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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Toast and Ice Tea...

Snowball fight on Friday afternoon, in our back yard--Mist, Tabs, Pip and Holly. Poor Holly is getting blasted from all angles from my girls. It is 7:18 AM here in Kelowna, on a Sunday morn. 
I will be taking Tabs to swimming in an hour and then a hike with PJ. 
We will work on my power point this afternoon.
Went to "Quantum Solace" last night with Peter--Exotic locations around the globe, Daniel Craig looking completely disheveled for the entire film--what's not to like?
Snow is melting. 
Tabs went to a B Day party yesterday. And while Peter and I were out last night, Mist babysat friends and her sisters at our place. She is starting to get wealthy. Peter is already talking about what stocks she should invest 

I need some black high heels to go with my strapless black dress...I am not one of those women who loves high heels. I hate anything really high and narrow. A solid heel of about two-three inches max is more my style. I think killer heels are the invention of misogynists--I know a lot of women will disagree on this point--but you can keep your killer heels. I like to be able to move, and fast, in what ever foot wear I have on.
Time for toast and ice tea...
Oh, almost forgot--feeling quite optimistic about my leather-sofa peeing cat Silver. Nearly having a break down over what to do with him. He is a beautiful yet insane and incorrigible cat. Yet call me a sucker...I can't give him up. So, Theresa gave some great advice, I am moving the "kitty Condo" to the front balcony and putting him out for "fresh air therapy" for at least 1/2 hour a day. And starting him on new smaller pills that he won't spit out (cat Prozac). Oh, and also so excited--may be getting a little Boston Terrier in Feb and then a little Pug later--all great breeders recommended by Dr. T--soon to be a regular Youtube show, No??? Get busy girl!

Friday, November 28, 2008

So, You Think You and Your Mom Can Dance?

My Little Pippi this morning.
Her pony-tails were such a hit, that when I went to pick her up at day care, I discovered all three little day care girls in matching pony tails. Linda said that they all wanted to be like Pippi today--so cute.
Well now, our first snow and it is major! The school bus won't be able to make it up here in the hour unless the grater comes and soon! 
Pip is asleep, my power point file is temporarily screwed, I am trapped high on a mountain in a blizzard without snow tires...so, why not Blog!
Will brave the storm tonight though, really would love to hear the latin pianist play and then perhaps hit a cozy coffee shop afterward. 
Mist babysits for Linda tonight and she is excited. 
Little Tabs was sooo pooped this Am, she didn't want to get up. She raced around in a foul mood trying to get herself off to school. Needless to say, it is partly my fault. We stayed up a little too late dancing to my new iPod down loads. Yes, Tabs loves to dance as much as her mom. She is always teaching me these incredible dance moves. There needs to be a reality show: "So You Think You and Your Mom Can Dance?"

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Who Let the Frogs Out?

Pic is Tabs in one of her creations. I think this outfit was inspired by the wedding scene in "Mama Mia."Just returned from the Tabs' concert. Her class played the spoons to "Who Let the Frogs Out?" Very cute. Tabs was all smiles and moves.
Pip fell sound asleep in her dad's arms. She was so amazingly precious. When the audience clapped, she clapped her little hands together in response--even though she was sound asleep!
Hungry, tired. Worked this AM and I feel quite inspired. Every time I sit down to write and research articles, I learn something new and exciting about literacy. For some unknown reason, I am just fascinated by this field. Who would have thought? It's the puzzle solving---it is quite satisfying.
Mist is baby sitting for the couple that runs Pip's day care this weekend. Peter and I are going to "Australia" on Saturday night.
Tabs has piano after school.  I may attend a classical, Latin piano concert tomorrow evening. I guess it depends how much I want to see his performance with the Tabs and Pip in tow. 
Working on moving the Mist back down to her bedroom--not an easy feat. She is quite particular about the exact height if her future box spring. Whatever!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nancy Drew Blondies and Roof-Top restaurants

