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Saturday, January 31, 2009

BIG White-Out/Black-Out

This is me, last night on the chair lift at Big White. A short time later, I had a wee accident that caused me to fall back fast and hard and bang my head. I was so out of it, even though my head was throbbing all over, I did one more run. On the last chair lift up though, I felt nauseous and emotionally flat--rather dazed and out of it. The accident was unavoidable someone else clipped me from behind and I went down hard. I didn't realize it at the time but I have a concussion. So we packed it in and headed back to the van. But the night was young...just as we finally exited the road to Big White, a white-out blizzard hit from out of no where. We couldn't see the road and the snow was coming at us like a swarm of locusts. So, in my weird concussion state, I was a mess, just praying we'd somehow manage to stay on that twisty, cliff lined highway and make it home to our girls in one piece.
We made it home, with the blizzard letting up at about Black Mountain.
Today I am a little off. I feel flat emotionally but also like crying all of the time for no reason. And my neck is very stiff from the fall. My head still aches somewhat.
Needless to say, after a night of rest, I think I may have to give up boarding. I can't hit my head that hard again. I have three little girls who need me. And that is the thing about boarding, you can't avoid falling back hard if someone clips you. Skiing is sooo much easier, much safer. Getting off lifts isn't ever an issue. I've fallen tons of times boarding, ended up black and blue, but this was the first concussion and I just don't like it much.
My darling girls--the three musketeers--are at "Hotel for Dogs" as I write this. Their first movie without a parent. They are so excited! Tabs had a birthday coupon and decided to treat her sisters. They are so adorable! Peter is picking them up from the theatre now.
So..it's onward to the Dalai Lama tonight. But I don't feel up to the highway driving alone. Not recovering from a concussion. I hope I can convince Peter to come along. I just don't feel like myself quite yet...weep....weep....

Friday, January 30, 2009

Big White & the Dalai Lama

Penelope, my little ground-hog, 2006
Crazy weekend coming up...
Last night took Tabs to piano, picked up exams to mark, took my girls out for supper--Greek. The two new Canadian women working at the restaurant were ever so sweet--recent immigrants from Asia (where about exactly, I am not sure--Korea, and Laos are my guesses).Then we went to the Orchard Park Mall which was quiet--I like a quiet mall at night, rather relaxing wondering through the quiet hallways with my girls. The mall has gone green--full of living flowers and plants and new technologies to reduce omissions (so they say on the pretty green and pink signs posted throughout). Bought Mist a camel Webkins for having her volcano tooth pulled that morning--no more bloody eruptions--that was the most bizarre tooth.
Today, -will mark the rest of the exams this morning & read for my class. Followed by a hike with Pip after I pick her up from daycare.
Then early afternoon PJ and I will head out to Big White to snowboard--night snow boarding--yee-ha!.
Saturday Mist and Tabs want to go to the matinee "Hotel For Dogs." Then I will drive out to Winfield to meet my friend Amanda for the premiere of the Dalai Lama movie--this should be great! I need a good dose of the Dalai.
Monday is Pip's 3rd Birthday--my little ground hog baby. I will pick up her sisters and we'll meet their dad for lunch somewhere because I will be out that evening and her big party will be later on in the week. Monday evening, I will meet two friends (Deb and Karen) from Uni at the Grand Hotel for Dinner and a conference on "Digital Literacies." The two friends and I are in a mini group and must present a talk together for the class later on. We will meet for coffee afterward to discuss our talk and hopefully come up with a plan! And don't worry, my new sleek Calvin Klein black dress will make its debut.
The next Friday I plan to have Pip's Birthday party--must start planning!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Girls are Great

