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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


He's arrived early--a New Year's Eve surprise! The breeder's father was visiting  in Salmo and was heading back home to Kelowna today. So little Fernando caught a ride. We decided it was for the best even though the little guy is a mere 6 weeks old, because of the unpredictable weather and high mountain passes between here and Salmo, and the fact we only have one free weekend in January to pick him up. He is a gorgeous little black pug with a dear personality. Follows us everywhere, loves to snuggle and kiss. And like he big brother Weldy, he already gets all jazzed up and starts his little hips going--so young! We are so in Love. When Mist or Tabs tries to take him from Pip, she says "No! He's my dog!" 
I am still ill--it must be a flu too. And dear sweet Pip has a temp of 39.7 oC. Our New Year's Eve will be spent together tonight, all piled on our master bed (including Doe-Doe) watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and eating Peter's surprise appies. I never did get to watch it last Sunday as my temp climbed and I was too delirious to focus.
Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

WARNING! May I Present My Father...

Here I Go Again...

Melissa's Christmas Day Message...

Monday, December 29, 2008

My first Video Attempt on My Mac

So there you have it folks...

Here I lie in bed with fever, playing around with video footage shot with our new Flip. I edit, I download for hours and then *! The video completely vanishes from the post. Yep, this is going swimmingly...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bed on Roof

More of my neighborhood. Enjoy the snow while you can. It is melting today.
I have a chest cold. My Achilles heel is my chest. All colds seem to end up there and cause bronchitis. Hopefully I will still blow through this in another day. It is my new mandate NOT to do any workouts when I am sick. I used to push myself and always ended up in emergency sicker than ever. My new mandate is better for my health in the long run but short term I go stir crazy because my mind is so used to the adrenalin high I get each day from hard physical exercise. Sure in the scheme of things my suffering is minuscule but still for me, this is quite difficult mentally more than physically. OK, enough rambling.
Tabs is at a sleep over at Michaela's tonight. Mist just arrived home from a sleep over party at Nicole's. At least my girls are keeping busy! Pip went for coffee with her Mom and Dad and the Chapters book store. I bought "Blink" Malcom Gladwell--great recommend T and M. We ran into some acquaintances and chatted at Starbucks with them. I want to have a big party in the New Year and invite all the new people I've met recently over--there are a few intriguing souls out there! Had planned a big screen "Breakfast at Tiffany's" night. Yep, still on. 
Trying to rent a roof rack for the van so we can go to Kamloops tomorrow. Snowboarding off until my lungs are better. So a visit for the day and home with bed on roof--if all goes as planned.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Little Penelope Scarlett in Red

Pippi in her new coat made by Granny.
Still recvering from a little cold bug. No plans, no sweat. I am taking it easy. I wee little bit of shopping for a few items for the girls. And perhaps a nap is in order. 
I believe another day of rest is just what I need. I guess Sunday I may actually have to get back to sports and workouts. Three days in a row of no sports only ever happens when I'm sick. And even then I feel a little bit panicked. Love my new felt winter boots. They feel like I'm wearing slippers everywhere. I am in full on winter wonderland mode. I want to veg by the fire tonight and rent a movie. Good grief what will I ever do come January when I have to go back to school and work? Snowboarding at Sunpeaks is really pricey. May just do one day--Monday. Silver has a much saught after grooming appointment on Tuesday morning, yet we want to go to Kamloops then. I know it sounds crazy--to worry about working around a cat's spa time. But I've waited over a month to fit that tangled fur ball in to a groomer. So excited about Fernando--we'll be picking him up on the weekend of the 17th.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day 2008 in Kelowna, BC

1.Christmas Feast.
2.Me and my parents
3.Granny and Granddad 
4.Granddad chasing Pip
5.Me and my family.
6.Gran and Granddad and kids
7.Mom and Dad and Toby
8 & 9. Maplelea Dolls with Mistaya and Tabitha.