A beautiful portrait of Silver.
Just got off the phone with my broker (aka PJ) he's following the stock market like a cat on a mouse.
Anyway, my knee is damaged (the ligament behind my right knee) so I didn't go to the gym and will walk with Pip in the stroller in and out of Magic. Plus do my ab routine. Tomorrow I plan to run on it. 
Bought incredible sheets for the girls bunk bed--Tommy H's for $13--only to discover they've decided to give the bunk bed to Pip. Tabs wants the new antique bed (she likes the idea of being up high). Now we have to buy a box spring for Mist's bed (she decided to move back downstairs if I also raise her mattress to its highest position ever--to avoid any mice, so she thinks). So now I must buy two sets of double sheets for the antique beds. They are all on for incredible prices at Home Sense. That fills you in on my bed switcharoo amongst the girls.
Have found the house of my delight--an antique house plan circa 1908. I love old house plans. This one has four bedrooms up, three floors and a big reception hall and library on main--things I adore. Well now, how to build...my plan is to purchase the land (about 5 + acres) as soon as the real estate market hits bottom (1-2 years). Then ,wait until it raises up again, sell our Magic home and build my antique designed home on the acreage.
I was so sleepy last night--a good sleepy--sitting in front of the fireplace and watching a Gilligan's Island episode (Maryanne thinks she's Ginger and they sing the "Poo-Poo-Pee-Do" song) relaxed me into beddy-bye land at about 6pm. I hadn't even made supper and all I wanted to do was get into my jammies and tuck myself in bed for the night.
 But just before I could pass out, Mist and Pip called me to come up stairs and dine at their Roof -Top restaurant (the top bunk). I had a lovely meal although they were all out of pasta and served me pretend food. My dinner date stood me up (Daniel Craig) so I called him on the pretend phone they offered me at the restaurant to ball him out! No after theatre for him! 
So, the fabulous ambiance at the Roof-Top restaurant made me crave pasta. Decided to call Peter, to pick up fresh pasta and a baget on the way home, after he picked up Tabs from ballet. So Mist, Pip and I made our famous "Nancy Drew Blondies" and waited for Peter and tabs to arrive home with the dinner groceries. We had a satisfying, carb-rich supper and dessert.
...I can sure nattter on this morning...Must go now though, and take Pipper for our walk, then do some more sheet shopping and then work on my paper/project (T talked some sense into me and I have decided to leave my thesis for later and focus on my original study to wrap it up in a fashionable manner).

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tabitha the Pianist

Tabitha's recital.
She did very well. Her bow at the end was so cute. 
An exhausting day. After the recital I went shopping with Mistaya. She brought her little purse and purchased three tops and a book. 
I purchased the most elegant/sexy black dress ever! It fits me perfectly. Strapless and fitted to the knee--very breakfast at Tiffany's.
Tabs fever gone--great news. She's invited Michaela over after school.
Pip off to "school" this AM. I worked. Trying stupidly to go with my new thesis idea as a paper/presentation. A lot more work--starting from scratch. But I am so much for passionate about this idea. Plus the research will not be in vain--I will use it eventually.
"16 Candles" a bit of a decade shock. I forgot how politically incorrect everything was back then. Perhaps it was a little too old for our 12 year old party guests--whoops! One too many stiffy jokes, and drunk teens. Oh well, live and learn.    Pics: 1. Tabs at the piano. 2. Waiting preconcert.
3. Pip and Dad rushing out after the concert. 4. Family.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mistaya's Big Night

Mist's party was a raging success--went off without a hitch. This is Mist and Maddi doing charades. 
The party was such fun and the food very tasty. I am going to use this party template and throw an adult 80's gig in the new year. Only I think we'll skip the movie. It looks great though, I'm going to nestle downstairs tonight and watch it myself on the big screen.
Off to Tabs piano recital in an hour. She is playing "Silver Skates". She is very good at it. She awoke in the night feeling horrible with a 39 0c fever, but seems much improved today and really wants to attend today.
Mist received a lot of money and gift certificates for her birthday so I shall accompany her to the mall later this afternoon for a MOm and daughter shopping trip. Mist, the wealthy, will be treating me to coffee and perhaps some other items (lol!) Still haven't had time to get busy with my assignments.

