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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dr. Pippi

Wow...Dad must be an astronaut. His head is just full of space!
Not bad...for a guy of his advanced age.

Just a quick incision from my skilled hands and that sliver is history.

Let's see...making a most nutritious supper while PIP shouts at me, "MOMMY, play catch!"Mist and Pip just got back from the neighborhood park. Tabs is at a play date with Wynn, and then they are both off to ballet together. I will pick up Tabs and take her to our movie night out.
Now Pip is saying, "Mommy BAD girl!" because I am not playing catch this instant.
Homework is quite exhausting--the readings. But I am excited about all the research I could potentially do. 
A gorgeous day today and the Pip and I had a picnic lunch in the sun and harvested a giant bowl of our backyard lavender. Two things flourish in my yard: roses and lavender. The conditions are perfect to create unbelievable plants. Gotta go and "play catch!"

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pippi Longstockings

Pippi in her new stockings. And Mom--I love that jumper you made Mistaya. Pip is wearing it in these photos and if you fancy making another one in retro fabric--I'm in!
Pip and I have just returned from craft/story time at Chapters and she made an adorable little lamb and I had my Starbucks hit. 
Today I must work on my assignments and readings. Then, dentist for Tabi and dance for Misty.
Tomorrow after Tabs dance, she and I are attending "Mama Mia" for a mom and daughter night out. I like to do the odd special thing one on one with my girls. 
Great gym workout this AM. I am pressing 180 lbs on the leg press now. 
Feeling a little ripped that all my family biking dreams did not amount to much this summer. How ever, as soon as spring hits, it's bike rack, tot seat and new bike for PJ and we are hitting the trails. No more letting Mr. PJA suggest otherwise.
Starting to reserve Sunday as family day--no playdates allowed and no Sat. night sleepovers. They have to do all sleepovers on Friday. I find our family becomes fragmented if I don't demand an exclusive family day.
Taught Mist and Tabs to do their own laundry. They are very capable little girls.
Helped Mist carry her 40 lb, giant, black, bass clarinet case to the bus stop as she also had a full back pack and a regular clarinet case to hobble over. Although, it was just "not cool" that Pip and I be seen walking her to the bus stop so we had to depart early and leave her stumbling the rest of the journey on her own.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Salmon Run

The girls were out yesterday with their dad at Mission Creek salmon run. And I was at Uni class. An enjoyable hot and sunny day with a variety of profs talking about their research--some I found very interesting and others...well, a little flaky. Meeting several interesting fellow students and a few oddities that are tres rude. But the majority very polite and nice. Excited as my dream research project just might be feasible--Okanagan first nations teen girls blogging "my story" and sharing their blogs with aboriginal Australian girls and me studying the effects on their self esteem and 3 literacies.
Very tired last night and I did not enjoy the movie "Deception" and turned it off half way. Will go on my big hike with PJ late today as no babysitter this early AM. Mist was at a sleepover at Nicole's and now Tabs is at Makaila's. Pip is napping. Pip was so cute in the van--I was blowing into my pop bottle making music and Pip piped up from her car seat "My turn Mom!" so I handed her back the bottle and she blew away. We switched off the bottle like that the entire ride. She felt she was making music too.
Need many new outfits for the Pip as all last winter's clothes are too small.
Finding school taking time out of my great outdoors schedule. It is so beautiful out there and I have yet to hike or bike this weekend. Was going to go to a talk tonight at the theatre about  3rd world education but quite frankly, I just want to be outside enjoying the fresh air. Oh boy--PJ rehashing our bills this month. Not a good thing. As I stated before, we've never blown through more cash in our lives and we didn't even go anywhere! All the clubs, sports, music--it does add up. Oh, and I guess we did purchase 6 airplane tickets to Florida and bought a new computer and printer.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Melissa Christina Barcelona