A few more party pics.
Peter and I just returned from cocktails at Joey's. I had a stiff lemonaid and it made me cold so I jumped in the bath as soon as I got home.
Pip went to bed at 6:30 tonight. She was pooped. We tried out the preschool (for next year). We were both impressed. Pip danced and shook a rice container during music time--so cute! She hopped up and down excitedly. One little boy asked her how old she was and she said in the cutest, seriously questioning voice, "I don't know?" Even though she really does! I guess it was new student nerves. Anyway, it is just down the street. She will start two mornings a week in the fall. And I actually think that the teacher's husband may just be the nicest neighbor ever. I think he might be the guy who took my Christmas tree away and refused to accept any money. Her son, Drew, is in Mistaya's class and Mist says he is a really nice kid.
The little Tabs is determined that she will become a scientist who discovers the cure for cancer. She said to me the other day, "I'm tired of all the hub-bub about finding a cure for cancer. That's all everyone talks about but no one ever has. I'm going to do it! I hope no one beats me to it. It's a lot of years until I'm an adult"--that's my girl. I believe her. She is one determined girl. And hub-bub really were her true words. And in a similar vein, Mistaya is probably going to be put into grade eight math this term. She finds grade 7 math too easy and boring.
Peter is in Vancouver tomorrow. Tabs has piano and I want to start spin class Thursday evenings. It is at 5 though, not the best time. Also I have to take Mist to the dentist at 8:30 AM--he volcano tooth (the one that occasionally erupts blood from out of a hole in the top) chipped and digs into her gum.
Pip goes to daycare--but how to get her there for 9 when I will be down the mountain taking Mist to the dentist and then to school. Peter says he's leaving no later than 7:45 for work. Rukin-shmukin, sometimes is seems stupidly complicated and impossible. I was going to read for my class during the time Pip's at Linda's. Will call Linda in the AM.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pippi and her Pups

Went for a run in the cold wind and blowing snow with my Ipod--perked me right up.
Finished marking the exams!!! Yay! Spent 6 1/2 hours of straight marking in front of the fire place with a few big pots of tea. On the down side, I got an email saying 12 more exams have been found and need marking.
The only way I could even attempt to work so many hours today was because the Mist was home with a sore throat. And she was kind enough to amuse Pip for me. The dear sweet girl that my Mist is. By the way, Mist enjoyed her Basketball games last week and is learning new skills daily.
The Tabs is happy to be back at school. A big smile on her face all day today. She had ballet tonight and danced up a sweat--she said.
I bought Tabs and Mist each a new bath towel in an attempt to yet again Zen my home--giraffe print and a zebra print. Now they each use one towel (their new towel) all week and wash it with their clothes. Otherwise they went through 2-3 towels daily each! I could not keep up with the laundry! And with Peter and I both paying tuition this year, well, a maid is out of the question for now.
An update on darling wee Fernando the Great:
He is a climber! If he can't reach it or go under it, he starts to climb like a little mountain goat.
He's started to do the "Go Weldy Go!" routeen by getting jazzed up and running around the room in fast circles before he hops into my lap. I love to kiss his little bald spot under his chin.
And how about Silver the cat? He has started sneaking down to the basement early evening to ensure he is shut in the family room for the night with Fernando. We have Fernando's kennel down by the fireplace and we shut him in each night so he doesn't cry upstairs every time he hears us at night. So low and behold, little Silver has decided he must sleep down there as well...a little white furry nut!
Pip and I will do a tour of a new preschool for next year tomorrow morning. I so want to spend more time with my Pippi and can hardly wait to finish my work for good. Then it's me and Pip again, hanging together.
Gym tomorrow morning and meditation in a moment. I am so excited to finally have the time and energy to stay up n the evening to meditate again. I love it. It is like taking myself on a little vacation each night before bed.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fuzzy-Buzzy Rules Paris

This is how I feel today.
Maybe it is the lack of sunlight the Okanagan Valley experiences every winter.
Maybe I am just tired of work.
Maybe it's because I posted and then quickly deleted a post (on WebCT) that would have made me #1 enemy of my current Prof.
Maybe I just want to have fun.
Maybe I have fantasies about being Fuzzy-Buzzy about now. That girl rules Paris.
Maybe the news that even boarding is crappy right now--hard packed ice conditions.
Maybe it's knowing my neighbors have been out skiing 6 times already this season.
Maybe I just don't want to mark 80 papers.
Maybe that Horse Birthday cake was just too damn beautiful. Maybe it was just too damn tasty too.
I don't know. I just wanna get out of here and head to somewhere exotic. Somewhere that challenges all of me in new ways.
I am busy here and now in every way. But I just want to run and fast...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Scandia or Bust

