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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nelson, BC

Rain. I won't do the mom and tot hike--a recipe for hypothermia for little Pip trapped in the back pack. Boo-hoo.
Weekend in Nelson great. Stayed up to 2 am for the first time in awhile. Hermie the little bear cub puppy is adorable--so gentle with my girls. The weather was sunny and warm. Hiked up to the grave yard--the most beautiful grave ward in the world--surrounded by lush, tall mountains.
The drive there was good--Blueberry pass was clear--tons of deer everywhere!
Gran left yesterday. Pip cried when she left.
Will paint today--bought some vinyl gloves to paint in. Toxins freaking me out a little bit lately.
Tabs trip to the dentist unsuccessful--she freaked out--need to take her to a children's dentist to relax her with laughing gas. Mist was brave and calm as usual.
Pip in love with her new train set--Auntie T lent her some new track pieces. Quiet week thus far--will see what adventures await me...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby...1....2...3...

Shouldn't be blogging--no time. But i am rather addicted to writing and as my fiction is on hold, poor you--this is my outlet. I'm a tale-spinning junkie.
Mom and Tot hiking brilliant as one of the hikers--a physio, readjusted my backpack and saved my back! A lot of chicks and tots--about 16 women. Cool but sunny--we hiked down paul's Tomb to the lake--nothing lifts the spirits like ponderosa trees, turquoise lake water and sun shine. Was a sedative for the Popster who passed out and slept the entire hike.
So excited about my new thesis idea--still literacy but using that little girl's compliment as a springboard to combining artist-writer-reader interactions somehow? Must research like crazy to find exact route.
Tabs lead singer in her rock band for a Marilyn Manson number--Tainted Love. She loves to sing.
Mist's new passion is horse back riding--she's a natural.
Happy Birthday to my darling wee little sister--Miranda. To me, she'll forever be that tiny tot on the prairie, eating gumdrops in the car.

Monday, April 21, 2008

3 Date Weekend

3 dates in a row--a great weekend despite the weather. Saturday a hike and then PJ and I both craved a vintage Boylans cola, so we went for one. Then last night we went out to "Up the Yangtze." Very good. A real eye opener. It fueled my passion for literacy being the save all. The peasants in China are illiterate. China, China, China--what are they doing? And the recent anti-western protests sure aren't making their Olympic games any more desirable. But Kudos for Jimmy Carter--now that is someone who is trying to make a peaceful difference on this earth.
Mist tried out for lacrosse yesterday--she liked it. tabs had a playdate over a Mikailas and the Pip practiced baptizing her big sisters as "lion Queens"--like the baboon baptizes the baby lion in "Lion King." Pip also counts to three and hides her head when they play hide and seek. She is my darling little dolly girl.
Will paint today and take the Pip to craft time at Chapters--a good excuse to go to Starbucks.
Mom comes Thursday night and then we're off to Nelson for the weekend with my gals. Paul's big graduation from nursing to attend and party afterward--I love a good party. Looking forward to seeing some electric blue Fluvogs sticking out from under his grad gown.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Compliments a Plenty

Peter and I had a date last night--went to Joey's for appetizers, then rented "I am Legend" as the only movie I want to see, doesn't start until Sunday :Up the Yanzi. The movie was creepy. Felt freaked afterward.
Another compliment this week: I was at the grocery store last evening with Tabi and Pippi and a man (30ish, tall) kept staring at me in the frozen food section. He finally made a comment on how Tabi's choice of "lifesaver" icecream sounded good as he had to pick out a flavour for his nieces. But I felt his eyes on me --darting stares--and then he smiled shyly and said, "your hair is beautiful" I said 'thanks.' Then he made a sweeping gesture with his hand, blushed, and said"You're just gorgeous!" I said "Thanks, that's so sweet."then he darted away, ice cream in hand.
A poo poo day out there--I do not even want to mention this, as I do live in the okanagan--gorgeous weather capital of Canada--but snow, this morning. A high of +5. Tabs has a soccer game today, how? Mist had Maddi sleep over last night and they are pretending to be camels. Pip's cold improving. So much for tennis and mountain biking--we should be snowboarding today!