Tabitha's fever persisted through Christmas but she felt fairly well on Motrin. We didn't do any outdoor activities aside from Mistaya and I tobogganing on Christmas Eve. Gran and Granddad surprised us Christmas morning, arriving in the morning with Gran's cinnimon buns and pumpkin muffins. 
Everyone had a joyfull and relaxing day. 
Tabs is feeling much improved today but now I have a sore throat and don't feel fit enough to do any sports today. A day of rest. Mom and Dad just left for Kamloops after we all had coffee at Starbucks.
 So boxing day will be quiet  and perhaps tomorrow skating on the pond down the hill. Hope I blow through this sore throat in a day.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

A view of Okanagan Lake from my front yard.
Christmas Eve is upon us. Just got back from the gym. We made gingerbread people yesterday. Today it is sledding and Mom and Dad will arrive around three this afternoon. We will have the traditional fondue and I will make gourmet peanut butter cups for dessert. The weather is getting back to normal and it will be 0 oC by Saturday. We plan on snowboarding in Kamloops on Monday and Tuesday next week while PJ is off. Christmas day Peter and I will awake for a predawn hike before we unwrap gifts and then do a family skate on the pond off Clifton Rd. Having the three gals home is busier than I anticipated. We are go-go-go and I have yet to work on my painting. Oh, to have more hours in a day. It is difficult for me to fit anything else in except University, working-out and looking after my family. Must meditate on this time crunch problem. I do want to have time to paint! Evening work isn't an option because we get up at 5:30 each morning to work out.
Anyway, games night tonight by the fire. Tabs wants Monopoly. She's lucky her Granddad loves that game. We'll try to download a traditional Christmas movie to watch sometime as well--Tabs is insistent!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mom and Dad Hopped Aboard the Polar Express

Mystery solved! my parents were tucked on an all night train ride aboard the Polar Express--literally! The Vancouver airport was closed to flights in and out. They could not make it on a flight North until after Christmas. So, they took a taxi to the train station and hopped aboard a train bound for Kamloops. Hmm...is this starting to remind you of Peter Notpizzaface's trip aboard the Kettle Valley Railway?--my junior fiction novel is eerily close to their night--Although, it might have been an exhilarating trip for them--I can image the views of the snow covered mountains would have been unforgettable, but my mom said it was too dark all night to see a thing.
Anyway, they are home safe and sound. And Miranda's family arrived safely in Toronto after an incredible Cuban vacation. I must get there and soon! And Theresa's family is in the air flying across the Pacific ocean as I type this. 
The weekend was busy but fun despite the cold. Had a great date with Peter. The pub and movie and shopping were a lot of fun. The party yesterday was good. I met a few really nice people I'd like to get to know better. Learned a little more about Australia from one of the guests (an Australian) and yes, can hardly wait to explore the Island!
Mist is going to "Twilight" tonight with a friend. I will paint very soon. Then take Mist to Basketball practise and the little girls and I will look for new winter boots for moi, and a Starbucks hit, of course--Theresa, I am still waiting to taste that Cranberry Bliss bar you bought me at the Nelson Starbucks yesterday! Enjoying this time off with my baby girls.
The tree is beautiful. And yes, I am a Buddhist, but I am a huge fan of Jesus Christ(he was such a GREAT man!), so I celebrate his life too. I just don't buy into the whole Commercial Christianity thing. I like to keep things simple and true.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Want My Mom & Dad!

Could some body please tell me where my Mom and Dad are? They were supposed to fly up to Terrace today. Catherine said they never arrived due to flight cancellations and that they were still in Kamloops. However, they are not at home in Kamloops, nor are they staying at the airport Fairmont in Vancouver (Peter advised them to if they couldn't get put of Van. and they appeared to agree.) So, if they aren't in Kamloops, Vancouver or Terrace--just where in the hell are they? Somebody fill me in please.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Princess Penelope