Busy Weekend.
Back from Tabitha's Birthday party at Scandia (a fun centre for kids).
Class all day Saturday for me.
Stopped by my bosses home to pick up a stack of papers to mark today.
Did I mention I am fried?
Let me recap: Yesterday:
- Up at 7 for power hike in snow with Peter.
-In class by 9:00
- a 20 min lunch of a few cashews, a small yogurt, an orange and lots of tea!
-Meet Peter and kids in Pete's office at 3:30,
-fetch van from parking lot.
-Drive family to Super Store.
-Tabs and I shop for treat bags and supper food. Crowded store! Stand in line forever!
-Home at 5:00.
-look after my darling Pup Fernando who missed me all day.
-immediately start making supper.
-6:00 gather children to table for their supper.
-flashes of neon light interrupt my vision. I can't shake the flashing lights. So I lie down for ten minutes until they subside.
-decide to take it easy for the rest of the evening.
Today--my neck (along to spine) in very sore! I damaged it last week lifting weights and running on ice without wearing a sports bra. (This sounds silly, but seriously, I forgot to put on my sports bra , so I spent the run awkwardly trying to avoid bouncing!)
The flashing lights freaked me for life. But it was a wake up call. I need more down time & I HAVE to refuse to lift certain weights that I know make my upper back reinjured.
Any way, all my girls had a WOW! time at Tabs party. And Peter and I are so happy that our girls are happy. Pip was in there with the big girls every step of the way.
I really need more down time. I want to weep from pure mental exhaustion. But not until I finish marking 80 papers. Then I am saying "no more" to any future jobs until I am graduated with a PhD.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Parties and Puddy Tats

Peter, Fernando and I on Peter's Birthday

Me and my puddy-tat--Silver

Tonight so unusual...I am alone. Home alone. Odd, yes. Peter has taken his 3 daughters to a UBC Basketball game. I have rented myself a movie "Ghost Town." I am going to enjoy these rare peaceful moments to myself and my pets. Though, I admit, I am so happy in my life right now. I marvel at the incredible joy I receive everyday, being with my girls--I do love hanging with my girls and my dog!
I invigilated an exam today. Some more marking to do and soon I will be finished my job. Finally I will be able to put all my energies into my class and my writing again. Also, I am newly inspired to paint. Something that has always interested me, yet I haven't done. Won't spill the focus until I'm elbow deep in paint!
Tabs went to day care with the PIp as her cough was too nasty to skate with her class today. They both enjoyed the change. Linda is so wonderful! She helps me out on a moment's notice and the kids love being at her place.
Class all day tomorrow. Mist has an evening Bday party to attend at ENERGY-PLEX tomorrow night. And then Sunday is Tabs big party at Scandia.
Gotta go enjoy my solo evening.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tabitha's Painted Cookies

Tea for Two
Tabitha mixed four separate batches of dough with food colouring paste
After forming the four colours into a rope, she rolled them flatShe cut out some favorite shapes

Time for Tea & Cookies with Pip


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why I Love EBay & Why I Really Shoudn't

When I was a little girl, I fell in love with a beautiful doll named Crissy. On my 3rd Christmas, Santa gave her to me. I played with her and played with her for many years. She was my all time favorite doll.

Eventually she ended up looking like this: a well loved doll. She was still beautiful to me.

My sister, Catherine got her friend "Velvet" one year for her birthday. Crissy and Velvet were best friends and had many exciting adventures over the years. Eventually my sister's doll, Velvet, ended up a few fingers short amongst other injuries.

When I was a teenager, my family surprised me with a brand new Crissy doll--found when a business was closing amongst old hidden stock in the store room. No one played with my NEW Crissy...Well, she was just too beautiful!