A quick blog while Pip eats her little lunch. Returned from Tot school. I will switch to early AM class so I can still do hot lunches for Tabi's class on Fridays. There are 2 little girls in the Early class and 3 boys in the later class, so perhaps Pip will enjoy the like gender children? Dropped off "Toonies for Terri" with Tabs teacher--it is the school Terri Fox run today. Mr. Recsky is such a great guy. I really like him as Tabs teacher. 
Enjoyed "Vicki Christina Barcelona." I want to go to Barcelona. And wouldn't you know it--Peter may have to go check out this University in Spain. I'll be there, bags packed!
Dentist said I have "beautiful, perfect teeth." Have to brag about that one.  And the hygienist was the best I've ever had. My teeth are their whitest--this says a lot as I am a tea junkie and my teeth pay for it in tea stains. 
Tabs attends "piano studio" class today with all the piano students. And I think Mist's Bass Clarinet may finally be in at the music store--must stop by later today. Am taking Mist shopping after school for a few more clothes. I actually enjoy shopping for clothes with my girls.
Yesterday was Tabs piano, I took Pip and Mist to a park and then we all went to the Marmalade Cat for coffee and chocolate mice. Then PJ and Tab played parents against kids in soccer. I didn't play as my lungs were congested--but they are a lot better since I closed all the windows in the house. I realized it was the fall dampness and rotting leaves.
Went for a beautiful evening walk in the dark with all my girls.

My new meal plan is going wonderfully. Healthy easy meals all week long. Thanks to expert advice from T and a new rice cooker--only organic brown mind you.
Tonight Tennis and then might rent a movie. Tomorrow back at the grind at UBC.
Jealous that I am missing out on a crazy night in Toronto with some of my sisters and Mom, who are dining at a cool gastronomical restaurant and staying at some Victorian Mansion hotel.
*This just in: no more Coquihalla tolls! Government just axed the fees.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ma Famille

                                                                       Kelowna in September...Tabs just arrived home with a friend--Chase. And the repair guy just left $275 dollars richer. Our garage door opener was broken. Yikes, I don't think we've ever blown through more money than in this past month. And just think, next month it's Florida. Oh
well, life is expensive. Date tonight--looking forward to an evening down town in the hot and happening metropolis that is Kelowna.
All my new weights for my legs are causing them to grow! My thigh muscles are expanding. Is this a good thing? Should I tone down the leg weights or put up with snug thighs in my jeans? And yes it is muscle--I never put fat on my legs, just my torso. Found out Mist's drama coach is in my gym classes. I thought it might be her, but people look so different with their hair pulled back and no makeup on. 

Must e-mail an assignment in by tonight. Decided to do all reading, assignments first and then the rest of the week paint. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

After the Bath...PARTY!

After the bath dance party--it has to be ABBA.
Whirlwind week it seems. Finally bought Mist her Ballet shoes--she is very certain about what style, shade she will wear. She tries out for the play after school today. Her Bass Clarinet is going to be huge! It sits on the floor and reaches way up nearly past her face! 
Bought Tabs a math book to work on in her spare time--she loves doing math as a hobby. Tabs has dance tonight. I will miss her big final jamboree soccer tournament on Saturday so I promised a Mom and Tabs movie out to make up for it. She wants to see "Momma Mia" again.
Pip is talking more and more and blows me away with the sentences she comes up with. She is very artistic--created a painting last night and titled it "monsters." 
Doing homework--learning how to formulate good research questions. I thought it was easier than it is.
Weather taking a plunge into fall--still sunny and bright but not quite as hot out there. 
Have a date Wednesday--Peter and I are going out for supper and a movie. Weekends are too busy to have fun so we must find time during the week.
Feeling a wee bit anxious this week but I am hoping  that good regular meditation doses will cure that--although I was too knackered last night and I fell into bed without meditating. It was funny though, Tabi is so used to falling asleep to my meditation music (that's when I usually meditate, when the kids are finally in bed) that she insisted I turn it on anyway so she could get to sleep. So I actually fell asleep to the sounds of waterfalls and tropical birds too. 
Peter made it on the senate committee he wanted to and was voted chair--he is tres happy.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Queendom Blues

