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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Death by Dancing Overdose

Over did dancing this month. I have a latin dance lesson tonight but guess what? I'm sneaking out of it and going to a movie with Peter instead. The Grey--with Laim Neison. I'm an adventure junkie so I gravitate towards survival type movies. I had a really good class at UBC last night despite being burnt out by Zumba. All my dances came together and I remembered all the steps to my 2 new ones. I have 2 students that come up and chat with me after class--I like that. And my male student Justin came back! He's the best--braves all those women and gives it his all each class. 
Worried about my dearest Tabs who is still home with influenza. It has gone to her chest and she still has a high fever. It looks like her school winter camp is a no go for her. I keep telling her we'll play it by ear but she is far to ill to go and there is no way the flu vanishes over night. Her spirits are high though and she loves cuddling with our boys (the dogs) who are all to thrilled to have someone to sleep with on the sofa. I am only leaving my baby Tabs tonight for the movie because Mist can watch her and we have our cell phone. I NEED to get out. I have ongoing issues with UBC grad school (that I will only talk about once I graduate!). I've done nothing but dance all month--no socializing, no leisure activities. I am freaking out a wee bit. Mist is having issues with her wardrobe and the semester change and Pip refuses to go to piano anymore. What's a mom to do? This is why I NEED a movie out tonight. And for the record, I have made Mango Chicken in the slow cooker tonight with sticky rice and a green/blueberry/avocado salad for supper. Once I make my mind up to do something--I do it. We will not eat out all month. This is so good for my family.
My latest cut-up t-shirt creation. Spider web design. I bought a 5$ t-shirt and cut it up. Like it or hate it, it was rather fun to make. I wanted a really light weight, black t-shirt to teach in because I always get so hot when I teach. I always end up opening the studio door and letting in some cold air 1/2 through class. I overheat fast. I don't know why but I think it is my genetics. I have a high metabolism so maybe that is why? Oh yes and I don't sweat very much either so that also raises my body temp. Love it but the straps kept falling down as I danced last night. Choreographed a song to "I'm Sexy and I know it" today. Dance is addicting somehow.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

A Dog's Life

Below are my darling boys Pablo and Fernando. A day in their busy life. And the final picture is of Pablo napping on Tabs. Pablo is 3 months old and Fernando 3 years. What can I say, these boys are two of my best buddies on earth :)

I am home with 2 ill little girls. Tabs has an influenza type virus (fever, nausea, head cold--despite having had the flu shot). Pip has a cold. Their spirits are high though with treats from mom--fudgsicles and creamsicles. Tabs must recover quickly as she has her big school winter camping trip on Wednesday and she is so excited that her sleeping bag was rolled and her bags backed on Saturday!
 I just completed so much paper work and phone calls--I feel a little triumphant. More to tackle and then off to teach a mere 2 Zumba classes in 2 locations. A nice break from my usual 5 class Mondays.
I am determined to keep February an eat in only month. Tonight I am making pesto stuffed chicken breasts in the slow cooker. I shall eat later tonight when I arrive home from teaching at 8 p.m. That reminds me, the Zumba dance I posted this weekend still needs tweaking--must practice a new move before I teach it tonight! When ever I introduce a new song to my students, I warn them to be patient with me as I might blank out on a move. They are usually very forgiving. I was trained to introduce dances before they are perfect otherwise no one ever feels a dance is ready to introduce--so that's what I do!
The only takeout food allowed is for Pip's birthday party on the 12th. I have booked a hall and ordered ZumbAtomic balloons and bracelets. I need to buy about ten more sets of pom-poms. It will be my first official ZumbAtomics party. About 25 guests attending. My new business is called Z Parties. I host Zumba and ZumbAtomics parties. I provide an hour of dance and games and disco lights and Zumba trinkets to take home. Very excited about this as I am an expert on Zumba parties and the kids I teach adore my games! 
Gotta go serve my darling princesses their lunch in bed!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

ZUMBA by Request...

