring day all rolled into one. I couldn't concentrate on any work. Pip was unable to stay at her cousins house today with the nanny as Nem had a fever. And later we found out the Nanny was near death with the flu! She came over to babysit the girls sicker than a dog. When Miranda found out, she sent her home and rushed her girls to the doctor. This story actually started yesterday...a most stressful, convoluted story indeed...
I awoke at 5:30 AM and trotted up the dark, wet, cold street with a water bottle in one hand and Fernando's lead in the other (at this point I wondered if I was insane--who gets up at that hour to run in the dark in cold, rain?) I called at Miranda's window at 5:40 and we hit the trials.
By 7:00 AM all our kids were dressed and in the van and the 6 of us were off to Vernon to crash the swine flu clinic (BC gave certain communities the vaccine first and we were not going to sit waiting for it to come to Kelowna!--too many of us have asthma). We arrived at about 7:45 to a manageable line up. By 10:30AM we were all set to be vaccinated against the swine flu and seasonal flu at once. Tabs had a melt down, Pip and Artemis screamed and cried, Mist was  a perfect angel and Nem lost it. There was no way anyone could vaccinate her--she needed it the most as she has the most severe asthma. Finally we'd given up--ready to leave without her vaccs. At the last moment I suggested Miranda take all the kids to the car and leave Nem with me--I'd try one last time.
Luck would have it, me bribing her (with the thought of how proud her mom would be) worked--she agreed to one vaccs. Pip, Tabs and Nem only got the swine flu vaccs, the rest of us got both.
So, many hours later, after a stop at Starbucks for something to fortify Miranda and I (caffeine, although we really needed something MUCH, MUCH stronger) and sugar for the girls. We arrived back in Kelowna thoroughly exhausted and went our separate ways. My girls and I felt ill and our arms ached.
I arrived home to a blessing--the workers had finished my backyard fence and it looked fabulous!
After settling the bill, I went inside (BTW, fences cost as much as a good second hand car these days!)
This morning I could not attend Bikram's  yoga as I needed to help get the girls get their costumes ready for school. Also, my arm is quite swollen from the shot and I felt off--so it was a good thing I missed class--I get nauseated on a good day!
At 9AM Pip and I arrived at M's to find Nem and Nanny ill--took Pip back home with me. Was too stressed to concentrate on work. Then Tabs called to say she'd forgotten her Halloween costume at home (the shoes) I drove down to her school to drop them off. The afternoon was quiet, I read books with Pip, took Tabs over to a friends after school and then picked up Mist and Ashley from after-dance-clean-up at their school (2 dances at two schools today for Mist--all this and a party tonight while recovering from 2 flu shots--a trooper!)
And so, tonight Peter took the girls to the dance while I stayed home alone--thinking, so this is what it would feel like to be a single gal home alone on a Friday night (although I decided I'd have organized an outing with a friend if it were true). Anyway, I ate a bean burrito in bed and watched Bewitched. The episode that Endora doesn't think Darren is good looking enough and rearranges his face with Samantha's help--so good!
 Hopefully I will get my zip back tomorrow and be bursting with enthusiasm once again...one must never give up hope!
And on a lucky note, Peter won some movie paraphernalia from"Public Enemies." Tabs went down to the theatre with him to claim the mugs, t-shirt, faux leather bag and magnets. The irony is that none of us even saw the movie! Oh well, Johnny Depp does look rather manly and dangerous on the magnets.
Man, can I ramble on about a quiet, rather dull night at home.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary

