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Friday, November 30, 2007

Achy Breaky Heart

First to KW: I might take you up on the hair offer--we smart blondes need to stick together! Now, the photo was taken by Mistaya of her Mama, just before the staff party at UBC. Which, by the way, I must brag that I ROCKED at Karaoke--I did one mean "Achy Breaky Heart," and many other numbers. I got alot of compliments on my voice. It was fun, I could have sang all night. PJ was told he was "King of the Road" by a colleague, now I understand why, the Senate votes for UBC came in, and of Peter received the most votes by all the faculty, to be on Senate--The King of The Road is getting an even bigger head.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Jogged through deep snow this am--1 step forward, two steps back. It was good for me though, made me really enjoy the snow, like a kid. I needed the challenge--the way my mind is, I should climb Everest to set my self straight. Saw "Into the Wild." V Good. It took me back to my youth in the Yukon--he was roughly the same age and in Alaska at the the same time as I was in the Yukon. Made me long for the wild and crazy times of no responsibilities: hitch hiking to Inuvik with truckers, nearly drowning in the flooding Yukon River--oh the joys of freedom! Ready to shave my head as I have had nothing but disappointment with every hair dresser.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dance Party

Took the big girls and Melanie to the Lu Lu Lemon dance party. It was fun. Mission Dance troupe danced 4 numbers that were very good. The treats and take home bags were awesome. Went to "Dave in Real Life"--so funny I hadn't laughed that hard at a movie since "About a Boy" Will attend IWEN show tomorrow night all about the girls in Nepal. Tuesday is a dinosaur/bird talk at the Rotary Art centre, then Wed my movie club and then Thursday Christmas college of ED party at a golf club. My nights are booked for awhile. Want to get another Narcissist dress but alas I will have to wait.Got the girls and I new tobogganing equipment and hockey helmets--all ready for the season! My helmet is white--so not cool.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pony Chase

So...my running and weights have been rudely interupted by variuos viruses lurking amongst my family. Managing hikes but that is about it. Tomorrow I plan to be 100% Reading "Happiness" by Matthieu Ricard--very good. Will start on the three remaining illustrations today. Then I send to Raincoast and Orka. Pip is hitting the "terrible twos" That is one determined little girl.Had a dream I had to chase a pony and it's foal and capture them, putting them back on a train they'd escaped from. What does that one mean?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Treasure Hunting

The past two weekends have been party central. I am pooped. However, both parties were raging successes. Last night I scared the kids silly taking them up the back of the mountain in the dark--my tales of Shakelton's treasure went well. They all seemed to love the adventure--Pete had hidden the chest at the top prior to us reaching the summit. The cake was so cute--igloo, ocean, penguin and Puffles. Mom came for one night to help with cake--was great.And the weekend before, I rocked at Eighties trivia. So now, I'll take a wee break from Party central and concentrate on getting me started on my MED-PHD. Also I have to work on getting my novels out. So I shall be extreemly busy for awhile. Pip thinks she's a big girl and insists on following her sisters absolutely everywhere. Mist was a great success leading her Dad's class at UBCO(introducing them to Club Penguin). And I square danced with TAbs class on Friday--she made a great partner.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I appologize to my faithful subjects who have been left hanging on this important month of Blogging.But, I have caught a horrid cold and have been dragging myself around trying to do everything and feeling yuck.Big party this weekend to prepare for--a penguin theme. I'm taking the kids up the back of the mountain in the dark, telling them a tale of piracy amongst Shakelton's voyage and how his treasure was stollen (Puffles from club Penguin) and hidden on the mountain. I feel honoured that I recieved the only ten puffles out there in the world. Even Club Penguin had none--they shipped me a special bag straight from production in Seattle for the birthday. My new (live each day as my first and last) attitude is paying off. And Theresa-Happy Birthday(yesterday). I know that you were Bad, Very BAD!

Friday, November 9, 2007


Up early for gym--caught in the cross howl of coyotes, calling each other from the mountain behind and in front of me--cool.Party tonight-all systems go.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Be Bad, Be Very Bad...

Went on a run through the forest this morning--sunrising,calm--beautiful.Wrote an entire new chapter for Pizzaface on the run--will beef up the novel the needed words.
Happy 40th Birthday Catherine! Remember:Be Bad, Be Very Bad...

Saturday, November 3, 2007


I'm having a party! Next Friday night. I'm inviting 18 people total. Yep--gotta start planning. Rained this am--better than snow. Going to rendition tonight. Bought the sexiest-coolest jeans ever. I love having a great pair of jeans that are sooo comfy. Gals hanging out this weekend relaxing. Went for supper at Earls--baby Pip choked on a peice of chicken finger--it came flying out of her mouth like in the movies--scary. May post pone Van for anouther time. Nov is really busy. The next weekend it's Mistaya's B day--sleepover for ten??? Can hardly wait for snow in the mountains to start my new snowboarding career. Hope Queen is ready to send this weekend. Later...

Thursday, November 1, 2007


So tired tonight. A busy week. Wrecked my knee so I have to take a break from running for awhile. A couple of weirdo's at the top of the mountain this morning. Peeing freely in front of me. Wanted to turn around and head back down the way I'd come.Writing, writing. I hope Queen is getting better. Pizzaface is pretty damn good I must say so myself. Might take the kids to Vancouver next weekend. Stay at the Hotel Vancouver. See the Georgia O'keef exhibit relax as best as I can with the three gals. Pete will stay home to work on his PHD. A cougar was spotted on campus. I hope it finds it's way back into the wild.