And then there was Ebay...all thanks to my darling daughters. A cherished Barbie's arm broke off. In my day, that was that, you played with a one armed Barbie. And, because Barbie's friends were always politically correct, no one ever mentioned it again. But fast forward to today. A broken Barbie will not due, never mind that it is a discontinued Barbie...EBay to the rescue! Within a week a brand new Barbie to replace the old one. And that's where I come in. Good old Mom...helping the girls track down just the right Barbie on Ebay... I just happened to type in "1970's +Dolls" and BAM! This is what I found...

A Crissy and Friends Fashion Tote circa 1970. It brings back my childhood--pink and yellow--those glorious colours always together! Now my Beautiful Crissy can visit her dear friend Velvet (I found one in mint condition at a garage sale about 20 years ago!) in her cool compartment.

And even more exciting, the New Beautiful Crissy can visit the Old Beautiful Crissy in her new compartment too! There is room for two dolls in this snazzy fashion tote--how groovy can a Fashion Tote get?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Plum Tuckered Out

Tabs still home in recovery, although she has a wicked cough.
Mist went dancing last night.
Pip enjoyed preschool--no surprise there.
Peter officially defends his thesis on Fed 25th in Vancouver. He doesn't want me along for the night...booo-hoo. I'll go to Van another time. As soon as I can come up with a free weekend when the highways are not closed or the planes are flying. It has been a crazy month of avalanches, mudslides, fog and snow.
Jogged this morning and no sore tummy.
Went to "Yes Man" last night with Mist. It was OK. Could have been better, they didn't utilize all of Jim Carrie's comic talents enough.
Tabs wants to enter the Kiwanis music festival this year--piano. She loves a good competition. It is one sure fire way to keep her interested in music. She wants to play baseball in the spring and Mist is still adamant about fencing. The club was a no-go this year but I shall try again this fall for her.
Will take the gals skating again tomorrow night--it is a fun thing to do in the winter.
Friday I have to be on campus to work for a few hours.
I have a class this weekend and Tabs Bday party--must shop for treat bags tomorrow. \Excited about attending a Dalai Lama movie premiere out In Winfield at the end of the month. Thank G my friend Amanda told me about it. I had no idea! But now I am so excited.
Also, another friend's invited me to attend a literacy conference at the Grand Hotel. Must research that one. Sounds interesting though.
Took my little gals to the mall this AM. I bought a book "Outliers"--read "Blink" and enjoyed it--Forever learning tips about navigating life. Bought us lunch at the food court and bought Tabs an outfit from "The Children's Place"--cozy sweats and a T-shirt in blue. And bought Pip some cozy footed PJ's and a really sweet sweater (MAJOR sale!).
STILL waiting for Ebay to ship my camera recharger--so new pics aren't forth coming yet.
Oh, and did I mention I have a case of the sleeps? You know, each afternoon feeling like I need a nap and HOW!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday Night Skate

Sunday evening coming down...
Another weird Buddhist experience. Every time I explore the Buddhist community, I am faced with oddities. I keep myself open, learn something from each experience...but I am no where near finding a Buddhist community in this city. It reminds me of when I first moved to Kelowna and tried to find a play group for my preschoolers. I attended so many weird play groups, trying to find a decent one, but to no avail. I finally started my own in the neighborhood "Magic Moms." It was quite a hit and lasted as a playgroup in the community for 5 years.
Went skating with Mist and Pip last night. The video will attest to that. Tabs still has a fever and seems to have a nasty sinus infection.
Did not enjoy "Brideshead Revisited" as I have read the book and watched the BBC series years ago. Sebastian is just sooo not magnetic or attractive in the 2008 movie. One sees Charles as simply a gigolo/money hungry weirdo. Sebastian needed to be charismatic, charming and fatally flawed--not just fatally flawed.
Expecting Joop for the night, a pit stop on his way to Toronto.
Fernando crying at my feet. He loves to be on my knee.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fever Friday!