Will start tomorrow. Yesterday, Peter and I even had time for a quick coffee out before the party to clear our heads.  I love Iron Buddha tea. May get to go to Kamloops next weekend to see Deepak Chopra speak. I'll see how busy I am with school.
Miranda sounds as though she's found the perfect Buddhist school ever in Guelph--wish they had one in Kelowna!  Pictures:

Mist and Jordana Karaoke.

Pip being tickled by Carley.

Peter looking hot.

Tabs and Jordana karaoke.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Smurfs, Blondie, Boy George and Thirteen Little Girls.

Ya gotta love my Smurfy cake. 
Big party tonight. Details:
Fancy Dress--80's style.
6PM--appies and beverages in the living room listening to 80's music:
sausage rolls
spring rolls and dip
vegetarian sushi
veggies and dip
chips and dip

6:30 PM--80's charades
7:15 PM--PlayStation 80's Singing Star Karaoke.
8: 15 presents and cake and ice cream.
8:30 PM movie "16 Candles" projected on wall.
10 PM home with goodie bags.
Tabs has developed a fever this afternoon. 
We've had such fun singing already to the 80's karaoke.
Went on a morning hike.
 Cleaning, prepping for the party. 
Tabs has a piano recital tomorrow.
I danced with Tabs class yesterday and attended "A Charlie Brown Christmas" at the theatre with her class on Wednesday.
 Took Pip to Mom and Tot school yesterday. Pip counts to ten and recites her Alphabet and sings a mean "Material Girl" on Karaoke.
Pip still absolutely loving Day Care. Every morning she asks, "Go School this morning Mom?"
Got 90% on last research paper. Have another paper and a presentation due for Dec 6th.
Peter just home from an editing session for his final chapters.
Oh, and despair not Miranda, just think, next year you can exercise every single day even when Yianni is away--drop the gals off with me or the Mist! 
Mist is having ten little gals to her party + her two sisters. 

Thursday, November 20, 2008


These pics were taken yesterday morn at Mission Creek Park. I drop off Pip at her Day Care in a few minutes. She's been ready to go, back pack on for an hour now. "Go School now?" she asks every few minutes. 
I have noticed how dry my bogs have been lately--no comments. And, as a recent blog expert, I can tell you how important the audience is to the writing process. So all you secret readers, it behooves you to comment occasionally to ensure a hypertextual, dual-voiced text (lol). 
It is supposed to snow this afternoon. I hope not as I haven't put my snow tires on yet and I have to run around the city tonight getting ready for Mist's party. And you know the roads getting up here are impossible to climb in the winter without studded tires.
Everyone I talk to has lost their mo-jo this month. I can relate as I have little inspiration in the painting department. It is my style to plow through, slapping on uninspired gobs of paint until one day I become enlightened and suddenly the painting works. I never give up hope.
In these crisis of the mind, I meditate and things make a little more sense.
Tabs has Piano tonight. I just got back from a run. Um, ah...I feel like there is some news somewhere inside this head of mine, but it escapes me at the moment.
The family (one of them) that recently sold Club Penguin to Disney, still lives in Kelowna. They have a private jet, house in Brazil. Pip's Mom and Tot teacher is applying to be their nanny. Can you imagine what it would be like to go from having nothing 5 years ago to suddenly having $100,000,000???

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby-Girl Mistaya (aka Kiki)!