I had a request to show my latest Zumba choreography. I have edited the video to shorten the routine so it is much shorter than the original dance but it gives you the basic moves.  It appears to be a slow sexy-type of routine but try it and you'll see it is a hard work out. I always tape my own choreography so I won't forget. I often take a song out of my regular roster and forget it eventually! Forgive the casual quality to the performance--I taped it for me--so I'll always know the choreography. Also, when I am actually teaching dance to a class, I am never serious--we laugh and have fun with the sexy moves. One cannot take themselves seriously dancing Zumba. We dance for the pure joy of it. It really is more of a dance party than a class.
 Thanks to my camera man and my   
side kicks!  
Zumba fans, enjoy the video below:


Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Business of Life

Pippi before attending a birthday party for a friend last evening. She's wearing an Indian outfit I purchased for her in Little India, Penang, Malaysia.
Trying to exercise moderation. It's work for me. I used to be an excess/crash and burn type. But studying Buddhism has helped. This is why, as much as people might make fun of my "Spoil QueenMJ days" they are a necessity. Even the ridiculous title helps me focus on what I need to do. I get an idea, and get excited about it and a little mania sets in and I throw myself into accomplishing the goal. But thanks to my learned wisdom, I now feel and recognize the physical and mental effects of this pattern and tell myself to slow down and take a "Spoil QMJ" day, hour or even just a minute sometimes. And honestly, I'm much better at calming myself down on busy days than boosting myself up if my days are too dull.
Mist this week.
I'm starting two business. One a side business (party) and the other an e-Publishing business. I'll explain more about this once I get the paper work complete. Getting the side business off the ground after coming down from my 12 dance classes week, I started to feel my mind go into overdrive. So, I immediately found a spot on the sofa to breath for a moment. My daughter Mist sat with me and my dogs (the Nanders and the Pablee-poo--just had to type out their nicknames as I love calling them that!). It felt good just to have all four of us sprawled together and I said so. Well, little ears heard this and soon I had Tabs and Pip all squished with us on the small sofa (love seat size)  :)

 I am learning it is the little breaks one can immediately take that can rest the mind. I still had one more class to teach-- let me say that it was very hard to get myself there last night. I was so burnt out. But once I arrived and then the Mom's and their little Zumba dancers arrived (it was Mom & Me Zumba) I had to suck it up and put on a show. After class, I felt refreshed. Somehow, no matter how exhausted I am, after an hour of dancing I feel revived again for a t least a few hours after word.

Tabs this week.
The down side of teaching in the evening is supper. We have grabbed take out here and there all month and I feel horrible about this! I am putting a moratorium on eating out for February. No matter how rushed we are, we must make meals at home. Our nutrition is at stake. This is really hard since we don't eat modern wheat. I need to stock up on spelt bread and freeze it for occasions when we might only have the time for sandwiches. I could, I guess, make some spelt bagets and freeze them. Also, I'm hitting the slow cooker pretty hard next month. Making supper in the morning is easier when I am fresh. There is nothing worse than coming home after an exhausting day and having to make supper. I make 4 suppers a week and Peter three. Peter is not a chef. But last week he made chili from scratch so I am hopeful.

My girls too are very busy this week. Tabs is going winter camping with her class, Mist just finished provincial exams and Pip has been a party girl (attending friends' parties and preparing for her own coming up in Feb). 

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vibrating to the Frequency of Love

I'm almost afraid to post this with the above title. I just know it will attract the odd pervert. But it is one of my all time favorite quotes, "I vibrate to the frequency of love" by Quan Yin. It means that all life in the universe is connected and when we embrace the power of our unconditional love for ourselves and others, our energy (and cells) vibrate to the same frequency (love). It's quantum physics and Buddhism.

Just finished my last elementary school ZumbAtomics class. It is time--my knee for the first time hurt today.  Next week my 12 classes a week drops to 6. Six is plenty. I will now have the time to focus on what's next for me. Teaching dancing I do for me. It is for my own 100% enjoyment. One doesn't make enough money to do it for any other reason. This is why I will limit my classes to no more than about 5 a week--any more and it cuts into my time to actually make a decent income! Also, on days when I teach 5 classes, by class 4 or 5 it is evening and I am stressed and tired from the day at school. Teaching kids dance is exhausting, especially one particular class of grade fours.  Once they enter the gym, they are like chimps finally let loose in a forest.