Another bust: Mist and TAbs home sick. I guess my stomach pain was more virus than running on toast. Must pick up Pip right now!
Did readings this AM as skating with Tabs class cancelled. The little doll went to school this AM but called before class even started. She has another high fever with this one. PJ and I may not get to Big White this evening. It's a long way out of town to leave sick kids alone. We shall see...Peter has...let me see, I think he emailed me with about 6 flights to Vancouver in the next month. He spends way too much time in airports.
Wish I had more to report but my children's health dictates what will go down today and this weekend. So far it looks bleak in the fun department. On a good note, the gym this AM was good and my Pippity Pop is feeling great!--that's what parenthood is all about: doctoring.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


My neighborhood has been trapped in a thick fog for two days. It is like living on a cloud. I don't like it. All I ever see is white mist everywhere! Get me out of this cloud and quick! Pip says, "I can't see much Mom."
I arrived home to an empty living room and kitchen area. Where was my darling little Doe-Doe? I started to get a little worried. He is shut off from the rest of the house by child gates. I heard a little rustling sound and this is where I found him: inside Mistaya's doll clothes bag. As cozy as could be.
OK, so the morning was bust. Dropped off Pip at Day care, and proceeded to go for my run. I was late running, as Mist had Basketball practice early this morning and I had no one to watch Pip while I ran...Anyway, my run was challenging, a lot of hills, running through snow trailing in the forest, but still nothing new. By the time I staggered home, my stomach was a tight ball of pain. It hurt sooo much.I wanted to throw up but it hurt too much to try. I tried calling my Mom and Peter for support but felt too ill to talk. I laid down on my bed to try and cope and bang! I passed out asleep for an hour! I awoke in much less pain. And it was time to pick up the PIP. I was supposed to go to UBC to pickup work but Peter said he's bring it home for me. Thank-goodness as my tummy still hurts too much to do anything. I will take it easy until I have to drive Tabs to Piano.
My girls are all well and happy. They have taken to sleeping together in Pip's room again. They've dragged in mattresses and camp out in there like the three musketeers. Mist and Tabs do tend to clash heads a bit over who gets to sleep closest to Pip. Pip loves being so popular.
Went to "Doubt" last night with Peter. A GREAT movie. Great acting. I LOVE Meryl Streep--she was brilliant yet again. And Phillip Seymour Hoffman was brilliant in his roll as the priest as well.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wobbly Legs

Fernando refusing to pose with the pug figurines.

A morning of work. ARG! Reading and reading other people's stuff.
So Pip and I will stay home this AM while I work and she plays with Fernando and her toys. Tabs party has been moved to next weekend. She made the invitations herself. She is such an independent spirit! Mist joined the social justice club at school. She's off to a conference next month--lunch included. Quite the global girl, my Mist.
Gym this Am was good. Will try to skate tonight as I will accompany Tabs class to the rink on Friday and I don't want to be old wobbly legs out there. Friday night will be Peter and my first attempt at night snowboarding this year.
This week it's Russian--everyone I over hear talking out in public in Kelowna, is Russian. The other week everyone was Spanish. That's what I love about Kelowna--people from all around the globe.
PS scroll down, I finally have "The Ketchup Kid" up and running!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Ketchup Kid

Thanks KW and PJ! Please watch the youtube video below:

Must leave in 5 minutes to take Fernando to the vets for his first vaccs. Pip will help. She is so good with him, adores him--like a little mother. If he cries when she leaves to do something (like wash her hands in the bathroom) she talks him through it, with kind phrases like: "It all right Doe-Doe. It OK. I right here Doe-Doe. I be right back Doe-Doe."
Worked all weekend. And it was not Zen. I have decided that next month and until I am finished my degrees, I will not take on extra work. My family, school, and my personal work projects (writing/painting) take up all my time.
Nothing too exciting to report as my weekend was too busy. Went to gym this AM. Pip at daycare this AM, I worked on school this AM....Mist had dance after school. Tabs party this weekend and I will attend my first meeting with the new Buddhist group on Sunday.
Did manage a hike around the back of the mountain yesterday with Peter, The snow was so deep that the flat foot path was gone. The snow was a smooth incline from the top of the mountain to the bottom. Needless to say, It was a little scary maneuvering over some of the trail--afraid I'd slide right down the mountain. Good for the brain, though. A little fear...a little balance challenge--goes a long way.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hot Date