My first blog from my new Mac lap top. Takes a while to get used to it. We have a new printer too. It's awesome--does it all. 
First day of classes was exhausting--I'm so not used to so many hours with so many people and no down time. I need to be alone once in awhile to breath in again an recoup from all the socialization. It all takes practice I suppose. I am so used to my dad's way of socializing: being in full-out party mode for a few hours and then needing to retreat for awhile alone to rest. I will have to develop new skills that involve being the quiet Buddha girl in the back during class and reserving Party girl for....parties. And the Prof--Carol--mentioned to the class how we once sang karaoke together at a party--Achey Breaky Heart--for the benefit of the class. I felt a little bit shy and uncomfortable at that mention but managed to smile bravely as she told the story.
So much grueling house work is involved in keeping a house of five running. I try to run this queendom like a ship but good-grief it is work. I dream about the housekeeper who does it all for us: cook, wash laundry and clean. 
Girls so busy with parties, soccer and being two--although now Pip claims she is three.
My lungs are crap from the poor air quality in Kelowna. We are like Mexico City here in the Okanagan Valley--everything hangs in the air over our tight valley. Blow you smoke! Blow away so I can breath again!!! I blame the Americans of course. Put out your blasted forest fires!
Oh, and feel free to comment--I do like a lot of feed back. It's lonely out here in this Queendom at times.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Life's a Beach

Our supper at the beach tonight and then home again...a typical nude pip, who never leaves the beach with her clothes on.
A beautiful giant orange glowing ball in the sky tonight--the harvest moon.
My lungs are acting up because there is so much smoke in the air from the American forest fires.
A tremendously busy day today. I need a break from the constant play dates. My big girls manage to have at least one friend over every single day. It gets a bit exhausting.
Met some women at "Mom and Tot" school that work for Club Penguin. My girls and I have been fans since Club penguin first began, so it was very interesting. It is such a great site that gets kids interacting globally.
Uni tomorrow. Leaving the fam to fend for themselves all day is a little frightening. PJ has to take Mist shopping for a B'Day present for her friend and take Tabs to her soccer game and keep the Pip fed, clean and happy. I am a bit panicked as we have zero food in the house --who knows what they'll eat tomorrow and if they'll have their teeth and hair brushed at all. Oh well, just let them all have fun, I guess.
Bad experience with some neighbors and their dog. First it lunged across the street towards Pip in the stroller, then it showed up at the park and stole Pip's shoe, ran off for twenty minutes with it and then left it mangled and all they could manage was a feeble "sorry..." Why do people refuse to take their dogs to Puppy school? The dog is completely untrained and never on a leash. All I can say is they have not treated my children nor I with the basic human respect that we deserve.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

80's Girl

I couldn't believe these photos of Mistaya. I had an identity crisis seeing her in my old clothes. It was like I was looking at my past and her future all at once!
She had a 5* out of 5* time--dancing etc. I let her wear make up to school today because she "pinky swore" to Ashley that she would. However, she is my 11 year old tot and will have to wait a few years before she wears it regularly.
And onto some bragging--I can't help it, they are my babies after all--at parent and teacher interviews, Tabs teacher said she is way above grade level and is having difficulties challenging her. He gave her this long story with computing questions to do for enrichment. It was supposed to take the student a few hours over several days to complete. Tabs raced through it all in 15 minutes. He said she always finishes her work early and helps the other kids. He is very impressed with how she gently encourages the other students without ever giving them the answers. That's my girl!
I'm off to a hair appointment, then Tabs has early dismissal and a piano lesson and soccer. Mist has a sleep over party this weekend and I have an all day Saturday class. Peter will actually be coming to the class to lecture us about something for an hour or so and having pizza with us. I told him I'm going to sit on his knee and feed him his pizza. We laughed at that one, thinking the other students would be horrified and ask, "what is this clown school?"
Pip did 3 unsolicited pee-pees on the potty and a poo too!--she'll love this blog when she's older!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Social Butterfly