My last classes of the day are adult Zumba and sometimes my mind wonders while I dance and I mess up here and there. I usually pretend it was all planned but I know my mind is exhausted from teaching so many kids dance all day.

However, I am so very blessed to have such a strong and healthy body that allows me to dance to my heart's content. I don't take my body for granted. I spoil it with good nutrition and lots of rest.

I am vibrating to the frequency of love ;) Life is an adventure to me and I never know what wonder awaits me. The things I cannot change, the things I have no control over, I just let happen in their own time even when it effects my life big time--what else can one do?

I leave with you a few pics of happy people: my daughter Tabs and friends at her birthday party and one of me with a few of the gals as we prepared to leave for our movie out We Bought a Zoo-we all enjoyed it.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Cool Cut-Up T-Shirt

I wanted to try making some cool work-out t-shirts( cool in more way than one). I thought all the cutouts would be refreshing when I teach Zumba. I used an old cheap typical Hawaiian tourist t-shirts I purchased when I was in Hawaii (because I never wear it). I slashed up the front, back, sides and sleeves. It was my first time so I was experimenting with a little weaving too. It was actually fun. I know how to transform all those over sized ugly t-shirts one gets for free at sporting events, into fitted cool t-shirts. I also thought that this would be a great party idea for the girls' birthdays--each guests could create an unique t-shirt to take home (ages ten and up).

This is my last week of 5 and 4 day classes, yay! It is too much. I've never had such a life style as the one I am currently living. In order to preserve my legs for all of that dancing M-F, I do no other sports on the weekends. I am so not used to taking it physically easy on the weekends. E-gads, just look what kinds of things I get up to! i.e. please see above t-shirt craft. This life style is definitely an interesting change. Usually I plan my days around a big sports activity like skating, skiing, hiking etc. Now my days are free to find new interests or reconnect with old ones.

Gotta go unload a-lot-a-lotta groceries :)

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mama's Banana Cakes

The summer before last, I spent some time on the Perhentian Islands in the South China Sea. Every morning, Peter and I would walk to an outdoor restaurant on the beach called Mama's (run by an ancient Malay woman) and I would order banana cake for breakfast. The following recipe is my  healthy take on banana cake (muffin style). Scroll below the recipe for a few pics from my stay on the Perhentian Islands--the most beautiful and relaxing place on earth that I have encountered so far (aside from being stung by a jelly fish!) ...

Mama's Banana Cakes

1 1/4 cup whole grain spelt flour
1/2 cup large flake oats
1/2 cup ground flax
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 egg
3 large mashed ripe bananas
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp lemon juice
3/4 cup chocolate chips

Combine dry ingredients. In separate bowl, beat oil, sugar and add egg. Mix in bananas, milk and lemon juice. Add wet to dry with chocolate chips and stir until just mixed. Pour into muffin tin and bake for 15 minutes at 375 oF.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Mom, Auntie, Cousin and Me Zumba

Me (age 6) holding my new baby sister Miranda (circa early 1970s)
Tonight is a special Zumba night. My sister Miranda and her girls are joining my class for the Mom and Me Zumba I teach at the rec centre. My daughters Mist and Tabs will be there too. Pip is at a play date at a friends house.
 I taught my first Zumba nooner today at UBC. I like teaching adults at the Uni--may decide to be a prof after all...I had about ten UBC staff members and a student attend. Zumba is always a shock to one's system the first time. No one is prepared for all of the hip circles and booty shakes. But once you've mastered them, they are addictive. My legs are feeling the effect of 5 and 4 class days now. Yep, they are a wee bit tired and sore as I type this. But I am off to teach in 1/2 h.
I made supper and it is simmering on the stove until I return from class. I made Moroccan chicken with rice. It should be delicious. I love Moroccan food. It has butternut squash, raisins and brown basmati rice in the recipe. I used fresh garlic and ginger and turmeric I purchased on a tour of a spice plantation in Malaysia the summer before last.
Tomorrow is Tabs' birthday party: pool party/pizza party/movie out/sleepover party. Have been invited to a friend's party as well that night--hope I can fit in both as I love a party!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Dance Must Go On

