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Monday, June 29, 2009

Girls, Girls, Girls...

A house full of little girls--my girls are enjoying every moment.
Swimming was a bit of a fiasco. Showed up 1/2 hour late and Nem and Tabs missed their's. Artemi loved her lesson but the Pip got hysterical, crying because she didn't like "the splashing." Mist was too good a swimmer for her level but all upper levels are filled--what to do? I blame the Parkinson Rec Center. They refuse to acknowledge that your kid is ready for several levels ahead, just to make money, making sure you do each level in order. So Mist is too good a swimmer for her class yet this summer lessons are filled--again swimming lessons are bust!
I am getting quite PO'd about all of it! Every year it seems they lead me astray and my kids somehow are duped out of the level they really need. As you can tell I was very upset at the rec-centre by this, but I deserve the "Dalai Lama" award for calmness as no one was yelled at.
Peter is at an all day retreat at work. 
Miranda and I are having a girl's night out: supper and a movie. Mist and her friend Marley will watch all the younger ones as they rent movies and have a pizza party. Peter will be home by eight so Mist only has to baby sit an hour or so.
Five (seven today) little girls keep me in summer vacation mode: no work.
I did manage a run this am with Miranda.
Writing this during a brief "QMJ time" in my bedroom, on my bed, windows open and the sounds of summer filling my room. Also the sound of Pip calling from the toilet--gotta go. 

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

They've Arrived!

The cousins: Mist, Artemi, Nem, Tabs and Pip
The Princesses: Rosabella & Blue-Raspberry
The T-Rex-Nem
Miranda and her girls arrived at the airport yesterday afternoon. We've had a whirlwind of excitement--5 little girls all slightly sleep deprived. At this moment they are all dressed like pirates.
Miranda is in love with her house. It is better then she even predicted. 
I start taking the girls to swimming lessons tomorrow--all 5.
Next week I start classes. John arrives to met his family on Tuesday most likely.
Tonight I might take in a movie--either "The Hangover" or the new comedy about Greece.
Kinda tired myself--all the social excitement of my sister actually moving to my home town. It is almost impossible to believe that all the Harts are officially residents of BC. We've not all lived in the same province for, my goodness at least 26 years (save the odd year we all congregated in Saskatoon during University)! We're not all in the city--but hey, we've made it as far west as you can go. If we venture any further west we'll be crossing the Pacific into Asia--we'd be officially East.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bandaids & Bats in the Belfry

Tabitha after her piano concert. She played flawlessly.
Tabitha walking back to her seat after playing. Note the bandaids on her forearm (yellow and blue). Those bandaids caused a horrible allergic reaction and her skin literally peeled away underneath them leaving a raw, weeping wound on her arm! I was very cross at her--she'd put the bandaids on herself days ago secretly to "doctor" a tiny little scrape.
Tabs in concert.
Tabs and her teacher Marla with all Marla's students. (looks like The Sound of Music cast!)
I am off to the park with Pip in a moment and then we pick up the Tabs after her last day of grade 3! She loves grade 3 and will miss Mr. Recsky a lot.
Cleaning my home, organizing--the break between classes is vital to running this home.
Silver didn't pee yesterday! Perhaps he will adjust to his new home downstairs--I force him on our outside balcony each morning for several hours each day--the contrast (I hope) keeps him sane.
My Fernando is loved in Nelson. He still has a few personality glitches to overcome: barking and fear of strangers (even those he's met before!).
Peter picks up Mist from Nelson on Saturday and brings her home. Theresa is off to New York for 2 weeks for a writing workshop--so great.
Miranda and her girls arrive Saturday afternoon from Montreal. Their house won't be ready until Wednesday so they'll stay with us. The girls are so excited!
John is driving from Toronto as I write this. I guess he'll arrive in Kelowna on Sunday evening? Just don't pull any all nighters--John--Peter tried that trip may times and reported seeing "bats" flying all around, inside his car as he drove--sleep exhaustion will play tricks with your brain!
Felt tired the past few days--why? I do not know. Disappointed in my gym--they cancelled the 6 AM spin classes and the only ones they offer now are lame! They do 20 minutes of spin and cut out for "strength" exercises. Yuck! I lift weights in the gym, I don't want strength exercises--I want cardio! I wrote the manager a note requesting more cardio.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Peace Summit, Vancouver 2009