Mistaya is loving Junior High. She stayed late yesterday, after the open house to rehearse for the play she's trying out for. Tonight she's off to an 80's party. Her confidence level is way up this year. She's loving it all except for her math teacher. I really hope the teacher doesn't spoil Mist's love for math. She is a real math whizz.
Tabs had ballet last night and the next day (today) she always complains about her sore leg muscles. she seems to be enjoying it though. The girls want to try out for rolls in this year's Ballet Kelowna "The Nutcracker."
Pip's cold is improving, although yesterday at Starbucks she was in quite a mood and deliberately spilled her hot chocolate all over the upholstered chair and floor. But every night it's "Dance Party!" And she puts on Abba and the disco ball and starts to dance, shouting, "Watch me, Mom!"over and over as she does her moves.
The open house BBQ at the school was fun. An amazingly attractive school with the most beautiful views of the valley. It has a very good karmic flow going on. Today more painting, homework, Tabs gets out of school early, Pip to speech path, and then tonight meet the teacher at Tabs school.
Miffed as my gym cancelled the 6 AM spin class. Now how will I get spinning in??? I guess I'll only have the 20 min spin warm up I do on Wednesdays for this year. I can't get to the gym any other times but at 6 Am--life's busy.
Will start my fall entertaining after this weekend. Then I'll have a better idea as to how my fall schedule is working. I love having people over for dessert, dessert wine, coffee or tea. Sort of an evening tea party of sorts. It's easier than preparing a huge meal. And it keeps my sweet tooth happy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spaghetti Girl

Pippi in true Pippi form.
Got big girls off on their buses. A beautiful morning. Went for my run through the forest. Met a guy with a 5 month old St. Bernard and fell in love with him! He was so adorable! (The Dog)
Purchased the reeds for Mist's bass clarinet. Sales guy wanted to chat for ages--all about his contempt for Stockwell Day and the Tories. Also tried to convince me to take up a reed instrument. Like I have the time! I said maybe in the future.
Mist is loving Junior High. She is so happy and tells little stories about her day all of the time. She's going to an 80's rollerblading party tomorrow night with a friend. She makes Junior High seem so fun, I want to go too! Although apparently my enthusiasm is not welcome entirely--the look I received when announcing excitedly that I can chaperon the Science Club's trip to Ottawa was not one of glee.
Tabs loving grade 3 too. She's been busy playing with her neighborhood bud Michaela lately.
Painted yesterday. Will paint again and finish homework.
Pip and I will be attending 'school' at Watson Rd. on Friday mornings. Parent and Tot class. Pip is so excited to be going to Tab's school too! I thought it would be great for the Pipster as we don't know alot of little tots her age. She hangs with her sisters and their friends all of the time.
Tabs has ballet tonight and we Will attend an open house BBQ at Mist's school. The school is incredible--brand new and very mod.
Meeting Peter for coffee this Am at Starbucks for a little break.
I am getting a new Mac lap top next week! Yee-ha!

Monday, September 15, 2008

4 Generations of Love Sweater

Tabs in the '4 Generations of Love Sweater' with Fuzzy-Buzzy tucked under her arm. My grandmother Josephine knitted the sweater for herself and then passed it on to my Mom who wore it for awhile and then passed it on to me, which I in turn have passed along to my daughters. We share it now. We wear it whenever we feel sad, lonely, frightened or ill. It wraps us in 4 generations of love and it is a cure for all that ails one. Tabi requests to wear it to bed quite often. She also requests to cuddle Fuzzy-Buzzy--the infamous. I've had that doll since I was born. She used to be fuzzy and pink but now is grayish and not so fuzzy.
Great weekend--a little hiking, a little zen.
Pip was up a lot in the night--crying. She was so thirsty! Requested 3 big glasses of chocolate soy milk and drank them all! She still has her nasty cold.
Peter is off early to teach his class this AM. He has them all email him a little blurb about themselves and why they want to get a BEd degree. The stories are quite interesting. One woman immigrated from Slovakia and then she and her family (parents, siblings) converted an old school bus and headed out across Canada, settling in Penticton.
Tabs was exhausted from the sleepover B day party she attended on saturday. I was relived when her little school friend called to say she couldn't make the playdate after school today.
Must purchase ballet slippers for Mist and reeds for her Bass Clarinet after school.
My new work out at the gym is great--really hard. Start spinning classes this week and Uni on Sat.
Mouse infestation downstairs. Had to succumb to traps--the lethal variety. I don't feel good about it at all. But there was too much mouse poop in Mistaya's dresser drawers and desk. I had to take ever thing out and wash everything. PJ bleached out the drawers and set the traps.
Won't say what I'm up to today because I am playing it by ear...although the weather is gorgeous! Near 3O 0c all week!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Helmet Head