Me today, in between classes (slim pickings in my photo archive today). My dog boys are some of my best Zumba enthusiasts ;0 I am wearing sweats borrowed from my dear daughter. It is great, now that Mistaya has grown to 5'10" she and I can borrow each other's clothing. I wore the fedora to dance today and the kids loved it. I told them to bring their hats next week as one particular song requires us to toss our hat off in a very suave manner at the end of it. Out of 3 classes I can honestly report there are only 2 dancing duds. By this I mean 2 students who refuse to dance at all and have an expressionless, cranky face the entire class. I only ever hear them complain, not just about dance but about any and everything out of their mouths! If I were their full time teacher or parent I would say it is time for an little intervention. If they stay this cranky and negative they are in for one nasty life.

It is so very cold in BC today. Unusually cold but it is supposed to be mild and raining by the weekend so I shall not complain. But my boys refuse to go outside to pee. They stand at the door and shake until I let them in.

It is a blizzard out there so I shall drive slowly to the University this afternoon. I love my Rav4. It handles icy mountain roads so well. Definitely treating my class to a Hawaiian song today--everyone living here needs a little tropical break.

I'm one of those people who often embarrasses herself. I don't look like the class clown, but I inadvertently do something embarrassing and become one--Latin dance class last night.

Wow, it is really is a major blizzard today up here on the mountain top--don't know if even my Rav4 wants to try the mountain one more time. I think I'll cancel taking Tabs to choir as the weather really is horrible and dangerously cold. Wish me luck, heading out to the Uni soon...

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Cup of Tea

Me, in Portland Oregon, trying to warm up with a mug of tea. Man, is Portland a chilly place to be in the winter!
Winter has arrived in BC. We have snow and we have cold. I think the low last evening was about -12 oC. I drove my little poopsies to school at Tabs' request as the bus drops them off 1/2 h early and she didn't want to have to freeze outside for 1/2h. Yes, I spoil them. They are not prairie girls. When I was little and lived on the prairies for a portion of my childhood, I would walk to school in -40 oC. On some days it was even colder with the wind chill. I remember one morning it was -65 oC with the windchill! Yes, it made me one tough girl but also a woman who now hates cold weather and is looking to relocate to a tropical locale.

My 5 classes finished yesterday at 7:30 p.m. Let me say that to get myself pumped for the final class, I down a bottle of Diet Coke. It seems to work. It isn't until I am home, attempting to eat supper that I realize how tired my legs and feet are. I like teaching at UBC the best. Adult students are a breeze. Yes, I do adore my little students too (I cannot help but smile when I watch them intently dance the conga and shout "Chihuahua!" to our Chihuahua song). 2 men in my UBC class last night--a record! And, most importantly I have an assistant! She brings me the athletic binder before class and opens the ballroom for me. Yay! That cuts down on so much extra work: having to walk to and fro the Athletics building and deal with an de-programed key that won't open the ballroom each evening and a ballroom filled with tables and chairs to move. I'm going to add my Hawaiian hoola song to my repertoire this month--I did a little demo to one of Izzy's (Israel "IZ" Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole) songs (I couldn't help myself, we were doing our cool down stretches to White Sandy Beaches and I had to squeeze in a little hoola) and the class really wanted me to keep going with it :D

Pervert alert. A male, early 30s, in a hoodie, baseball cap and toque kept peering in my ZumbAtomic class windows all class. He started peaking in early--as Tabs and I were setting up. He kept coming back and trying all the windows to watch us. I though he might be an over-protective parent or something. After class I asked the students if anyone knew him. No one did and one girl said he'd asked her all these questions about what we were doing in the room just before she came to the class. I reported him to front desk and they were very concerned. The guy in charge of the building (I work with him on the sound system issues a lot) made sure that if he ever comes back to stop class and report to him immediately. It was then that Tabs told me a man (who looked like he was mentally challenged) had been standing at the door of the girl's washroom peering in. Good grief! One has to keep on their toes on a Monday night.