Princess Pip as the following characters (clockwise from top)
Mini Mouse
Ariel the mermaid
Tinkerbell &
Her wardrobe changes are thanks to her big sister Mistaya.
Tabs is at a party in Magic and the other two played dress-up as Peter and I struggled to keep the Christmas tree upright. She's up now! We will pick up the Tabs very soon and then PJ and I will do a little Christmas shopping, followed by a little supper at Brandt's pub, followed by the movie "Australia"--another attempt to catch it. Meanwhile, Mist will be baby sitting a neighbor (Kaitlyn) at our house along with her sisters. Mist and Lena had a fun sleepover and watched "27 Candles" on the wall. Lena had never had whipped cream before--we served some with my homemade waffles this AM. She loved it though. She said Christmas dinner in Germany is traditionally rabbit. 
So cold here this AM. A record--sit down for this one! -29 o C!  Now you know why I am having flash back fever!
Wishing my family safe trips home and abroad this Sunday. Miranda is flying to Toronto from Cuba, Theresa is flying from Seattle to Hawaii and my parents are flying Kamloops-Vancouver-Terrace all tomorrow. 
Perhaps my next entry will highlight our gorgeous tree.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Baby

Pip--trying, unsuccessfully, to dig her slide out from under several feet of snow.
I have been suffering post traumatic stress disorder. A couple of teen years spent isolated on an acreage is Saskatchewan (Please read "Queen of the Godforsaken" when it is released--for clarity!) scared me. Then, on returning to Saskatchewan to attend university at 18, I spent one winter and decided the weather and I did not make good karma together and that the Canadian Prairies were not the best place for me to live. So, I booked myself a one way ticket to Europe and then onto Toronto the next year to study Fashion design. Oh, but there was a glitch...Peter...I fell in love with a prairie boy in between Europe and T.O. Love conquered my intellect and I came back to Saskatoon, after one year in Toronto, to be with my guy. And then we had two babies but still, I suffered. The social isolation and physical activity limitations chipped away at my sanity. But I worked, trying to find a way  to move  from the prairies with my new family. It took many years but finally we arrived in Southern BC--one of my destination goals. And, to make a long story a little shorter, this unusual cold snap in Kelowna has caused me to panic a little with the memories of climate limitations. Needless to say--I'm going stir crazy and have decided that as soon as possible I will start to winter in S. Europe or perhaps Hawaii for at least one winter month. 
Last night Peter and I went to the French film "Tell No One"-a little too convoluted and graphic for me. The American films show violence as fast action, blood, gore. The French like to show long drawn out human agony--the suffering. I think I like the fast action better. I cannot bare to see people in agony, even if it is acting. 
My day? Tidy the home--yawn. Get groceries--not so yawn as I get to buy ingredients for making treats. Painting my cougar. Taking Tabs and Pip to a Christmas party at Pip's daycare. Picking up Mist and her friend Lena for a sleep over at our house. Setting up the Christmas tree, downloading a movie and then starlight tobogganing in the forest. Weekend is busy with a Christmas party for Tabs on Sat and then a Peter and Melissa date night. Then a family invite to a Christmas party at the Arellano's on Sunday (Marc is the guy who made the film that was short listed for the CBC contest). I could natter on some more but will save my (not to be missed) philosophical take on Jesus and Buddha for the near future(lol!) Yet still, those who know me are nervous because they know I am serious.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

We've Got Snow!

A view from my front balcony. I don't think I've ever seen this much snow in Kelowna before--and it is still coming down!
Despite the horrible roads--remember everything is a steep hill up here--I am trying to keep up with my Three Musketeers and their endless activities. Today it is Tabs piano. Last night was Tabs Christmas concert at the school. She was adorable, singing away in her silver sparkly outfit and matching nail polish. 
Mist had a great day at school. She was chosen to accompany her new friend from Germany (Lena) on an outing for hot chocolate and secret Santa shopping (with the school councillor) to celebrate Lena's arrival in Canada. The girls got appaloosa cowboy hats to wear to the school western dance. Mist won a chocolate bar for her line dancing. I asked her how she won it. She said that when ever the judges came around she exaggerated her dance moves...that's my girl!
Tomorrow Pip and Tabs have a Christmas party down the street and Mist is having Lena for supper and a movie. Then, finally, Saturday is my night. Peter and I are going to Brandt's Creek Pub for a quick bite to eat and then a movie to follow. We have a Christmas party invite too--I hope we didn't miss it. They sent the invite to Peter (Big mistake!) so of course, he doesn't have a clue when it is or if we even missed it. Tabs also has a party to attend Sunday. Good grief--my girls and their parties take up every weekend!
I shall paint today. Finish the cougar and get prepped for my pilgrimage north to Wells Grey provincial park to photograph a bison herd. lol....in this snow it isn't going to happen for awhile.
January looks crazy for us. Peter has to be in Vancouver on three separate occasions. I start class and a part time job. And we must go to Nelson to pick up our baby boy pug: Fernando! Focus...one thing at a time. So, this Christmas our family plans are sweet and simple: skating, snowboarding, baking gingerbread kids and family movies. Then to gear up for the double birthdays in January.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Raven in Fir tree