An interesting coin sculpture created by Mistaya.
The Minstrel Cafe was wonderful--the viola(Veronique, Cedric's wife) ) and piano classical duo was beautiful and Cedric (Miranda's friend from Bordeaux) sang a French song too. Miranda and I shared Summerhill Ehrenfelser spritzers and enjoyed the lovely music. Is was a though we were in France for an evening.
 Tomorrow I will wake up Miranda at 5:45 for our run as we want to be in vernon by 7:30 AM with all the tots in tow for flu shots--I hope they don't turn us away due to crowds or because we are from Kelowna. It has caused me so much stress worrying if we will be able to get the flu vaccs before the bloody flu hits. The Canadian and BC governments are horribly negligent. Secrets and lies. The flu vaccs will be available. Oh, sorry, we lied...next week...maybe :P!
And that poor young Toronto girl--mauled and killed by two coyotes! We back onto a park teaming with coyotes. I've always been cautious of the children outside in the evening alone. Especially since the other night something took the lid off our garbage can  and dragged a huge HEAVY stump into our back yard. So odd--a child couldn't lift it??? But great news--our fence is being built, it may even be completed as early as tomorrow. So exciting for Fernando--he will go nuts running freely around the yard like the little Tasmanian Devil he is.
A busy week. Halloween parties, costumes to assemble etc. Last year at this time I was in Florida. Oh it was so much fun! Cocoa Beach, Disney World...
Adopting 2 orphaned orang utans for my girls for christmas. They live at the Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary in Northern Borneo. The girls will see photos of their babies and support their release back into the wild. Mist and I are going to volunteer there for 2 months as soon as she turns 17. An amazing dream of ours!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Viking Warrior Queen

My darlings.
Today is a day of rain. I am looking after the twins and at the moment they are once again in the tub with dinosaurs. I don't go out much with the "twins." The two of them together is a challenge.
So, what do I do on the days I look after the terrible twosome? I bake. I baked strawberry-oatmeal muffins and dark chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips. Not for me--I'm not really a big muffin or cookie fan. I bake for the kids lunches. I don't buy packaged goods, if we have any baked goods in the house they have to be homemade. So thus, I am baking today.
Gym this am--a full spin class finally! The regular instructor is sick.
When the big girls arrive home from school, we will go out thrifting again, looking for more Halloween costume supplies. If we fail, Auntie T said she'd send her carpet bag and bowler hat on the bus. We just may need it! Time is of the essence. Friday night there is a movie/Halloween party at Tabs school that all my girls and their cousins will attend. Mistaya is volunteering. I may dress up like a Viking warrior Queen--I've got the costume.
Tomorrow night a viola concert at the Minstrel Cafe--a friend of Miranda's from France. Looking forward to the outing. Tonight? I'd like to get out...not sure what I'll get up to though. I am on a tighter budget since I took over the finances. Oh, the power is rather nice...I was able to report to Peter that he spends up to $80 a month on campus lunches--that even  surpassed my Starbucks fixes.
Too many people have the swine flu--bring on the vaccination! The BC Government is so slow about this--flu season will be gone by the time I can get a shot.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Looking for a "Fun Guy"

This is Mist in all her glory. My little doll. She is adorable in her fashions.
She loves fungi like her auntie and uncle the mycologists--she just had to purchase this t-shirt and we also bought one for Miranda as a little present: "looking for a fun guy" (with a mushroom in shades).
My girls are all well and continue to be the most darling rays of sunshine in my life. It is true. They are so much fun and make my life so happy and joy-filled. I am blessed beyond all.
Tabs and Pip just left with their dad for his office to hang while he works and Mist is up the street babysitting Nem and Artemi for a few hours. Went on  a hike early this AM with Peter and Fernando. Crisp and beautiful.
Last might rented movies and ate popcorn in bed. Tabs and Pip watched "Bewitched" and Mist, Peter and I watched "Year One" until we turned it off due to boredom.
 Mist and I attempted one of my retro games from the 1950's called Careers. No wonder it never made it out of the 50's--it expects and demands intelligence from its players. One needs a degree in gameology to play. Talk about a complicated set up. Once we got into it, it made sense but one must devote the time to reading the instruction booklet to figure it out.
 I collect retro board games--a fun hobby when we get the time to play a few of them. The latest one I picked up is called "PIT"--a stock market trading game from 1919. So cool.
Working this AM on a paper. This afternoon tennis at Doe-Doe park and I want to zen my hall and kitchen cupboards. A quiet Sunday.
Really want the swine flu vaccines to start as everyone I know who has had it complains of unbelievable aches and pains.
Possible trips in my future this year:
Texas or Boston, Massachuttes in Feb.
Victoria, BC with family in June.
Malaysia in July with Peter -this one I am really excited about.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mandala Madness