Off to make myself a cup of tea and await the piano tuner (our piano probably has not been tuned in its 50 year life time).


Monday, January 16, 2012

Let Me In & Let Me Out

Baby Pablo a little nervous that perhaps no one remembers that he's still outside on a chilly day!
Baby Pablo waiting at the door to be let in.

When life is over/under-whelming, my only solution is to "GO TO THE WORLD."
By this I mean that one must push themselves even further and get more involved in outside pursuits in some way--forge a new connection to other beings in a new way. It is the social connections with others (human and animal) that challenge us and keep us in top form. It is also an imbalance in these connections that cause us to loose top form--when one is oppressed by power imbalances, trying to navigate through life with those individuals in positions of power with fragile and giant egos.

Once my thesis is defended (this is the hardest thing I have ever dealt with in my life--having one's future constantly dependent on others) I will be able to move onto phase II of my career plan. Phase II is all about art. This involves only one major training session in France this summer. It is going to be touch and go if I can afford the trip on many levels: time away from my family, finances etc.
Before France though, I must establish myself as a Publisher and publish my first e-Book. So, I am waiting and waiting to get into phase II. Phase 1 should have been over a year ago but unfortunately I am not in control over the MA process. Though, I have been sinking major tuition into UBC until I defend my thesis so there are many, many reasons I wish this would have been over a year ago.

I am hanging in there--going to the world--in an attempt to not let this lack of control over one's own future drag me down. Today is my teach 5 classes in 3 locations of Zumba day. But strangely, even dancing my body and mind into oblivion isn't enough "going to the world" for me. I need to push harder, move even further into the world to conquer the mental stress I have been under for the last 2 years of the MA process. I am not sure how exactly I am going to up my going to the world pursuits, but I will. It is the only thing that saves one in a time of serious stress (stress that is either sudden and of a crisis nature or prolonged lower level stress that shows no sign of ending soon).


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Confessions of a Blogging Addict

A recent article in the BBC news reporteded that Chinese scientists found significant brain changes in Internet addicts. They posed a series of questions to the subjects to determine if they were Internet addicts. And those who qualified as addicts, had their brains studied. The brain changes were similar to those found in other addicts (drug, alcohol, gambling etc.) The emotional side of the brain gets addicted to the (emotional) hits one gets on the net--brain stimulus.

I answered yes to many of the questions--Do I find myself online longer than I intended? Si senor. Have I tried unsuccessfully to limit my time online? Si, si senorita.

I confess that I feel the need to write online a lot. I love to express myself through other mediums and media. I think that is natural for me because I have the brain of artist--always have. So, is my strong desire to write online an addiction or the work of an artist needing to express herself?

I also confess to loving the Internet. It has opened up the word to me, a world I had no access to as a teenager. The ability to have all my questions answered instantly at my finger tips is wonderful. Oh, how I would have loved my digital encyclopedia as a teen. And the ability to express oneself instantly through multi hyper textual media is a dream for an artistic brain!

Some appreciate my art, of course others are critical--such is artistic expression. That's how it goes. I take hits in many ways. People tell me what they don't like about my blog all of the time. Also, my posts attract perverts on occasion and I have to reexamine my posts and delete stuff that I had no idea would attract perverts. People complain about my posts and ask Facebook to delete the odd one.

But what my blog does for me is give me a tablet to practice my writing daily. What could be better for an author? It also provides a chronicle of my family life. I am a recorder. Throughout history, written recordings of human society are what we study and learn from. Without a path of bread crumbs to follow back through history, how can one piece together the mysteries of human life on earth?

Now, having ranted a little about my blogging addiction, I will update my readers on some tidbits about my life:

Enjoyed a lunch downtown today with my friend Zoe :)

I am also enjoying a Latin dance class I am a student of on Tuesday evenings. My teacher is very thorough and a stickler on perfect form. I need this, as a Zumba instructor my technique is always exaggerated to emphasize the moves for my students. My teacher, Rob, brings me back to precise form--keeping my movements tighter and smaller.