This darling raven was so cold this morning sitting in the tree across the street from my house. It was a big bird, at least as big as a pug dog.
Tabitha after finishing her Christmas performance at the Dorchester ( a retirement residence) last night. She played so beautifully. Her tempo was perfect and her fingers so elegant. She is a natural!
I must leave right away to pick up Mist from school and take her to the doctor. Then I drop her off at basket ball practice and Tabs at Dance. 
Gradually getting caught up on neglected household errands. I think I may actually be able to start painting tomorrow. Kamloops has been put off for so long due to the weather that we won;t see my Mom and Dad before they fly up to spend Christmas in Terrace. However, we do plan on a few days of snowboarding at Sunpeaks when they get home. Mom has volunteered to look after the Pip during the days we go to the mountain. It will be Tabs first year of boarding. I am visualizing my moves--ever hopeful I won't be a total wreck out there.
Pip an amazing ABBA fan. She sings "Fernando" beautifully. 

Monday, December 15, 2008

Buffalo in the Snow

One of my favorite pictures of my flower fairy girls. 
Mistaya is home with a sore throat. Peter is in Vancouver. Tabs is off to school bundled up in four layers (she insisted). It is 15 degrees below normal. We have way too much snow! 
I hate cold weather. That is why I left the Prairies. I must focus on the fact that this cold snap is unseasonable and usually hits only every five years or so.
Final grade in my UBC course: 93%. 
If it warms up again, I shall snowboard with these words of advice to myself: Leave your estrogen and intellect at home--snowboarding requires only testosterone and instinct.
I have decided on a few main goals for my painting career. It involves me taking photos of a herd of Buffalo in the snow. Well, we've got snow!...Now to find myself a herd of bison? 
Oh, and the Mix Hart name is because there are way too many writers in N. America named Melissa Hart. I added my paternal grandmother's German maiden name to my own to spice it up--it's my professional name. 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday Night Snow Storm

We managed to drop off the Mist at her sleep over party last night despite the snow storm. Watching Peter try and get his car into the drive way with the Mist inside was a wee bit terrifying for me. Peter had picked up Mist from B Ball practise, took her to the mall to buy a gift and struggled up the mountain with his all-season tires. 
This is what the whole thing looked like from the balcony of my house:
Oh, there's Peter's snow covered car with only one head light trying to make it up the road and turn into our driveway.
Oh, there they are sliding off the road into our Tamarix trees.
Now there they go back down the hill to drive around the block and try hitting our drive from the top of the hill.
Now isn't that interesting...Pete's decided to skip the drive way and park across the street on the road.
There he is trying to break...
On My, there they go, sliding down the hill, tires locked in breaking position!
Needless to say it was snowbound in hidden valley for us last night.
I harnessed myself up and pulled Tabs and Pip around the neighborhood on the sleigh. It was so beautiful--a dreamy Christmas setting: The fog had crept up from the lake, it was snowing and all the neighborhood Christmas lights were on.
Then, because it was sooo quiet up here and no one was out driving, we tobogganed down our drive way.
We also down loaded "Fred Claus" from itunes--but it took too long to download so we have it for later this week.
Today, no Kamloops because of the heavy snow. Instead we will pick up the Mist, a Christmas tree and decorate today. Tonight PJ and I will attempt a movie out--Australia. Also another sleigh ride for the girls with their horse, Silver (me) trotting through the snow.
Miranda (My little Sis) and her fam are off to Cuba tomorrow--no cigars for you girl! And Miranda--that Michael Ignatieff...he reminds me a little bit of someone we know. Perhaps just a little too old boys school for me. 
And my big Sis (Theresa) is throwing the mother of all (after the play) brunches for an entire cast of teenagers at her house tomorrow--good luck!
And my Mom...performed her heart out at choir last night. And me...I just mailed my last paper to my Prof and am contemplating how exactly I can be more productive with my paintings. 