Busy AM. Just dropped Mom off at the airport and she looked FAB. Her new sexy khaki pants, new hair doo, t-shirt and shades--yup, she had it going on. Maybe dad should be worried--doesn't that guy with the sexy legs work with Yianni?
Got up early, hiked on this gorgeous hot and sunny September morn and then went down town to the ski swap. That's where I purchased this incredible boarding helmet for less then 1/2 price. It is brand spanking new and so comfy. I feel like a kid--wanting to wear it around the house all day because I'm so thrilled with it! And Mist and I got matching girl's boots, brand new and narrow!!! They were only 159$ each--regularly nearly $400. PJ got a pair of boarding boots too. I love that ski swap. Every year I'll get something else until I'm decked out in the best. Now I am hankering to hit the slopes. Even though, Theresa reminded me that after every time out, I swear I am too beaten up to ever do it again. I guess I am optimistic that some day I will stop knocking myself about so much.
PJ at Tabs soccer game and then she has a sleep over Birthday party to attend.
Pip has a cold that I am fighting as well.
Mist is rounding up some neighborhood friends to hang with as I think it will be a low key afternoon. It is hot enough to head to the beach but I am fighting Pip's cold so I want to have a relaxing, spoil QMJ kind of a day.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Run Away Cantaloupe

Just me and my littlest gal...
Waiting for PJ to arrive home from soccer with Tabitha. I dropped her off at practice, picked up some fresh veggies, put together a stir fry and now I have a minute to type.
My stir fry will be quite healthy for a change---trying to always simplify my life has led us to some tragic suppers. But tonight it is bean sprouts, yellow peppers, 2 types of organic baby boc choy, carrots, organic onion and garlic and brown organic rice--Yee-ha!
Had a busy afternoon--Tabs to the new dentist, a quick iced decaff Americano at "The Marmalade Cat" with the girls, soccer practise etc. I am buzzed on the decaff Americano--believe it or not.
My dad got a job! He has been trying to find a teaching post ever since retirement--he loves to teach. Now he has a history position with Thompson River University. I am excited for him! Congrats Dad! My mom arrives tonight for a quick visit before she flies east for a visit with Miranda and family and her friend Lynne in Perth.
A really funny thing happened just a minute ago. A knock on my front door and a guy in a bike helmet, with a German accent asks me if I bought any fresh veggies today. --Weird, but I said "yes."
He said,"what did you buy?"
For some reason I humoured him, "Cantaloupe, strawberries...why?"
He said, 'where is the cantaloupe, try and find it.' Then he pulled one from behind his back. "Where was it, on the road?" I asked.
note: I live on a very steep hill, with a very steep drive way.
He was so proud of himself. He had found it a few blocks down the hill and had traced it to my door as he noted my van was hot from being recently driven.
"Great sleuthing!" I kept repeating. He left a proud man.
Not so sure what that cantaloupe will be like inside--having rolled down a few blocks.
It is so hot today!!! I love it. Summer is still here.
Oh, sooo excited about the prospects of my working in Swaziland in two summers--working with African orphans and literacy. I may get credit for a master's class for it too. I can hardly wait to start my travels. Just think of the stories I'll have to write about.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