Mommy & Tabi taken last night as Peter and I were about to leave on a hot date. Yes, so hot...we ended up at Joey's. It was nice to get out together.
 A long day at class--Curriculum Studies. I like the Prof, he has a calm manner about him. Class conversation comes easily. Plus I love to think--he has us really think about things. A lot of philosophy. 
My girls are shouting for me from the tub. All three are having a bath together. It was originally just the Tabs and the Mist and a lot of barbies. But I found a nearly nude Pippi, pounding on the door, trying to remove her pants, yelling, "Tabi! Kiki! It's Me...Pippi! I have bath too?" How could anyone resist that little darling angel pants? Certainly not her mama...I unlocked the door and convinced her sisters to squeeze her in somewhere.
My only complaint for the day is that none of the family chores were done in my absence. Does that mean I will do them all for the family tomorrow? NO WAY! I shall take my work to Starbucks and work on my Mac, sipping a decaff Americano until the house miraculously cleans itself in my absence.
Misty has Fernando running obstacle courses already. He's really good at it. She wants to take him to agility training when he is older. Bought Silver a new pet bed. He sleeps on the IBM laptop 24/7. He often triggers the voice recognition key and some male computer voice booms throughout the house.
Am planning to have a giant ABBA party in early march to celebrate Peter's PhD. So, you've been invited and warned. Plan to squeeze yourselves into some tight unitard and make your way to Kelowna in time for the shindig. 

Friday, January 9, 2009


 Check out Tabi on youtube:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ7TBvi_Tkg

Worked this AM on Campus while Pip attended daycare. Had to cancel Fernando's vaccs. Will take him on Monday. So much work to do. Class all day tomorrow and then about 200 papers to go through for Monday. Not to mention I have to read a couple of chapters of my new text tonight. Yippee... Oh, but I just remembered a real YIPPEE! I FINALLY saw a coyote this morning. She was big and gorgeous, hunting in a field, watching and listening under the snow, obviously tracking some tunneling creature. I never see BC coyotes. I used to see so many in Saskatchewan. 
Carl--who works with my sister Theresa, is adopting Fernando's sister today. He's naming her Ava. It will be great to get the pugs together when I visit Nelson.
Will take Mist to the Salon after school. She wants her hair cut off to her shoulders...I'm not so sure. I am a long hair junkie. Then the gals and I will shop for Fernando at the pet store. I.E. that adorable mini quilted blue bomber, trimmed in blue fake fur with "Prince" embroidered on the back LOL! Trust me, I feel like it. He would be adorable!!! Yet, sigh...probably just a few chew toys, a pee-pee mat and a cat bed for Silver. 
Oh, just thought of something...perhaps supper at the pub tonight, I do love sitting by the fire with a glass of wine.
I want to go out tonight, either for supper or to a movie.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mind Slush

A weird day. My brain feels asleep. Picked up Pip from daycare. She had a great time with two new little girls visiting. When I arrived she was enjoying an enthusiastic game of "ring around the rosy." 
I am so tired! I am drinking a diet Pepsi right now to try to wake myself up. 
Ran around all day yesterday. Tabs and I went to the salon while Pip waited patiently for us to have our hair trimmed. Then we attempted to pick up Mist from a friend's new house. In the dark it was hard to find her friend's address. Finally home at about 7 PM. Peter had prepared BBQ and salad.
Tabs piano tonight. I must pick up a new camera battery recharger. Mine disappeared and it is putting a damper on my blogging.  Making Pip lunch right now and then we will head out on a hike through the deep slushy snow.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fernando & Pippi

Yet another youtube adventure:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOKTPcrha20

Sooooo much snow yesterday, driving to campus was horrid, nearly white-out conditions. But today +9 oC--rivers and streams! Good thing we're on a mountain top, no flooding for us. Missed the girls dance and basketball practice last night--roads baaad. 
Feeling healthy again. Went back to gym this AM. 
Fernando still likes to yelp at night.
Must prepare for Tabs party next week. 
I want an adult party this winter too. So much to do. I feel like I didn't accomplish my winter goals in Nov & Dec, so I must make up for them in Jan & Feb. It is difficult to imagine accomplishing them though, with parties to plan, Uni and work. How will I find the time to snowboard this year? 
I can't even attend the Buddhist thing in Van--boo-hoo--I have a class on the Saturday. 
Peter thinks he will defend his PhD in Feb. Gosh, gee-wizz, I don't even have a supervisor yet!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Silver's Squirrel Cut

Here's my attempt at YouTube. Yes, I know, Amateur is my middle name when it comes to video production! But watch out...I'm working on it...