Friday, December 12, 2008

Life Is Beautiful

Mist and Tabs and their dolls celebrating BC's 150th in the back yard the other night. Note my forty year-old Beautiful Chrissy still going strong and keeping up with the younger dolls (she is so like her mom!). I actually made those brown cord pants she is wearing when I was a kid!
Currently it is snowing and snowing out there! When, oh when can we drive to Kamloops? If the snow lets up we will go tomorrow morning. If not??? Sorry Dad, I guess I'll keep your gift.
Must e-mail my final paper in today! I keep forgetting to do it...I am so busy running around with the three musketeers. Pip and I just got back from Hot Lunch at the Tabs school. Roads are a little dicey up here. Mist has a B Ball practice and then we drive her to the skating rink and drop her off for a sleep over party with friends. Tabs has yet another party to attend on Sunday afternoon. Then Peter is off to Vancouver again. He is one night from Platinum level at the Fairmont--which would be nice to have for when we go to San Fran in April. OK time to tell stories:
I. This AM Mist wanted me to find a Santa hat for her to wear to the Christmas dance at her school today. I pulled out a ratty "Grinch" looking hat from our X-mas boxes and put it on her head. She was NOT amused, but I nearly died laughing at how worn out and Grinchy it looked --hey, I'm not that cruel, I did insist Peter stop by a drugstore early this AM with Mist and try to buy her a new one.
II. Last night the Pip came to me while I was bathing, just before supper (I so needed to relax for even a moment).
 Pip: "Mom read book?"
Me: "I'm all wet. Find Daddy and ask him."
Pip: "OK Mom."--I hear the pitter-patter of little feet leave the bathroom, stop and come back towards the tub.
Pip:"Mom? Where's Daddy?"
Me: "He's in the kitchen making garlic toast for supper."
Pip: "OK. Tanks Mom."--I hear the pitter-patter of little feet exit the bathroom, stop, and enter again.
Pip: "Mom? What's for supper?"
Me:" Caesar salad, turkey bacon and garlic toast. Love you Pipper."
Pip: "Oh! Yummy!" Tanks Mom!"--again the little feet exit, stop and come back to the tub. This time she stops at the edge of the tub, lips puckered and leans in for a kiss on the lips.
Pip; "Tanks Mom. Luv you too!" And then she exits to find her dad.
That is why life is beautiful...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Peanut- Butter Face

Baching it got the best of me. I am a wee bit tired. Especially when this peanut-butter faced, dancing girl insists that I read "I spy" or "Where's Waldo?"or "The Grapes of Math" constantly. 
Mistaya's band concert was Fab. She is the only female base clarinet player.
Madagascar II was fun last night. I laughed  myself silly at some of the cutest parts: King Julian singing "Private Dancer", the penguin steward on the plane, and the hot male Hippo being macho.
Very mild here in Kelowna. No snow. It feels like October, not December. That is why no snowboarding or skating yet. We may not get to indulge until the new year.
Went for a run this AM. Hate to complain, but strained my Achilles tendon--whaaaa! Tabs has piano this afternoon--will hit The Marmalade Cat for a perk me up.
Peter found another great "TED" talk for me to watch on the organization of the universe--will get to that sometime today for sure. Yes, Peter finally arrived home in the night sometime. I was asleep. Although, someone he was meeting was ill and didn't show, so he has to fly back on Sunday and won't be home until Monday, late afternoon--Whaaaa!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baching It Babes (again!)