My darling daughters keep me busy always. My little Pippi is keeping herself super busy with a new imaginary friend. Her last friend was another mom named Cindy. Her new friend is a little girl named Christie. Christie and Pip play the maze board game Labyrinth for hours together. If I hear her say something when I'm in the kitchen and I'll ask, "What was that Pip?"
      She'll say, "That was Christie Mom. Don't worry, if you hear a girl's voice that sounds like me, it's just Christie my best friend. She sounds a lot like me."
 I was resting in bed with a movie last night (more about this later) and I asked Peter to tuck Pippi into bed for the night. He returned to the bedroom after a few minutes. I asked, "Is Pippi all ready in bed?"
     "No," he said, "she's in the middle of a game of Labyrinth with Christie. I'm giving her ten minutes to finish the game."
Tonight at supper, we all accidentally sat on Christie as she seemed to move around the table unnoticed.
I adore my darling Pippi. She's a creative marvel! Mist and Tabs are both happy, busy gals too. Tabs busy planning her Birthday party with friends next weekend and Mist is going skiing again tomorrow night with a friend and getting ready for Ballet tonight.

I am loving my dog boys. Pablo and Fernando are the best friends a girl could ever ask for. Fernando has changed from a crazy beast, always getting into mischief, into a relaxed happy big bro. And Pablo is my cuddle boy still. Dogs are the best company. I'm super social by nature. So I cannot understand how anyone could live alone. If I were alone without other humans, I would always have my pets. Sitting beside them on the sofa, I always feel filled with love.

About my night off... January is a crazy month for me. The physical and mental demands on me as a Zumba teacher are high. I teach 5x a day sometimes, 4x other times and 3x on other days. Between that time I must try to do almost nothing to recoup for the next day of teaching and dancing. The physical demands show up by the fifth hour--my legs hurt a little and sometimes I have blisters. But it is hardest on my mind. I get exhausted being 'on' as a teacher. For five hours I am not only dancing and remembering 15 different songs and their steps, I am smiling and directing, and in the case of the children's classes, doing behavioural control. If the kids start to get aggressive with each other, I use a line inspired from lyrics by The Killers, "We've got soul but we're not soldiers. We are dancers. " I have to appear super pumped, happy and naturally lead the group in some hoots and hollers at opportune times.

So, hence, I have Spoil Queen MJ days. These are days when I try to do as little as possible exercise and work that would stress me. It is a day of nurturing all of me so I can cope with the crazy demands of my five class days. And in the evenings I treat myself to a foreign movie in bed with a Dairy Queen Blizzard in my hands. Last night the movie was Danish, Heaven. An unbelievably good movie which I highly recommend. The Blizzard was Peanut Butter Cup--also good :)

Blogging Addict signing off for now--until the next time my fingers are drawn to this keyboard.
I have to attend to a wee call out for "toilet paper" from down the hall :)

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pablo in the Bath

Nobody told me there'd be days like this.
FERNANDO!? Where's my big brother when I really need him?!
If you can't beat them...surrendering is always an option.
Dear God just let this be over.
OK, enough with the pictures already. Just hurry up and get me out of here.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little Dancing Buddhas

Above pics are of some of my favorite dancers: my girls, my niece and a friend.

What a day. I taught 5 hours worth of Zumba classes on Monday at 3 different locations around the city. At one point, I had 15 min between classes to drive from down town all the way to the University. But I did it! I had over 50 students in my last class. WOW. I was starting to feel a wee bit exhausted but I put on my smile and the show went on.

My first male (adult) student approached me after class to say he LOVED it J and would be coming back.  I told him to bring his friends.

Pippi and Tabs and my niece Nem are in my ZumbAtomics class at the Rec Centre and they are so adorable to teach. I love their smiling little faces. Mist helped me out by taking over the last dance game as I slipped out of class a little early to make it to my next class (this was a one time event as next week the classes are an hour apart thank G!). I love having my girls involved with my dance classes when I can. It is so good for them to work with Mom at something fun, I believe.