Mistaya in the wig she wore to school yesterday--just because she's always wanted a fushia bobbed wig.
She looked adorable heading off to school. I am so proud of her. A chip off the old block. I used to love to wear wild fashions to high school too. She had some wig lovers and wig haters she said.
Mist and Tabs are off at Piano lessons. M and I took Artemis and Pip to the duck pond after preschool--a lovely warm afternoon--the turtles were out.
I completed most of my Power Point this morning. I want to have all my assignments done for this class by mid November--that is my goal. Then I'll work on my ethics proposal and thesis plan.
Tonight I want to go over our budget with a fine tooth comb so I can take it over in its entirety. I've done it before but my system was too time consuming. I am ready to simplify and try again.
 I can attend a Buddhist meditation tonight, but I might just get my budget done instead.
This weekend is the "Mountain Film Festival"--nature, outdoor sports films at the Kelowna Community Theatre--I think I'll go. Also Miranda and I want to start an intramural floor hockey league on campus for faculty and grad students--that would be sooo fun! Trying to keep myself busy with fun things to do at least once a week--some kind of fun outing. Otherwise, I get in a rut of just doing chores every evening.
Friday night will be our sports night--we do a family sport, also Sunday.
 I am a compulsive schedule maker. It baffles my sister. However, my lists, compliment my life Mandala and keep me focused and dedicated to working towards my goals. And my goals are wide. Most importantly--just to be happy. And I have specific focused interests I pursue. They are: painting, writing,  Buddhism, and studying French as intellectual pursuits. World travel and a variety of sports for my adventure pursuits. Oh, the lists do go on and I won't bore you to death. However, I only wanted to provide a glimpse into my mind and how I organize my life. When I meditate each evening, I go through my mandala in my mind and check to see if I am on track at working on all my goals. It keeps me sane and focused in life.
Tabs joined volleyball at school and is thrilled about it.
Mist says her English teacher is twisted. The things she tells me--I believe it! I wrote to her(the teacher) and she never even bothered to reply to my email. I will see her in person. She is occupying most of Mist's thoughts with her perverse intent on bullying my girl.
Will call my sis Theresa to see how she is doing today--the poor dear is home with the swine flu!
Peter wants to take me out tomorrow night on a date. I shall go, cause damn, it sure beats last weekend! :P

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bark Busters

Kevin from Bark Busters with Fernando the Great. His technique is amazing--based on treating Fernando like the wolf he is. And basically training me to accept he is not human and can't be expected to act like one. Most importantly that I always be the Alpha wolf. That is the key. It is a much harder job than one would think. Being an Alpha wolf means something much different than being an Alpha human. I must ignore all his requests for play, attention--otherwise he is leading me. I must never let him lead going down or up stairs and he must never go through a door before I tell him it is OK. These are just a few of the things we are learning. My correction is a growl "BAHH!" Which, after an entire day, makes my throat raw. Also, by evening Fernando really starts to try to dominate and by that time I am spent. Evening are the hardest, I just want a break from being Alpha wolf. And Fernando senses this and pulls out all his tricks to try to gain domination.
Peter is in Vancouver.
I took the gals out to Tim's for breakfast today. Pip refused to go to preschool. After about an hour she decided she'd try it again. She said, "maybe I had cold mom. But now I all better, so I changed my mind!" I think it was that I mentioned that they'd be talking about pumpkins and doing Halloween crafts all day. When I dropped her off, a little boy ran over and hugged her and introduced himself to me, "I'm Carter." A little gentleman. Artemis was thrilled her cuz had decided to show up after all. She grabbed her hand and led her away from " that Carter." She wasn't going to have some boy steal her fav cousin away, when she'd only just arrived.
I am still recovering from a difficult emotional roller-coaster--feel like I'd been trampled by 100,000 stampeding bison. However, it means for me being more vigilant about my responsibilities and recognizing those that aren't mine. My appetite always plummets under serious emotional stress. But the anxiety fuels my energy so I'm up and at it working out. This is a good side effect. At least if my head falls apart, my body will still be fit.
And on a poo-poo note, the neighbors pulled out of wanting to split the cost of a backyard fence. Rather unneighborly and cheapskate of them, I do declare.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Camp Poverty

Mistaya and Sara after 24h living outside on 1$ a day and having to walk 2 km for their water supply. Including a few hours of breaking rocks as "child labour."