Wow, a busy few days. Peter is in Vancouver at the Fairmont until late Wednesday evening.
It snowed this morning but it will melt right away as it is +2 oC.
Just got in from a long sleigh ride--pulling Pippi in her sleigh around Magic. First, we stopped off at Mist's bus stop and dropped off Monty (her base clarinet) because Mist has a pinched neck nerve--she's caught that horrible virus I had last week! I knew how much pain the pinched nerve causes, so I didn't want her hauling that HUGE instrument to the bus on her own. Then I shoveled the driveway and Pip and I built this little snow girl. Pip says she's a baby.
Last night, we took Mist to Ballet while the little girls and I checked out a new pet store. Then we all had supper at the Cactus Club.
Today we have Tabs ballet, Mist's band concert and then DQ treat time. 
Tomorrow night I am taking the girls to Madagascar II. 
Heard from Fernando's breeder. He is doing wonderfully and is much bigger and chubbier than his litter mates!
Really want to read Deepak Chopra's new book, "Jesus"--but will wait until it goes on sale after Christmas.

Monday, December 8, 2008


This is our darling Fernando. He is only three weeks old so he won't be joining our family until he is weaned in the new year. We will drive to Salmo (Nelson area) to pick him up. He is a black pug. Apparently he is a big rolly-polly guy. I can hardly wait! The girls are so excited and Pip has nick-named him Doe-Doe.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weird Weekend

This is Mistaya and I all dressed up and ready to go to the theatre Friday night...
It all started after Mist's Basketball practice on Friday night. The van refused to start--everything kept dying. Finally got it going--drove home for a quick bite to eat. Mist and I got all ready to go down town for "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever," at the Kelowna Theatre--one of Mist's friends had a small part in it. 
I could see that there was a layer of solid fresh ice from the freezing rain outside but thought I should try it, as I had spent $50 on the tickets and I have studs on my winter tires. Backing out of the drive way was a disaster. The studs were useless...the van skated sideways across the drive. Everything is a hill up here--so I was either going to roll the van or slide all over the road and end up being hit. I couldn't even move the van , it kept sliding towards the hill on our lawn. I had Mist jump out the back (shoeless) and run up the lawn to get her dad. Peter and I struggled to get the van off the driveway and then back in the garage. I was terrified we would roll, yet there was no way out of the van--the drive was solid inch thick ice and steep. I took off my Fluevogs, held onto the open van door and crept my way towards the lawn. 
So, blasted if we weren't trapped at home for the night! Sometimes living on a mountain top sucks! 
Peter ended up having a camp-out in front of the fire with Tabs and Pip and Mist rescued the night by planning a last minute sleepover at a friends house down the street. She put my ice picks on the bottom of her shoes and made it safely to Maddi's.
Yesterday was a great day! I was sooo nervous about my presentation...but it went off without a hitch and she gave the marks out to us at class' end--I got 30/30!!! I am so happy! She really liked how I moved my hands when I spoke--who would have thought my wild hand talking would come in handy! Then some of the class met at Brandt Creek Pub afterward. I caught a ride over with the Dean (our friend Robert). It was such fun! I was only able to stay an hour or so, but I had such fun chatting with some classmates etc. 
Peter has just arrived home with the Tabs from swimming...must go.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bundle of Joy!

1.Me and my guy.
2.Me and Pip and Mist.
3. Me and Tabs and Pip.
4. Me in the dress and boots.
5. More me.
Just finished practising my presentation. I am now going to meditate on it--visualization, then pick up Pippi from daycare.
The party last night was a little bit too quiet for me. Oh well, I did enjoy getting dressed up.
Tonight Mist and I attend the Theatre--another good reason to dress up.
Mist has decided to join the basketball team--I will pick her up late after school.
Up last night with the worst pinched nerve in my neck ever! I think it is related to the virus that has been circulating around our family. I forgot to report that dear Pip was up
all Thursday night with the tummy bug too. 
Anyway, the pain was so excruciating I felt like I was going to faint and throw-up at the same time. Nasty.
So, no weights again today. Only hiking until Monday for me.
And stay tuned...a little bundle of joy is on route to our house in the new year...NO--I am not pregnant. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stomach Ache