Friday, April 18, 2008


QueenMJ needs a break from her court. I am getting burnt out. The pace--with all the kids activities:2 dance, 2 rock band, 2 soccer, not to mention babies activities and school stuff. All week it's chauffeur the children and all weekend Peter is working at his office. So, I never see the man and I so need Queen time! Next year I want to shave down the girl's activities but how? Tabs loves dance, loves soccer and I want her to take piano. Mist is Ok she wants to play the flute and take ballet. Anyway...my bear painting is going to be awesome--really excited about it. I am at the point where my craft is easy for me. I make an out line and that's it--the rest is so simple I feel my work is complete at the outline stage--I can visualize the bear easily. However, Peter is like: ah...I guess i can sort of make out a bear?
Will meditate tonight on finding the time and plan of action to mountain bike with the girls. Hot lunch today at the school for Volunteers Pippi and Queen MJ. got a real compliment from a little girl in Tabs class--her MOm told me that the first thing she said when she got home from school on Monday was: "It was the best day ever Mom! We had the best show and tell ever! Tabi's mom came and she writes books and paints and it was so great!" I guess the bit about Herbert the farting chair was a hit!
Stay tuned for another great video this weekend...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Race--Time Too Tight

First, I am not going to race this year--no time. The clinics were smack in between the girls dance classes, making my evening too crazy. And besides, I have Mom and baby backpack hiking coming up next week. Yes, me with a 30 lb toddler on my back heading up to Bear Creek Falls. Hope my frame can handle the weight--she's more than 1/4 of my weight already! So, will use the race $ to buy a bike rack for the van so we can start mountain biking around the Okanagan--much more fun then training for a city run. So, if I mention training for more races tell me to pipe down--I really have no time! Bear painting in the works.
My goal is to get my art web sight up and running and use that to promote my books--believe it or not, "The Painted Pug" got me several request letters.
Pippi is busy playing nap time with her dolls--so cute! She asked me to shut the blinds so they could sleep. Tabs has a friend over after school today. Both girls have Rock School tonight. Will Take Pip to the duck pond and tomorrow, a kid's play at the theatre. I feel like there is something exciting I need to tell, but I don't know what it is???

Monday, April 14, 2008


A busy day Sunday. 2 hour concert in a church with my Angel Babies--who were good as gold, by the way. Pip's diaper sprung a leak in the children's play area-oops! Gran's choir was wonderful. Beautiful songs. Then I got lost in Vernon, had to call Peter on my cell and ask him to google a map of Vernon. Finally found Earls for a birthday supper. Pip got hurt feeling and cried like her soul had been crushed. She missed her nap so it made sense. A family picnic at the UBC campus Sat. night. it was beautiful weather. Peter has been living in his office , so we brought taco's to him and enjoyed an hour together.

Today Peter and i go to Tabs school to talk about our careers. Will take 2 paintings and read a little of Peter Notpizzaface--the part about Herbert the farting chair. Hope I'm not so tired this week--last week I was so knackered, needed a nap each afternoon! Yes, I get up at 5:30 each day and in bed by ten, but still, I shouldn't be so pooped each afternoon as it is the only time I have to paint! Love the Dalai Lama--wish I could have been in Seattle to see him.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

All is Well in the Universe

I like this photo of Peter and I. Excited about 10 paintings I'm doing--finally painting exactly what I want and throwing caution to the wind. A great TED talk by Stephen Hawkings (sp?) on the origin of the universe. LOVE that topic. For some reason, I am very exited about my jobs: painting, writing, MA, PHD. Everything seems to complement the other and keep me super motivated to create. I am also loving Buddhism--it is so interesting and peaceful learning. And my sports are motivating me too. a great killer spin class this am. All in all, I am at a time in this universe when all is good.
Going to take girls to Vernon this weekend to listen to Mom sing and take her out for a Bday supper.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Opal the Wolf

It is a bad picture--contrast all wrong. but you get the idea. Now onto bears.