Happy 12th Birthday Mistaya
Just finished a supper designed by Mistaya, all her favorites: fries and gravy, sweet potato, and
beef dip--whoa...carb overload! A cheesecake awaits us in the fridge. Mist loved her ipod touchfrom Mom and Dad, and her cool jammies and moonstone from her Gran, and the cool "Mistmantle" books from Aunt Kathy and Uncle John--those books are so cute. The details of a mother squirrel in labour are priceless. And Nana sent her a subscription to Owl, which she loves. Mist's friends decorated her locker at school today in honor of her B day.
My comment on the Globe & Mail was blasted by a few people. Sure, it was a tad controversial but I stand by the fact that one cannot completely trust the Chinese justice system.
Tabarooster had ballet tonight and bravely danced with a pulled quad muscle. Mist and I had coffee at Starbucks while T danced. Mist had a decaff gingersnap latte seeing that it was her special day.
I didn't go out last night as Pip developed a fever. However today she seems a little improved. Had my hair highlighted today and it looks fab! Went on a run this AM, took the Pip to Toys R Us and picked up a few items for Mistaya's big 80's party this weekend. Painting a little each day which seems small but will most likely net me a nice collection by year's end.
Have a brand spanking new thesis idea that I am excited about--here it goes:
"Peter Notpizzaface" published online, bit by bit as hypertextual fiction. And I, as author and researcher, will study the literacy processes I engage in while writing it and the processes the test group engages in while they read it( and add comments and visual illustrations to it). The beauty of this study is that it is so unique as I am author and researcher: autoethnography and ethnography--had to wow my readers with some new exciting research lingo. 

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monkey Dance

Happy 15th Birthday Kyran!
Finished my paper and mailed it off. 
Pip has a cold.
Tabs has a field trip to Vernon Science Centre tomorrow.
Mistaya turns 12 tomorrow!
Will attend an Art talk tonight at the KAG (Kelowna Art Gallery) about contemporary art. Part I of a series of 3 talks put on by the gallery and UBC Fine Arts Dept.--will be tight as Peter will arrive home with Mist from Ballet at 6, must prepare supper for all and be at the gallery by 7. Peter doesn't know he's coming yet. Rats, I'm in my work outfit--I painted today. Must shower and primp a bit.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Empty House

Where is my family? Just returned from an after class party at Carol's house (a charming 1920's bungalow near the lake) and no family! Peter must have taken them out for supper or something. So, class was long but the party fun. And now I am going to relax for the rest of the evening, even though I had an invite to a very unusual poetry reading downtown tonight. I'd go but the house is empty and I really do want to see my babies and their dad tonight. What to eat... 

Friday, November 14, 2008

Table Dancing

                                                           I'm in my PJ's--as the catcher--nice pose I know...
Pics are from a table dancing game we played last night...oh the games we play when PJ's away...believe it or not it was great fun! The catcher stands on the table while the dancers dance backward and forward trying not to get caught. 
OK, slowly adjusting to what appears to be my new schedule. So I am beginning to see an hour an afternoon for painting. Pip likes to veg by herself when she comes home from daycare--a good time for me to pull out my paints. I really need to paint everyday--my mind craves that connection. So I will work on my degree while Pip is at Daycare and on weekend, and paint for an hour each afternoon--not a lot of time, but surprising how much I can accomplish in 5h a week or so.
Pippi is so cute at day care. As soon as we walk in the door she panics and shouts "Help!" as she begins to struggle out of her back pack and coat--desperate to get all her gear off so she can run for the playroom and start playing. She waves happily to me as I leave. When I picked her up today, a 3 year old girl named Gabby shouted, "By Pippi! I'll miss you!"
Doing the side-superwoman hold on the Bosu ball really kills the abs! I admit it, I love when a workout actually hurts the next day--the good kind of hurt--aching muscles.
Tough afternoon...Dentist may have been hood-wanking me...over Mistaya having sealants put on her back teeth as a preventative measure. Tabs was a wee bit naughty. Pip fell asleep in the van and slept through supper. 
Class in the morning...I'm ready for a lie-in sometime soon.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy B, T!