Monday, January 5, 2009

A new Year 2009

Disney World:
Kyran, Mist, Me and some strangers. A taste of the thrills ahead in the New Year.
Don't worry KW, you'll get your copies!
Now, as for little Fernando: chubby, adorable and kissable. He is the cutest little guy. A little black ball of flat-faced love.
I am getting back to the real world of work meetings. I am tired still. No workouts until probably tomorrow or Wednesday. 
Pip started Daycare again, very happily. The girls started back to school, happily too. Peter is helping me with some technical web stuff for my work. Thank the lord I have a tech wizard living with me. Uni these days requires top notch tech skills.
So what are my New Year's goals? Pretty much the same as last year's: More sports, more Buddhist community, publishing my novels, continuing to paint, more family travel, start my thesis project, keep home running like a Zen ship, continue reading about all my favorite topics (several come to mind--origin of the universe, origin of humans, origin of consciousness, the human brain, Buddhism etc.etc.) And most importantly to have fun with my family. To me fashion and dancing are fun, so I must keep those up!
Fernando just darted by in hot pursuit of Silver's new lion tassel tail.
Want to attend a Tibetan Buddhist meditation/ yoga workshop at The Dalai Lama Centre in Van at the end of Jan. I would love to. Shall have to see how busy I am with classes, family etc.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Tabitha!

Me and my new born baby Tabitha--January 2000.
Tabs big birthday is in a few weeks. Today she celebrated her true birthday with her family. Peter made them waffles for breakfast and then took the two oldest girls swimming. We had take out pizza for supper and soon Peter is taking Mist and Tabs out on the town again: Cosmic bowling. 
Fernando is exhausting. He is a lover, always wanting to be held and cuddled. But cries all night long in his kennel! He is way too tiny to sleep with anyone, he'd be squashed or break something falling out of bed. He eats a lot. Maybe I should limit him a bit because he's got bad gas tonight. He is asleep at my feet as I type this.
I managed to get out into the world yesterday to shop for Peter's birthday. Mist looked after Pip and Tabs was at a friend's birthday party. So, alone I wondered the shops and stopped for an iced tea at Starbucks. It felt so good to be up and about again after such a long convalescence. And for some unusual reason, everyone I overheard was speaking Spanish! I take it as some sign of something. My new boss is Cuban so perhaps it all means something. However, I over did it--being out and about, feeling like Holly Golightly in my black coat, boots and sunglasses ensemble--by evening felt like I was near death and had to collapse into bed with barely enough energy to whisper my delegations: Pip was Peter's for the night and Fernando Misty's.
Pip and I are recovering slowly. Pip's tummy still hurts and I am still recovering from bronchitis. I am basically very tired all of the time. We obviously have had influenza: fevers, upper and lower respiratory and gastro intestinal. The works. I know it is the flu because of how long it has taken us to recover our energy levels. Tabs was lucky she just had a temp near 40 oC for a few days and blew it right out of her system. Pip and I not so lucky. And as any mother knows, it is the nights up with several sick children that wears one out and then the mom comes down with it. Not to mention Fernando keeping us all up.
Anyway, all in all a blur of a holiday season and I am not sad to start the New Year fresh. Although I figure another week to recover would be nice. But no luck. I have a meeting on Monday about my new job and then classes start next week.
Found a new Buddhist group. True Tibetan Buddhism, my favorite. A small group but related to the much larger centre in Nelson. Only glitch is I can't go to tomorrow's meeting as no one would want me there coughing etc.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Peter James!

The video is of Fernando. 
My camera battery died and Peter took the charger to work....so....I could not download the fab pictures of Peter's ripsnorter birthday party tonight! However, Peter, the party is just beginning--gotta go!