Day one of living outside on 1$ a day. It rained the entire weekend on the girls. They were cold and wet. Peter and I were frantic, trying to persuade them to let us dry out their equipment for them. They ate almost nothing: dried ichiban noodles, raw cranberries and water. They camped in our backyard under the overhang to keep dry. Luckily it only got down to 7 oC at night. Still, such a worry. Considering it is swine flu season. I did not want them getting cold and weak from lack of nutrition. So...after 30 h I decided I wanted to pull the plug on their poverty expedition. It was too wet out side, too cold and they did not have enough to eat as their cranberries molded. I came home from a supper party up at M and J's ready to fight them into the house for a meal and warm bed. To my surprise they were huddled in the kitchen, white as ghosts. Apparently, they were lying outside in their sleeping bags in the dark, trying to pass the long cold evening, when suddenly the sound of thundering hooves startled them. A giant buck (horse size) with 14 pt. antlers thundered by, just missing trampling their heads. It was running from the street, through our back yard, into the park behind our home. The shock of a giant animal trampling through their camp frightened those little POPs beyond all.  I bribed them to call an end to their Camp Poverty with promise of Taco Time burritos and ice cream for dessert. They agreed out of post buck-shock.
I can say though, they are two dedicated girls who have suffered cold, hunger, boredom and unexpected wilderness threats. They'll have many stories to tell their Grandchildren. They also filmed their experience--they're using it for their presentation they plan on taking around to all the elementary schools to raise awareness of how many children live in poverty.
My hat goes off to Mistaya and Sara--two amazing little girls with big girl ambitions, courage and compassion.
Such a difficult weekend. Relationship stress. I am a soggy wet old dishcloth. I want to cry--to relieve the stress, but man, I just don't cry very easily at all. And oh, how a good boohoo used to feel so good. Now I get emotional asthma. Yuck. Crying was so much easier than wheezing lungs.
BTW, Tabs and Pip were little darling poopsies all weekend too.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Poverty Obliterating Pumas

A party at Miranda and John's apres Daniel Bolshoy. BTW, Daniel Bolshoy was amazing once again! The most magnifique guitar player. And I talked to him after his concert. He's an interesting guy: born in Moscow, raised in Jerusalem, teaches at Concordeia in Montreal. Ya, I'm a big fan.
Supper afterwards at M's was delicious. Curried cashew chicken/tofu, rice and stir fired boch choy/lima beans and brownies for dessert. I loved it all.
Bikrams this AM. I am actually starting to like it. While I'm doing it, it is grueling, but it is a great Friday morning way to stretch out completely, And it is the only workout I get where a teacher guides you through it with encouraging words. I feel a little spoiled.
Tonight I am taking Peter on a date. A hot date. He looked hot today in his suit and Black and white striped shirt. He'd better not change...you never know what I've got in store for him.
First he needs to proofread my paper that I finished yesterday. Today Pip stayed home with me because she has been not herself for a few days and only wants to stay home with Momma. We spent the day together and went for coffee at Starbucks--her favorite thing to do! I received many compliments from strangers today on what a dear sweet girl she is--so true!
Tonight MIst and her friend Sara have planned a marathon weekend of living in poverty. They created their own social justice group called POP (Poverty Obliterating Pumas)--their plan is to sleep outside all weekend and live on a dollar a day. I wasn't completely aware of their plans until 1/2 hour ago. I'll be in class all day Saturday, and Sunday Bark Busters has us in school for 4 hours! I hope it all works out--I'm thinking the weekend seems a little crazy as I write this!
Tabs is her terrific little self. She is so loving with Pip and a good buddy too. She joined choir at school and is happy about that. She also loves her musical theatre/jazz class.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Soggy Bottom Girls