My new vest from Orlando.
Just picked up Pippi and I am happy to say she loves her daycare. She didn't want to go home and asked me, "Mommy, we go tomorrow?"
Peter and I went to "Changeling" last night--very disturbing movie but basically well done. I like the Canadian cops. I recognized some of the actors as being Canadian. Also, I love 1920's fashions. The men look so suave.
Peter is in Vancouver today.
Making progress on my University work. Three hours fly by in the morning.
And a big Happy Birthday to my sister Theresa
She will forever be the long-legged, mother hen, trying desperately to lead her flock of wild little sisters in and out of trouble! Into trouble: Exhibit A. Encouraging a "skip school and ride down town on a bus" field trip to explore the cellar in an antique store for possible treasure.
Exhibit B. Running  around the neighborhood at night in our nighties, removing a neighborhood bully's bike from his yard and hiding it in the trees along the riverbank.
Exhibit C. Marching around the neighborhood in our new panties and undershirts because Theresa convinced us all they looked like the latest "hot pants" style outfits.
Exhibit D....I could go on and on about all the shenanigans we got up to but here is a final word on the "out of trouble" category:
Exhibit A. Slapping the face of a nasty little neighbor because she had hit me first.
Exhibit B. Helping us all pour out our diet pops, outside the Saturday matinee, at the movie theatre--after we'd been discovered trying to smuggle them in.
Exhibit C. Telling us that incredible ghost story she wrote, about the wax doll, in the dark.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembering My Papa

Secret agents Kiki and Tabi on some unknown mission. Yes, those are soccer shorts on their heads.
Just finished "Kung-Fu Panda." We had planned on a big family night out tonight but low and behold Peter and I felt like a cozy night in. We decided (or rather Peter did) on a movie/pizza/make your own sundae night in our bedroom with the entire family.
Right now all three girls are practicing kung-fu moves on the bunk bed. 
Seeing it is Remembrance day I must reflect on my grandfather Dr. Clifford Whitton Forsyth. Mistaya lay a special wreath at her school in honour of his role in WW II effort. So I shall share with my readers his greatness: He was a Flight lieutenant with the Royal Canadian Airforce. He was stationed in London England during the London Blitz. He was also a medical doctor so he cared for the injured in England. He served for four years in the war, from 1940-1944. He was aged 26 to 30 years old. At that time the community of Viceroy, Saskatchewan wrote the Canadian government to ask that he be discharged because they desperately needed a doctor in their community. 
Ran with two big bucks in the forest this morning. The deer are so used to me, they don't even walk away, they walk towards me.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pippi's First Day

Pippi this morning on her way to her first morning of daycare. I called it a play date, her sisters called it school--either way she was thrilled to go. She enjoyed her morning and said she played with a boy and a baby and play-doh. She wants to go back so all is well.
I worked and worked and felt as though I accomplished little.
Missed Tabs singing in the Remembrance Day choir this AM. It is so hard to make it to all my girls events.
Tabs played at Wynn's house after school.  Mist had ballet. Pip unusually "Mommy!" demanding today. Won't let anyone else help her.
So sad I cannot join Peter for three days in Vancouver at the Fairmount on Dec. 9-11th. Boo-hoo!!! We were going to fly down but I cannot find a babysitter for 3 nights and Mistaya has her first band concert on 2 of the nights.
Feeling weird. I need more action here in Kelowna. I am extremely busy but I need a little more thrills--good thrills. It's the change of seasons--kind of in between sports and sports usually thrill me somewhat. Tomorrow a holiday--we shall do something exciting for sure! Also Wednesday night date--dinner and movie is coming up. 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

No New Poop

Pip the coke pusher.
Anyway, a quick break from work. Finished all ten articles and feeling very thrilled that my blogging experience has become pivotal in the direction of my thesis. Reading many fascinating articles on the deep knowledge one gains in the blogsphere: social literacy, digital literacy, critical literacy not to mention, visual and verbal. Words like digitextual, hypertextual are all starting to mean something to me.
Peter finally got home Saturday morning. We were both so pooped from the past week. We so wanted to stay in bed all day and never get up! Alas, we did finally manage to extricate ourselves from under the douvet and face the world by noon.
Peter has taken the girls out for lunch--KFC--he's been aching to take them there all year. I always put the kibosh on it as I think it is junk! However, let them have fun and eat their cake once in awhile. So, they are off for KFC and then to Peter's office to play while Peter cleans up, apparently. 
I am relieved I read all the articles and more importantly am fascinated with one particular article on academic blogging as a new literacy.
Found two holes in our wall downstairs where those nasty mice gnawed their way into the furnace room and play room. I hope it is all in the past as we only caught one mouse and so far no new poop. The question is: can mice gnaw through gyp-rock(SP?)? Does anyone out there know the answer? Please say they can--I so don't want our uninvited guests to be rats! 