Last night while Peter was picking up Tabitha from dance, he e-mailed me this shot. Isn't technology grand? I knew exactly what Pete and Mist were doing while they waited for Tabs.
I was up all night long. My stomach ached! I didn't sleep from 11 pm until 4 am. That headache was obviously the start of some virus. I took it easy today. No gym. 
Tomorrow night it is the UBC party at a golf club. Mist will babysit--we'll bring the little darlings take out.
On Friday night I am taking Mistaya to the Kelowna Theatre to see a friend of hers in a play. Then Saturday my presentation and Mist has a B day party to attend.
Sunday, Peter and one of my big girls are heading to Kamloops to pick up the bed my parents are giving to us--busy week it seems. 
All the neighborhood homes are decorated for Christmas already--we just returned from a brisk evening stroll. Pip fell asleep in her stroller and now she is tucked into her little bed.
Must decide...black pug this month or Boston terrier in Feb? Eventually I want one of each. Such gorgeous little dogs! Tabs lent me her Dream catcher last night and it worked. A wee break from the creepy dreams I'd been having--perhaps it was because I was actually awake for most of the night.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fluevogs in First Position

Just a quick note as I wait for Peter to arrive from dance(no Pete's not a ballerina yet!) with my two oldest girls. Tonight I have prepared chicken BBQ, brown rice and Swiss-chard. And I am making brownies--they are in the oven.  I had a head ache today--maybe from straining neck muscles at the gym--either way, a good brownie cure is in the works. Miranda called me for my Blondie recipe, she'd just finished the brownies for her party...and well...I just had to make some!
Mist is trying out for the basketball team--the only glitch is that games are on Modays--at the same time as ballet. What to do? Tabs is busy being Tabs--drawing wild life (her latest sketch a saber tooth tiger), practicing dance moves etc.
Had a great morning with the Pip. It started out questionable as I had to take her to the health clinic for a Chicken Pox vaccs. However, she was an angel and didn't even cry. She picked out a Littlest Pet Shop puzzle and pet for her treat. She named the dog "Mommy." She is the dearest little tot in the universe, that little girl of mine! Next we went shoe shopping. And...OMG...for a girl who doesn't like to shoe shop, I was having a blast. I got incredible Fluevog boots 1/2 price!!! They were the only pair left and just happened to be my size--I adore them. I will wear them with my Breakfast @ Tiffany's dress this Thursday. Then Pip and I went to a beautiful, sun-shiny Catina for Mexican food (the new Taco Time in Rutland)--no really, it is really nice: licenced, cork floors, big sun-windows, etc.
I tried to practice my presentation in front of a mirror--oh god--I need to jettison the dweeb angle that I'm working. I need some profession presenting tips--ya got any??? I'm worried even the Fluevogs won't be able to save me on Saturday!
My cousin Laura is trying to get out of Thailand. I hope things calm down there and soon.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hard Core

Tabs and Pip preparing for the Princess Competition. Mist is Pip's coach.
Just arrived home from Mist's ballet class. Pip first of all had a wee little accident in her car seat and then fell asleep on the car. She is still sleeping.
Need to practice my presentation for this Saturday. Must conjure up my alter ego...who could she be...could she be QMJ perhaps?
UBC party this Thursday. It seems too soon---I'm not ready for Christmas celebrations.
No more snow up here on the mountain...here today, gone tomorrow. 
Will shop for shoes tomorrow--can I wrangle up enough enthusiasm to do it? I don't know why, but shoe shopping just isn't something I'm up for this week.
Will work later tonight with PJ. He's helping me figure out all the hypothetical statistical analysis tests and graphs I need to present.
My knees are all better. I had a hard core work out this AM. Will run tomorrow. Will put on my ice grips--sometimes the road has a thin coating of ice on it in the morning that is invisible. Gotta go and try to wake the Pip up for supper...