The New Western Buddhism

I deserve an award for blogging perseverance. My shift key is toast, I locate the tiny black sponge floating around my desk and hold it in place with my ring finger, delicately centered on the little rectangle pad--just to get a capital!
Decided to do a 10k race in June and next spring train for a 25k mountain trail race. yes, 25k seems a little long to me too, but at least it's through the mountains, I can run forever in the wilderness.
I miss snow boarding. I crave getting my butt whipped on the mountain at least 2x a month. i need the physical and mental exhaustion that it creates. Nothing, aside from my evening meditations, brings me peace in my mind like action sports. So, T suggesting windsurfing for the summer-- I will take few lessons and see if it is challenging enough to exhaust and thrill me. Wolf will be done today. Will post results.
Disappointed in the Buddhism temples in Kelowna! One is Japanese Buddhism, one is Chinese Buddhism and one monk just gives me the creeps. I need Tibetan Buddhism that isn't some old boys club. I've even designed the best saffron and crimson dress/robes for women--the new western Buddhism that is gender neutral that takes into account, western women don't want to shave their heads and wear a robe that looks like an ill fitting diaper to practise in. I'd look as rediculous bald and wearing those robes as the Dalai Lama would look in one of my Texas dresses.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Melissaisms and Stuff

Here are a few of my random thoughts:

The only male stars that will get me out to a movie are: Daniel Craig and Clive Owen. They are the best and that manliness sure doesn't hurt. George Clooney, Johnny Depp?? Yawn...not only are they flat, bad actors they are dead boring.

And all you real women out there take note, I've switched to men's deodorant. Yep. No aluminum for me anymore. And bring on the sweat! Who ever said wet pits weren't attractive on a woman, never ran with me. Best bets: Speed stick-ocean scent or Adidas's--sport fever. Neither are too manly.

Peter is and always has been my rock. And although sometimes I fly higher than my rock or swim beneath it, it keeps me grounded so I can grow. Thanks Rock.

Now for some news: went to the beach last night for a taco supper. We were the only ones there. It was awesome fun running all over the place and acting stupid. A great hike this AM. Saw 3 deer, two hawks , ducks, quail etc. Hiked to the top of the world and beat our chests and gorilla called like Tarzan and Jane--most uplifting on an early Sunday morning.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Death of a Black Widow

A symphony of birds this morning on my run. Nothing sounds more beautiful than Canadian birds on a spring morning.
As usual, an infestation of black widows in my garage this spring. I found a huge one on the garage ceiling and brought it down to flip it. Sure enough a big red hour glass. As I ran inside to get a jar to collect her, Peter killed her with my badminton racket. i was so mad because I was going to relocate her or keep her as a specimen. She was huge! Her daughter still reside in a web on our garage window--her marking are yellowish still as she is young. They can live up to 5 years and if they like a place, stay their entire life. But, their venom is 15x that of a rattlesnake and more deadly than that of a cobra or coral snake--so as their bite may not kill me and PJ, it could easily kill a child. I will relocate the young one. It seems our garage is a favourite winter hang out for them. So I am sure it will be impossible to relocate them all. I am a huge fan of spiders, I find them beautiful and fascinating, I just don't want my babies to get bitten!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Grizzly Girl

I am knackered! Missed the gym this am. Will hike instead. Had a great visit with JK last night. we nearly missed him as UBC kept him super busy wining and dining him. ..I need a new computer and how. My keys keep falling off.
JK looked most GQ in his dove grey suit and lilac shirt. I felt worried we wouldn't connect so I left a bribe message at his hotel: I bought you a huge death by chocolate cheesecake! Sure enough he was over in a flash.
It's official, I'm a UBC grad student. SO now I need to sweat as I intend to be Miss Smarty Pants so I can do my PHD with ease. Need to purchase a new canvas today as the grizzly I am painting is so big and grand, she just won't fit on the one i bought. and yes, i am lazy as of late. i no longer want to build my own canvases--it takes too much time away from the actual painting--so i purchase them already built.
m and T started rock school again--loved it. pippi definately improving in her speech. Now the race is on for me to complete enough paintings for my most esteemed agent by sept. How's the hair growing Joop?