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Peter's Island

Pip and her Play-doh. 
Peter not home as of yet--he was stranded on the Island last night as it was too foggy for planes to take off and land. So he hopped on a ferry for Van but he got in too late for a flight. Although, he called early this AM to say he was on a morning flight home.
Quiet night for the girls and me. They played with their new dolls they purchased for themselves at Winners. Very cute barbie type dolls with soft bendable legs--each doll has her own horse and dog.
Little Pip is finally staying in her bed at night. And she likes to sing herself to sleep each night and wake up singing too. This AM  Misty heard her singing away to herself and decided to bring her into bed with her. But little Pip's singing was too loud and woke up the Tabs too.
By the time I got up, Pip had completed all her puzzles by herself on the living room floor--she is amazing at puzzles. She starts daycare Monday--oh boy, so new to me! Thank G she's just down the block!
So happy Obama got in like billions of other earthlings. Sometimes good things do happen in politics! 
Must work all day long. Reading articles that are rather boring. 
This week it is back to winter sports. We start skating Wednesday nights. I am sure I will feel like a new born filly trying to take her first steps again! 
Watched "Transsiberian" last night. A little slow but I love the whole idea of travelling across Russia on a train. 
Finally got back to meditating last night after a wee break in Florida. And being on Florida time, I crashed early all this past week. Baby steps--I have so much to organize and accomplish yet this year--painting, my author/artist web site!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baching it Babes in Toques

What better way to get motivated for the winter than to purchase a couple of new toques. I love hats!
Now down to business. I have 3 articles to read tonight. Yawn...I'm tired already.
The girls and I are baching it again. Peter is stranded over night in Vancouver at the airport Fairmount hotel. It was too foggy to fly to the island today and all flights home were booked. He will fly to Vancouver Island tomorrow morning and then home late tomorrow night.
My gals and I had a wonderful supper in front of the teli, tucked into my bed watching "Gilligan's Island" third season. We love that show! We just bought the DVD. And I spoiled us: curly fries and bean burritos. 
Found a great little home day care just down the street. Tabs found it actually, in the house across from her school bus stop. We checked it out and it is wonderful--clean, well organized, lots of fun thing to do. Only 4 kids max including the Pip. I will take her there 3 mornings a week. 
Tabs had piano tonight and tomorrow a short concert.
Pip and I have mom and tot school. And I have much work to do on my papers! 
Mistaya is loving lacrosse and finds she is quite good at it and wants to try out for the team. She loves French as well and has a 92% average.
Happy Birthday Catherine--I know you're reading this!
Silver loves to park his furry butt beside my computer and occasionally his little paw hits the caps lock button and well...I have to retype a bit.
Until later...Baching it in Kelowna.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Cocoa please...

More Cocoa Beach...so nice....
Back to reality. Mistaya says fall and winter are her favourite seasons. She said she does not want to spend next Christmas in Hawaii. She loves the cold weather, the snow, cozy times inside sipping pumpkin lattes and fun times outside playing in the snow or walking in the leaves. Is she my daughter? I used to romanticize about the fall and winter. Those warm pumpkin thoughts and Christmas sleigh bells in the snow sort of visions. But that was many many years ago. Living through just one prairie winter cured me of any of those false notions.However, for my darling girls, I am trying to recapture those warm fuzzy fall feelings. So far the closest link I can come up with is snowboarding every Friday night this winter at Big White--that seems kinda cool. Must try to conjure up some more good karmic fall and winter energy to guide me effortlessly through the seasons. 
So very stressed about the changes in my life. I had it all tickety-boo and then Pip stopped napping--cold turkey. And suddenly work is no more and I am trying to hire a Nanny PT and I am a mess in my head. A MESS I SAY! So tonight, a coffee date with Peter--we must discuss a lot of stuff. Disney World doesn't leave much adult time. I think we got together once in awhile at the "adult" table in the restaurants and realized what a shock it was to be sitting across from one another with perhaps a moment to connect.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Home Again Jigiddy-Jig