I had a great morning. Despite having a restless night, I got up at 5:30 and went to the gym to lift weights and then I hurried home, grabbed Fernando and went for a 1/2 h run in the dark. It felt wonderful. It is mild again--only spitting a little rain. Should be in the high teens tomorrow. Needless to say, I feel so much better getting up early and working out even when I've had a poor sleep. I think my sleep is adversely effected by caffeine. So, no more caffeine apres noon.
The twins are playing Littlest Pet Shop on the carpet beside me as I type this. I finished my references this morning and will do another draft of my paper tonight. Tomorrow I have the thrill of seeing my favorite guitarist in the world! Daniel Bolshoy is coming to UBC tomorrow to play Latin guitar again. He is an archangel. Seriously, there is no explanation for the music that comes from his fingers and guitar. It is the most beautiful music.  I will go to the lobby of the Fipsky building at 5PM tomorrow to hear him play. This time I will buy his CD as there is very little of his music on Itunes.
So things are looking good for the rest of the week. Dinner party at Miranda's tonight, a great run/hike up Paul's Tomb tomorrow, Bikrams on Friday and most importantly Daniel Bolshoy! You'd never know I have a paper due Saturday--topic: online research ethics. I must say though, I feel like an expert on the subject now.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Okanagan Thanksgiving 2009

All photos were taken today in my backyard (the wilderness park that our home backs onto).
I worked all day writing a research paper. I am always looking for a quick formula to simplify the process. So far I haven't found the quick research paper key. Mainly because each paper I write on a topic I know nothing about. Thus I have to really read each source in detail to teach myself the topic along the way.
Tonight we had Mexican feast leftovers. I must have been Mexican in my past life as it is my favorite food culture.
Peter spent the day with the girls. He took them out shopping to Orchard Park Mall--the girls enjoyed it.
Tonight a break from research writing (the agony)! I am going to rent a movie and perhaps treat myself to a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard (my personal fav). I have to do these "spoil QMJ" type of things to keep my spirits up during paper writing season. Because the last thing I want to do on a weekend is spend the day on my computer. I'd much, much rather be biking or hiking around the province.
My girls are all well and enjoying their laid back weekend at home--a lot of Playmobile and Littlest Petshop playing going on. And in Peter's case I just know he's upstairs watching his Miami Vice DVDs.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Supper Party

Preparations for a Mexican supper: chicken enchiladas, sauteed corn, peppers and zucchini and garlic baked rice. Pip was my special onion chef. She wore the shades to protect her eyes from the onions.
Mist's friend Sara and Miranda and John's family were our guests. Miranda made dessert: pumpkin, ginger tart. Everything was delicious.
A quiet weekend at home. I have to write most of weekend. Last night I spent hours and hours setting up the girls Playmobile. They have dozens of little scenes. I quite enjoyed it. It was a very Zen activity. I was so engrossed in the activity, I lost all track of time and didn't even want to break for supper. It was so satisfying building all the little worlds. What does this say about my brain? I'd be perfectly happy setting up Playmobile scenes all day long and getting paid for it--a dream job. I will post a pic of our Playmobile worlds soon.
Bikram on Friday at 6am. My tummy was off and I actually had to leave class for a moment to lie on a bench until I felt less nauseous.
An absolutely gorgeous day on the mountain today. The lake is a brilliant blue and the sky cloudless. It was so gorgeous hiking that I really should have taken a few pics--maybe tomorrow during a wee break.
My knees are acting up. I have very long legs for my frame and so I have a high centre of gravity. This puts a lot of stress on my knees, hips, feet , etc. I have discovered that to engage in high impact sports such as running, I have to keep myself too thin in order to be free of leg pain. It's either be super thin verging on too thin and work out happily, or be 5 pounds heavier and suffer knee and leg and foot problems from running. Or at least this is my latest theory. So I choose to do high impact sports and keep myself super thin--it kind of sucks in that I really can't eat much at all to maintain this weight. But at least I can live pain free.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