Matthieu Ricard--he's also a photographer, scientist and writer.
September 29th I am attending the Peace Summit in Vancouver. My favorite monks will be attending: the Dalai Lama and Matthieu Ricard. Eckhart Tolle and Sir Ken Robinson will also be speaking. I am looking forward to this event. I chose to attend the session on creativity and well being. I have read many of Matthieu's books and the Dalai Lama's too. A dream supper would be me, the Dalai Lama, Matthieu Richard. How to make it happen? Any ideas?
Tabs final year end piano recital last night--she was fab! No nerves--played flawlessly. I chalk it up to having two teeth filled earlier in the day--she used up all her nerves getting through that.
I miss Mist. Pip too. She cried in the car today, "I want Kiki, I need Kiki!" When I asked her why, she said, "I love her. I miss her."
So blue...I am in the eye of a cat storm. I can no longer have Silver live in our home. He is untrainable. I have tried everything, new litter boxes, new litter, new beds, even pet anti anxiety meds--all to no avail. He will not stop peeing on floors, carpets, beds and sofas.  What am I to do? I want a cat, I want him. But I cannot keep him because he is not trainable. He used to be. But over the years he has become completely untrained. I believe he is learning disabled as well. He has never been a typical cat. He is content to sit on my desk all day long, only leaving at night to eat and pee all over. It breaks my heart because I cannot keep him, yet I so wish he would "fix" himself and become normal so I can. :(
To an outsider my cat dilemma may seem trivial. However, we have had him for 6 years. I am an animal lover. I have never given away a pet. I never thought I would have to. It is weighing heavily on my mind and heart. I cannot have a pet jeopardize the health of my family. Constantly breathing in his cat pee fumes, cleaning up his cat pee--it requires hours of my labour that I will never get back--I want that time to play with my kids, not clean!
I had to euthanize my dearest, oldest frined ever last year--my pug Weldy. He was 15 1/2 years old and going downhill fast--but it was his incontinence that finally made me realize it was time. He had diarrhea all over the house constantly and my vet (Theresa) said it was very unhealthy to have that bacteria on my floors all of the time with a toddler.
What to do? I have called his breeder and am placing an add in my sister's vet clinic. 

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Monday, June 22, 2009


More Vancouver pics. These ones show each of us with our Chinese zodiac symbol. Me with the horse, Tabs with the Dragon, Mist with the rat and Pip with the fire-dog.
I liked China Town Vancouver and wish Vancouver would market it like San Fran does. It is even better than San Fran's--the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden is the icing on the cake.
Mist left with her Auntie for Nelson yesterday. She loves to hang in Nelson
with her cousin Kyran. Tabs still has one more week of school left. Rats, I forgot to give Mist's school a self-addressed, stamped envelope so they'd send her report card--oh well, she's had an A average and work ethic award all year. 
I have moved Silver to the front entrance and laundry room permanently. I cannot have him peeing on my sofas, beds and carpets any longer. He is confined to that area until I can find him a good new home or forever if that doesn't happen. I love Silver, but no human could tolerate his peeing. It's made our home stinky! And so much exhausting work for me constantly steaming carpets, cleaning my leather sofa etc. He is a beautiful cat and can be loving--but he is not fit to live with humans.
I am taking this week to catch up on long overdue home chores and trying to redesign my life. HOW?
A tall order, I know. I just want to reach my goals and need to plan new routes to do so. I want financial independence, successful art career, successful writing career and lots of world travel(with my family). Not to mention my goal of having land in the Okanagan area--either as a rural home base or a wilderness retreat. And these are only a few of my goals. I have spiritual 
quests and fitness quests too.
See how boring planing a life can be? No wonder I still have to delve into mine.
I do have exciting news about September! A dream come true! I actually get to see some of my biggest heroes ever--oh to actually meet them too! I will post about this tomorrow. Just a hint though, Mist and her friend Maddi were fortune-tellers on the weekend. They read my palm, tea leaves and a water bowl:
Yes, I will meet the Dalai Lama in person in this life time. I will fall in love with someone from the north. And they saw a buffalo in my future...very interesting...

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baby Beluga--Vancouver Aquarium June 2009

Absolute darlings. The girls and I walked to Stanley Park on Thursday. We were so blessed to be allowed into the beluga nursery to take photos (no flash). We had to be quiet to not startle the baby. I took these photos and am very pleased with the results. They let  groups of 25 observers view at a time.
Momma and baby were so dear. The baby girl was only ten days old when these were taken and Momma 20 years old. She was lucky to be in the nursery with her older daughter who has a one year old baby too. So, in the nursery there was Granny (and her newest baby), her older daughter and her older daughter's one year old daughter (Granny's granddaughter).
1.This is baby peaking over mom's shoulder.
2.Mom and baby.
3.A proud smile from mom.
4.Smiles from both baby and Mom.