That's what Pip said when she posed for this pic.
Peter is coming into the home stretch. His committee got back to him on his dissertation and he only has minor changes. He thinks he can defend before we go to Florida next month.
Mist has decided on the bass clarinet--one of the most expensive instruments out there. She'll be the only one in her band playing the instrument and it is a really cool one at that. I am excited for her. She also is joining the Field Hockey team, Drama Club and Science Club. I am so happy she likes Junior High.
Tabs likes ballet and I must admit, looks as cute as a button in a bun.
I finished my first homework assignment--well not finished, I guess. I want to research each topic and provide a reference for my comments. Don't know if it is necessary but I am determined to be a do-gooder this time around.
Got to be 1st comment on the Globe & Mail again. I commented on the Swiss Big-Bang machine. I couldn't believe I was the only one! It's such huge news. Peter had me freaked in the night that while we slept, the Swiss would turn the thing on and we'd all be sucked into a giant vortex in our sleep. I had none of these worries myself, but Peter and his imagination had me a little nervous. I guess the two particle beams will collide sometime today and that will be the real danger. So far, they've only sent single beams through in opposite directions. Here's hoping we don't get sucked into a black hole before supper time! Just incase, maybe I should have a DQ blizzard for lunch...
Dang...just in...Silver and I hear a mouse under the floor boards beneath my feet.
This morning the baby deer came back to our back yard. She's grown so much! Her mum and three other deer waited in the forest behind our yard while she explored (probably ate all Misty's tomatoes again!)
Mist bring over a new friend tonight--Jordana. I must go and take Pip to story time. Oh, and Mom comes this Friday to drop off Toby for a week or so while she flies off to TO. The girls are looking forward to having a dog again.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Morality, Ambition and Sacrifice all in My Own Back Yard

This blog is all about morality, ambition and sacrifice. I should go into details...but I won't--it wouldn't be moral of me now would it? All I can say is to be moral one must take the cut, all in the name of the good for all. And I'm no different than any other human. I want what I want and how. So, do I say one only lives once? Go for it girl? Or do I take the first cut and suffer the pain by saying NO! to myself. Morality cuts deep into the self--it hurts. But having made the moral choice a few times, I can say it was worth it to hurt so others won't.
Yes, It's always about personal sacrifice. And I am facing the sacrifice of ambitions. To pursue one of my goals I must temporarily sacrifice others. That hurts too. I want it all, and I want it now! To get my MA and PhD I have to put fiction and painting temporarily on the shelf. I don't want to, but I won't succeed at my degrees if I don't. If I were merely a student maybe I could do even 2 pursuits at once. But, I am a mother of three and that happily takes up 24 hours of my day. So, I can only handle doing one other career pursuit at a time. I say sacrifice to achieve one goal at a time, systematically. Let's hope it works. Gotta go buy the girls new ballet slippers.

PS the pics are of my back yard--behind my house is forest and just a 2 minute walk through the forest ends up here...at this place I brag about so often.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beautiful Day

Our beautiful babies: Pip, Tabs and Mist.
Mist made $35 last night on her first baby sitting job.
Peter and I have just returned from our morning hike up Paul's tomb. The view of the lake and mountains in unbelievable this morning. The sky is brilliant blue and honestly, the views from our back yard are so beautiful, I have to pinch myself sometimes.
I feel a lot more focused now that I have decided to devote September to getting our girls ready for school and lessons and myself ready for University. Trying to paint as well added may too much pressure on me. I cannot do it all, all of the time. So, once Sept is behind me, I will evaluate my week, and decide when I can find the time to paint and promote my writing as well as balance Uni and my family. It seems like a lot right now.
Girls are happy with their schools.
watched "The Bank Job" last night with PJ. It was really well done. We both enjoyed it. It is based on a true story and being a British film, I couldn't resist it. My time spent living in London, working at Harrods, exposed me to so much London culture that I adore movies about real-life England.
Must go now and tackle the big family clean-up on this beautiful September day in kelowna,BC.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Had to dig out a recent archive photo as I have been banned from posting any and all photos of the newest member of the Japanese group YADA. And let me tell you folks, you really are missing out.
I am triumphant as I have registered Mist and Tabs in ballet and Tabs in piano and already took Tabs to her first soccer practise of the fall. And Pip is feeling much better, although 3 upset calls today for, "tummy hurt! Popsicle!" Yes, she knows how to get 3 Popsicles a day now.
Mist really wants to join team sport so I told her to come up with one she likes and I'll get her in one...the closest thing she could come up with was fencing. I want her to join a swim team instead because she is not a fiercely physically competitive person and she swims very fast naturally.
We shall see.
Bought a really cute knitted Beret today. The cool morning made me think of the fall.
Tabs has a B day party to attend tonight, Mist has one tomorrow and Tabs has a soccer game tomorrow. Then mist has her very first babysitting job (outside of family) for Michaela's family--Tabs will join her and play with Michaela while Mist babysits.
Peter gets home tonight, but because he will be pooped from the trip and Mist is too busy to babysit of Sat. night, we won't get out to a movie until Sunday. there are 2 I want to see: "Brideshead Revisited "(I loved the novel and the original movie--named my kitties Sebastian and Cordelia after the characters), and "Vicki Christina Barcelona." "To Paint or to Make Love" turned out to be about a couple of french swingers--an education to be sure.
Seriously enjoying "A Brief History of Misogyny." John K--good thing you are a Spartan! When all of ancient Greece was wrought with misogynists, the Spartans were an anomaly--equality amongst the sexes.
Gotta go and Paint...I know, I know...have to sacrifice the love making once in awhile.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mama Mia, Here We Go Again...