That's Not My Name

For those who haven't had the pleasure of visiting my late 1950's family room, I have posted a few photos to give you an idea of it. I am in love with the sofa fabric.
-Me on the sofa.
-Me and the "twins" on the sofa.
Today was a bright sunshiny day. I had a lovely few minutes at the park with the girls.
This evening I am going treasure hunting and taking Mist for new jazz shoes.
I will work for a few hours this evening. As much as I try to work a wee bit with the "twins," I find I really cannot--little bottoms that need to go potty, little tummies that need a snack, and little hands that need help with a puzzle or building a train track.
Looks like a quiet Thanksgiving at home. I need to finish a paper and my hours are limited.
I did contact Bark Busters--I think I will go with the four hour training session. I might as well have a dog we can live with! I am a huge animal lover, I would love many more pets, but I realize having three children makes my pet time limited. So it looks like it will be Fernando and no new pets for awhile. Although, I want another dog in a few years, as Fernando's little or big buddy.
My new Fav song is "That's Not My Name" by The Ting Tings.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

McMillan Pumpkin Patch

Attended the first preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch this morning. There were hayrides, hay mazes, corn mazes, a petting zoo and a corn pit to dig in. I felt like I was on enemy turf after reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. The little girls had a great time and this is how they spent their afternoon (picture above).
I worked for a part of the afternoon while Miranda took the twins. 
Tabs is at dance tonight and Mist has a friend over and they've biked to the top of the mountain to do "homework."
I made a delicious chili tonight, full of veggies.
Oh, and great news--I got Fuzzy-Buzzy back on face book! They finally fixed her profile. All is well. 
All except one of my legs is damaged from running/sports. From my knee to the outside of my foot: calf pain and numbness on the side of my foot. No more squats at the gym and running for a while. It hurts even to walk on it. I bought these sport insoles for my running shoes and it made it worse! I wore them to spin class and my arch on that foot ached so much, I could barely peddle! I am still so annoyed with my current gym, IQuest and their lame cardio classes. They only do a little spin and then get off the bikes to do all this boot camp like hopping like a rabbit etc. It's always that double leg hopping etc that F's up my legs! Just leave me on my bike would you? I do enough crazy maneuvers running up mountains and in Bikram's yoga that I really don't need to do all that dreadful hopping.

I am alone in dealing with Fernando. He is my dog. Peter wanted no part of him and the only reason Peter cooperated with adopting him into the family was on the condition that basically he doesn't exist to Peter. Peter does not have to help feed him, walk him or clean up after him.  I am a single parent to Fernando. Although, Mist and Tabs promised to parent him with me. Anyway, this being the case, I am left with an out of control dog who refuses to submit. I have tried every dog training trick in the book--I actually still have the guide I got from when Weldy was in dog school. But Fernando is the most dominate dog on the planet. He spends most of his day locked in his pen whenever the kids are home because he will not stop jumping on them , nipping them and barking at them. I called Bark Busters. The guy comes into your home for 4 hours and works exclusively with you and your dog. It is pricey so I told him that I have no doubt he is worth it, but I cannot afford him at this time. He called me back today to announce that he'll give me the 4 hours without the lifetime guarantee for nearly half price. I think it is an OK deal:four hours, one to one dog training. It works out to about $65 an hour. I want to do it as I hear nothing but high pitched screaming from the children constantly as Fernando harasses them and nothing but complaints from Peter that he can't stand "the dog" and "give him to your sister." 
So as a single dog mom, I must decide this one on my own.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Bad Karma. I tell you...I'm in a little valley of bad Karma at the moment. But I honestly feel I am ready to climb out!
My class I am taking is so not for me. It is specifically for classroom teachers and I am a fish out of water. It is a challenge to remain in this class let alone get a great mark. I feel I have little to contribute as it is the day to day practicality of classroom evaluation that is the topic of everything--no philosophy at all. I like to comment at least once each class to ensure a mark for participation--but it feels like whispering poetry into an arena filled with hockey fans.
And the real dilemma--the big crushing blow that I haven't even fully comprehended yet is that my precious Fuzz-Buzzy has been brutally removed from facebook. She is my thesis. I am F'd or what? How can I resolve this? I've lost years of work--photo stories, 550 friends! HELP! F facebook!
SO that's my life in a bad karmic nut shell--I am on a train going the opposite way of where my desires await me. What to do...