5.A close-up of baby girl--notice her chapped lips from nursing...too cute!
6.Swimming together.
7.Not shy at all--two stars.
8.My favorite--Mom waving with baby girl shyly peaking from behind.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden

Met my friend Ritchie this morning (we've been friends since we were teens) and he accompanied me and the little gals to China Town. China Town Vancouver is huge and fascinating. It is an amazing place to explore. Dr. Sun Yat-sen Garden is on the "One Hundred things to see before you die" list--world wide!
Anyway, it was a relaxing fun morning. Then we did a little shopping in China Town. The girls and I were beyond thrilled to find a little shop that carried "My Neighbor Totoro" paraphernalia. We couldn't resist purchasing wallets and the girls purse/bags. The merchandise was over priced but since it is an all time favourite movie of ours, we couldn't resist. KW would love the place--you can even get Totoro stuffies
Tonight my 3 little wee girls and I will meet my cousins Caro and Garry at Transcontinental for dessert. 
So far, a really fun trip! Last night we decided to shop and hit the hotel pool and hot tub--it's a roof top outdoors variety. Sunny skies this afternoon. 
What is it about the "down and outs" of Vancouver? Truly, they appear so much more down and out than those in nearly any other N. American city. Perhaps Vancouver does have one of the worst drug problems in N. America.
I took these photos today in the garden.
1. turtle
2. dragon fly
4.Garden entrance
5. girls under a plant.
7. The entrance door to the main house or palace.
8.Ritchie and Pip
9. the patio--an amazing foot massage. It is designed to be completely ying-yang like the entire garden.

1o.Me at the entrance to heaven.
11. Me at the entrance to earth.
--the room in between the doors is supposed to bring ultimate tranquility. And it did--the chi, or energy was so peaceful.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wee Break...In Vancouver

More pics from Ballet night. 
Just a quick break to say we have arrived at the hotel. Long drive.
Long night--I hardly slept. I got up and did a 6 AM run and then packed us up.
Arrived too late to do the aquarium justice. Here are our plans:
Tonight: Imax and walk along Seawall.
Tuesday--China Town & Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden.
Wed--Walk to Aquarium in Stanley Park with girls.
Friday--Art Gallery & Ikea

Monday, June 15, 2009

Earls Pre-Performance

Pictures: 1. Me and my mom  2.Tabs  3. Mist and Tabs  4. Mom and Pip  5. Peter

Today was Pip's last morning of daycare at Linda's. She has enjoyed her year. Next year it looks like Pip will do morning preschool 2x per week and split her cousin Artemisia's nanny 2 mornings a week. Mist's last day of grade 7 today.
Tomorrow morning we leave for Vancouver. We are going to the aquarium to visit the new baby girl beluga whale. We will tour China town and the Chinese gardens on Wednesday, Thursday the art gallery and Friday shopping.  We will stay at the Waterfront Fairmont for the first time. The suite will be perfect--the adults get their own bedroom. I purchased  travel supplies this morning: snacks, toys and books to keep the troops happy. Me? I am lucky, Peter likes to drive--I can daydream the trip away looking at the gorgeous mountain and waterfall views along the way. I may actually read for pleasure too--the last chance I get for awhile because I'm purchasing my next text book in Van this week. 
I hear Fernando is having the time of his life with his cousins. Hermie and Doe-Doe fighting for 2nd in line to lead the pack. I guess Archie is the undeniable leader. But Fernando, although a pup, thinks he should dominate Hermie.
Joop is here--just down the street as I write this. Checking out M &J's house. He is heading to Vancouver shortly.
Lots of washing and packing to do before we leave--gotta go.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kaleidoscope 2009, The Canadian School of Ballet

My beauties ready for their evening ballet performance at the Kelowna Theatre. Tabs danced "Catching Butterflies" and Mist "Stardust." They were both so elegant.
Pip looking like an elegant audience member in her giant rhinestone necklace from her Great Aunt Penelope(name sake).
Granny (my wonderful Mom) with the girls. Gran helped dress and make-up the girls and drove them to the matinee while Peter and I were at the University. She has helped with Kaleidoscope every year now for four years! The second year, she and my sister Theresa did it without us as Peter and I were in Florida (Pip wasn't born yet). They spoiled them silly!
Our family before the big event. The girls received red rose bouquets in the dressing room after their performances.
Tabs, ready for the show (almost--the shoes had to go...).
The Lovely Mist--those are rhinestones in her hair.
We had a great meal pre-show at Earls on the waterfront. I shall post those pics later. It was crazy--I knew nearly everyone in the restaurant that night for some reason. I rather liked that--Kelowna seemed like a small place after all--either that or I was super popular(lol)--either way it was all good.
My sweet (newly blonde bombshell) mom left for home this afternoon. We had a short visit with my sis Theresa and Kyran as they headed home from Salmon Arm. Theresa took home my dear and wild dog Fernando to visit with her dogs. He shall have a 2 week vacation with his cousins (that is if he doesn't first drive Theresa crazy with his antics!). Miss that crazy beast already--go figure?
 Pip has been collecting pet ants lately. She adores insects. I REALLY want to get some preying mantis pods to add to my garden. Apparently they hatch and eat all the insects. And they are adorable! They are the cutest little critters. They hold their food tenderly in their little hands as they eat it. Yes, I not only love spiders but other insects too. Good thing I married Peter--he grew up with insects--his dad was an entomologist.

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