Me and my new Pippi Longstocking bag--designed and made for me by the talented designer Theresa Hart.
Home again.  A long plane ride. Pip checking behind to my seat as we landed to instruct me to, "Hang on Mom!" And I'd say, "I'm hanging on Pip!" and she'd say, "Me too Mom!"
And on our very last flight from Seattle she was tired and so she yelled at the top of her lungs as we sat on the tarmac, waiting to take off:"LET'S GO!" and ""I WANT TO GO HOME! GO!" She caused many passengers to laugh.
Arrived home to an amazing home that I did not recognize. Theresa had worked her magic and decorated my table in Ralph Lauren linens, a giant bouquet of flowers and her home made Swiss chard lasagna, Caesar salad, garlic toast and her amazing baklava for dessert! Wow! Quite a nice home coming. And to top things off she had steam cleaned all our bedroom carpets for us! I could  not believe it. So kind. 
My home seems to inspire greatness in its guests. Guests want to organize it and perfect it for me. I am very grateful.
Now the race is on to find child care--so stressful.
But I need to keep up my work as I got my second research paper back: 95%, A+ and the Prof wrote in brackets beside the mark--Top Mark. So, I am determined to keep up my average. Lots of pressure.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween at Downtown Disney

Waiting for the elevator before we're let loose on the unsuspecting Disney tourists. PJ was our photographer for the night as he didn't dress up--he was a Canadian Wierdo after all.
A little break at the World of Pooh Store. Mist and Kyran freaked out a lot of kids with their ghoulish stares.
A noisy but fun restaurant.
Trick or Treating in crowded Downtown Disney.
A fun time despite being exhausted from Magic kingdom earlier in the day.
I didn't take any pictures of us at Blizzard Beach but I can tell you that three out of four children say it was their favourite Disney park. Tons of cool  water slides and raft rides. Also a water obstacle course for kids. It was a really hot day luckily--a perfect day for being in the water. And Kyran, Peter and Mist all tried out one of the fast, steep runs. Tabi was very brave also and went down many a slide on a raft and tube. Even the Pip was able to join us on the family raft ride. (I was terrified though, that she'd be thrown from the raft on one the turns)!
The thing I love about Disney is my anthropological study of all the different families. Disney World is teaming with Europeans (Russians, Germans, Italians, French, Spanish),British ( I began to think I was in Disney London because of all the English accents everywhere), South Americans (Argentinians, Brazilians), Japanese. I found it a fascinating study of so many people from all over the world. And the Disney employees are also from around the globe on a year long exchange: Ghana, Norway, Russia, Canada, France etc.
All in all, an unforgettable week of fun, face paced action, Florida sunshine and cozy family times. Kyran was such an incredible big brother to the girls. And a real help to me keeping the troops in order when I was baching it at all the parks for the first half of the day.

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Magic Kingdom--Disney World

                                                 Kiki (Pip's name for Mistaya) and Kyran on Big Thunder Mountain Railway.                                 

                                                Outside Mickey Mouse's house.
                                           Inside Mini Mouse's house for tea.                 
                                              Kyran and Pip being silly and loving it.
                                                         Tabs the wild driver and her Daddy.
                                                  At the Haunted Mansion (one of my favourite rides)!
                                               On the Jungle cruise with our very own leopard.
                                                   Pip and I on the Carousel
                                                Our little Kitty-cat at Magic Kingdom.
                                               Girls spun themselves silly (Kyran and Pete were motion sick just from watching)!
                                             Pip enjoyed the Pooh ride (it was cute).
                                    Kiki and Tabs with Cinderella's wicked family (Pip was terrified of them!)
                                                    A fairy tale ball at the castle.
                                                               Donald and the Girls (Pip loved posing with all the creatures--cried if we passed a photo opt by).
                                                    Magic Kingdom!---we had an interesting nature experience here of all places--a white Egret caught, killed and ate a lizard (whole) in front of our eyes.