Saturday, October 3, 2009

10 Cool and Freaky Things

The picture is of my mom with me and my sisters Catherine (baby) and Theresa (short hair). I'm the one year old crying.

Thanks to Heather from Comparative Childhood for the Honest Scrap award. So here are 10 things you might not know about me (the cool stuff):
1. I worked as a sales associate in Prams and Nursery furniture at Harrods in London, England.
2. I studied fashion design in Toronto.
3. I was trapped in Hampton Court Palace after closing time with my sister--we'd wandered back looking for her glasses--it was great, the ground's keeper told us real ghost stories!
4. I hitchhiked to Innuvik, NWT with a trucker.
5. I nearly drowned on the Yukon River twice--one Jeep accident and one Hovercraft accident.
6. Came face to face with a Grizzly bear while hiking in Glacier National Park.
7.A guy from a Beatle Revival band asked me to marry him on a flight across Canada (we met on the flight).
8.I spent the first five years of my life in and out of hospitals.
9. I climbed to the top of the Yucatan pyramids in Mexico, the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy, and the Eiffel tower in Paris.
10. I attended 3 different high schools in three different provinces.
*And I award this award to any bloggers who happen  upon my blog--sorry, I've never been one to send things on!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vancouver Pearls

Pics were taken on Wednesday morning as Peter and I got to enjoy Vancouver for a moment before heading back to Kelowna.

My tummy hurts! I was awakened at midnight with severe abdominal pain right under my ribs--the stomach. I turned on the lights (no one likes being in the dark and in pain) and waited it out. Today my stomach still hurts a little. Perhaps it was eating out most of the week in Van.
On to more interesting topics: a few pearls I gained from the Peace Summit. Most simply reaffirm ideas I was familiar with.
-One must have compassion for one's rival. Listen to their viewpoint because ultimately their problem is my problem.
--Government spends billions preparing for war and nothing preparing for peace.
--Learning how to create questions, illuminating possible problems, requires more creative energy than learning how to problem solve. Only problem solving is taught in school.
--From the Dalai Lama himself I learned that one must always be true to oneself--even on the hot seat.
--I observed that the Dalai Lama's celebrity threatens his message. But that he is the only mortal on earth seemingly able to dismiss his own celebrity and stay focused and in the moment of truth.
-Respect each living being for the beautiful life force within--even arch enemies are entitled to this basic respect of their life.
-Kind and compassionate service to others brings happiness.
-collaboration is not accepted in school--it is called cheating. Collaboration needs to be encouraged in school.
-Creativity requires many factors to be focused in a positive direction--the Blueman group listed 6 roles one must consider when being creative titled: hero, shaman, trickster, group member, scientist, outsider.

I am in a spiritual quandary at the moment. I believe the only way out of this is through meditation, physical exercise and a healthy diet. I feel disconnected, uninspired by the tasks that are presented to me at this moment. So much red tape, errands, dull mind work.
Vancouver trip was quick. We ate at "Julio and Me" a Mexican restaurant on Commercial Drive. It was tres delicious! I had chicken burritos and they shredded piles of pickled watermelon-radish on top--so good. Later I realized my friend Ritchie does the website and photography for that restaurant.
Bob Geldof stayed a the Fairmont at the same time as us as well as the African's Children's choir. The Dalai Lama stayed at the Pan-Pacific as it has a bullet proof floor for dignitaries.
Everyone seems to have a little bug in my family. We are all tired and uninspired and a little off in our tummies, heads or in Mist's case--ears.
Tonight my girls have piano and parent/teacher interviews at Tab's school.
Tomorrow early morning Bikram's and I work all day on my latest paper: the ethics of online research--yawn!
Saturday I have a class and Peter and Yianni will take the girls to Crock-Talk: a reptile learning centre (they don't know this yet)  M and I signed us all up before we realized that we cannot attend!
***Thanks to my Mom for doing a great job caring for my little girls. I arrived home to 3 happy gals and apple muffins!

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