Oh boy...back to everything month has arrived. It has been a difficult few days with my dear Pipper unwell, my big girls heading off to 2 different schools and trying to adjust to the season change yet again.
Peter is frustrated as his committee is in no hurry to read his dissertation and get back to him. He leaves tomorrow for Vancouver for a night at the Fairmont.
So far the girls are enjoying their schools. Although mist is learning about all the negatives of a junior high school: lectures about drug problems and stealing problems within the school from her teachers. this is all new to my little school girl. She is a tiny little 11 year old girl and seems too delicate for all that stuff. Although in truth she is one tough little woman. She's 5' tall, has the same size of feet as me but sooo narrow 7 AAAAAAAA, and weighs only 70 pounds. Tabs has sprouted over the summer and looks a lot taller to me. She has self proclaimed herself a look alike of Amanda Seyfried from "Mama Mia" movie fame. She is right, she could be her little sister. So on the first day of school she wore her hair pulled back and dressed up to look like "Sophie" in the movie. And just to be sure that everyone notice the striking similarity, she wore a home made badge on her chest that read :Amanda Seyfried as Sophie.
Pip's fever is getting lower but even this morning she cried several times because her "tummy hurt!"
Soccer practise tomorrow, and I register girsl for dance. Must register for piano today. All my work, I don't even feel like getting to until at least tomorrow.
Rented a French film, "To Paint or to Make Love?" --yes, I ask myself that daily (lol)
A killer workout again this AM. I will purchase a medicine ball today to add some new ab workouts to my routine--killer ones! I should have a 12pack by Florida. Just as long as hurricane season wraps up soon!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Birdy Num-Nums in Spokane,Washington

These pictures were taken at a river side restaurant in the beautiful city of Spokane. It is a lovely, quiet, old city with amazing restaurants, old buildings and shops. Not to mention the Ho-Jo was something else (jk). We truly had an action packed go-go-go trip that left us all exhausted but happy. Little Pip though has come down with a fever and diarrhea and got us up over six times last night. idaho and northern Washington are beautiful states with fir and ponderosa forests, prairies, lakes and mountains. Couer d'Alene Idaho is such a great little city. One thing I love about the states is their unbeatable variety of Mexican restaurants, and all restaurants in general. Those Americans really know how to eat.
I would have more exciting pictures of our day at Boulder Beach water park--a terrifying raft ride down a water slide with KW, T, Me and the Mist. But we didn't take the camera along on our water sporting. All the kids loved the wave pool, Pip laughed at each wave. This trip proved that all four of our charges will be ripe for Disney World next month. All 4 kids were beyond brave and loved all the rides. We had three rooms in each hotel so the big kids had the kid room, Pip and I shared and T and Mom shared. All was well and everyone behaved themselves even when the refried beans from The Couer d'Alene Mexican place wrecked havoc on some bowels (won't mention names...but you know who you are!)
I have never driven so much in my life! Day 1--kelowna to Nelson
Day 2--Nelson to Silverwood,
Silverwood to Couer d'Alene. Day 3--Couer d'Alene to Silverwood, Silverwood to Couer d'Alene and Cour d'Alene to spokane.
Day 4--Spokane to Nelson.
Day 5--Nelson to Kelowna.
I'm pooped and the big girls start back to school in the morning. Both have new bus stops so I'll be up bright and early helping them find them.