Teaching large groups of school children is the most difficult as some are reluctant dancers and other have emotional/ behavioral issues. In one of my elementary school classes a little girl burst out crying. I had prepared the kids for a line dance game: two lines face each other. The head of each line turns and dances down the middle with their partner while the line cheers them on clapping. Well, when the kids saw the person across from them that they would dance down the centre with, a few made faces, backed away, said rude comments—hence the tears.
I used my Buddhist philosophy to explain a little act of kindness to them. The next class, after my quick kindness talk, I asked the kids, “ Who is ready to show your classmates kindness from your heart? Because everyone needs a little kindness in their life.” They all put up their hands and everyone danced down the isle without insulting their partner J I felt good about that class, not only did they get a great dance class, they learned how to give a little kindness in order to not hurt another’s feelings.

I arrived home at about 7:30 p.m. too tired to eat much. Then I started to get really cold. Dancing for five hours keeps my body temp super high all day and then coming home and eating, my body starts to cool down.  This always happens after an entire day of dancing—I freeze afterward. I attempted a bath but we have yet to replace our hot water tank, as we have been so busy with other house renos. I had a 1-inch bath before it turned icy.  I grabbed a towel and bolted for the living room. I was so cold; my teeth were chattering uncontrollably and my body shaking. I lay down on the giant dog bed (strategically placed in front of the fire) and shook away.

My teeth chattered so loudly, my darling Pablo started to cry and lick my face.  A great way to end my crazy day—lying on the dog bed with my dog boys (Pablo and Fernando) in front of the fire.

BONUS: found out my UBC Zumba classes are open to everyone! One doesn’t have to be affiliated with the University in any way to attend. It’s a really good price too. $30 for unlimited classes on campus. And drop in is only $3. SO, anyone wanting to try my classes should  call campus rec and show up in the ballroom at the University Centre Building Mon, Wed evenings or Friday at noon—I’ll be there!

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter Walk with the Gypsy Boys

This weekend has been one of mostly work and not much play. Peter finished the hardwood stairs! They are beautiful. I taught my first Mom and Me Zumba class Friday night. It was fun. Pippi and Tabi attended class with me. I teach 5 classes tomorrow. I bring almonds and oranges with me so between classes I can refuel a little. Also, I always put a splash of apple juice in my water bottle to give me extra energy. I am discovering the human body has limited energy stores. Once they are depleted, that's it folks. Because I am dancing so many hours a day now, I realize that's it--that's my life. All I have energy to do is teach dance, come home cook a little, break bread with my family and sleep. I'll be a little bit boring this month I think.

Mist took Tabs out to a late show for her Birthday present. Tabs chose Breaking Dawn and loved it. I was surprised as Tabs hates anything scary or gory. Pippi asked if she and I could have girls' night since everyone else was out for the evening. She and I had a movie and sundaes in bed and then she slept with me until her dad arrived home at midnight with her big sisters. Pip loved our night and has suggested we have girls' night every Monday and Tuesday :)

The first snow of the New Year has graced the Okanagan Valley. Some snow inspired events from our lives: Mist down hill skied all day yesterday with a friend, blizzard on our mountain last evening--snow bound at home for the night, Pippi cut her bottom lip wide open tobogganing today.

The first snow of the New Year and the first outside walk for Pablo. Below are pictures from Pablo's first ever walk on a lead like a big-boy dog ;)
 Pablo ( we decided) looked a little like an old gypsy woman. We called him the Gypsy Granny Boy. He looks like he might try selling apples around the neighborhood.
Wild boy Fernando is one strong pug and Pippi one determined Alpha girl.
Fernando was determined to lead the pack but Pablo had other ideas.
Tabs, Pablo, Pippi and Fernando finally have the alpha leader thing figured out.
I took a turn sorting out the wee ego maniac boys.
Just when we thought all was well...Pablo was off like a shot.
Tabs caught up to the little devil. He just wanted a little privacy.
Tabs and Pablo wearing a dog sweater knit by my mom for my very first pug Weldy (19 years ago!).
Alpha Pippi thinks she can handle both wild boys at once.
Pablo has her on the run! 
Fernando has Tabs on the run!
Our feisty boys: Pablo the Old Boston Bull Dog puppy (2 months old) and Fernando the Pug (3 years old).
Me and Pablo my little apple-selling gypsy boy.

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