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Monday, March 31, 2008

Dr. Mistaya and Nurse Pippi

So, this is my hair leaving it to its natural wave. Do you like it better straight or wavy? And then there is Dr. Mistaya and Nurse Pippi--operating on dinosaurs.
Peter took the girls kite flying yesterday afternoon. They loved it. Tabs is at Mikaila's and Mist and Maddi just finished their first dog client--Mikaila's fat retriever. Bought Pip a few darling outfits for spring as she is growing so fast most of her clothes are getting too small! Bought myself a classical chocolate brown, 1950's style spring coat--very elegant. Will start my first bear painting tomorrow--must pick up a large canvas from Opus after Pip's Library story time. Might go to Juno with PJ tonight. Mist and Tabs are in the same rock band this Wednesday night--T on keyboards and M on guitar.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

You Asked...


Bought myself a cute bikini today. Now I need the weather to cooperate so I can wear it. Spent an afternoon at the mall with the girls, mainly window shopping and we had lunch out. A lazy Sunday. Peter was working and it wasn't warm enough this am to do any major summer sports. Although, it warmed up considerably this afternoon and I believe spring may have arrived. Although, Peter and I did hike up the mountain early this am.
Have got to get Tabs biking. As with scootering, she picks up too much speed and careens out of control. She is a speed demon.
Pip's ear seems to have cleared up on its own with only Ibuprofen. Her hair is definitely getting curlier.
And the Mist has been busy with Maddi hanging up "We'll walk your dog for free and scoop its poop too" signs all over the neighborhood. If only she was so keen to clean up after her own dog.
Tomorrow spring break ends and we will be hurled into the crazy, fast paced life that is Kelowna:work, lessons, school. I'll miss the slower pace. Change is always hard. I just get used to having all the kids home and organizing our days and bam--it all changes again.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

To paint or to Write? That is the Question...

I have been working like a mule. Building book shelves, hauling books, cleaning...And now today, I have a sense of relief as I see Peter pull away in the Van loaded with our excess. I am trying my hair curly for awhile as it is so hard to straighten. I don't know if I like my curly self yet. Tabs had Holly over for the night and Mist went to Nicole's for a sleepover. Pip has an ear infection and I must take her to the walk-in clinic today. Saw the movie Atonement--way too sad.
Went for an evening jog last night in the snow! Big flakes came down on me as I ran. They melted away thank-goodness. Had a brilliant dream 2 agents were very interested in Queen. So nice. Sigh... May not see John K next week as UBCO is keeping him busy. So JK---don't worry if you can't make it--but if you can squeeze in a coffee we'd be delighted of course. Now that my Zenning is complete--I will start painting on Monday. I will give it a shot. See how many I can complete and if I love it as much as I love writing. So torn--to paint or to write--that is my life's question.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Day in the Life of Pippi

Monday, March 24, 2008

Trip Pics

Mistaya, Me and Tabitha at the Aquarium.

A jelly fish photographed by me .

Vienies and more Vienies!

Back from the coast. A wet place. Joop took us on a fabulous 2h hike through the rain forest. Alot of hopping from rock, to root over puddles. The bridge was missing so we crossed the creek rock to rock. I love that kind of a hike. And then a pesky critter crawled up my pants and bit me sharply on the butt twice. It left a throbbing welt on my cheek. I had to strip naked and shake out my pants and undies--I got rid of it but never did see the thing--spider or ant my guess. Had a sauna back at Joops to warm up and over heated my self. Joops friend Walter came for Easter supper and it was a feast prepared by Theresa.
We saw a gorgeous owl high in a cedar tree on Joop's drive way. It watched us intently, hissing at us but not flying away.
Stopped at Ikea on the way home. A new book shelf and storage boxes for the garage and all our tools. Peter was forbidden from eating one of their hotdogs as last time he did and his stomach sounded like grizzlies fighting all night. Although, we had fun teasing him about the "vienies" and how we could feed all 5 of us, T and Kyr for 4.50$ (a pop and 2 vienies for 1.50$).

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Westport, West Vancouver

Today is Easter...Yah...I like Easter....I think Easter is great:-) --This was written by Peter as I got up and left my post for a moment!!!

So, living in West Van has its benefits: Joops house is big, beautiful, and comfortable. Hidden amongst an acre of shaggy cedar trees with a gorgeous view of the ocean, and get this--two giant sub zero refrigerators! That ought to impress you foodies out there.
Went to the aquarium yesterday--insanely crowded! Walked to the ocean, ate supper at Bo Kong--a vegetarian Buddhist restaurant--loved it. Tabs was eating her plate consisting of white rice and then some how fell off her chair and banged her eye on the floor. Her eye was cut and swelled up but she recovered by icing it. Pip covered herself in noodles and rice, Mist loved the Buddhist cuisine, Kyr enjoyed the mushrooms balls--tastes like chicken--he said. Today a hike and enjoying the Easter Bunnies gifts and T's fabulous Easter feast tonight. read a little of Joop's Dad' (Herman Dooyeweerd)Christian philosophy--interesting. I , of course ,found a few similarities in his questions and Buddhism.

Friday in Kamloops was fun. Mom's hair looks fantastic thanks to C's talents.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Crash Bam

I rear ended a car driving up Clifton yesterday. The front end is a little damaged but the air bags didn't deploy and the girls and I are ok even though the inpact caused Pip to cry hysterically. it was unaviodable as a truck cut off the woman in front of me and she slammed on her breaks full-stop right in front of me. I slammed on mine but we skidded into her bumper.
Spin class this am. I am looking forward to going to the gym in the light of day sometime.
Leave for Kamloops and then on to Vancouver tomorrow. Will jog early before we head out.
Tabs has been busy sewing. She's designed and sewed a purse for herself. Pip is talking more and more. Mist is having a blast at her Grannies. Peter is not sleeping over the last of his PHD work.
I am planning Hawaii--Fairmont--Kona. I think I can even handle an over night flight.
Silver acting like a new cat on his new food, with his new hair doo and his drugs. I'd forgotten how cute he can be. Mist's Triop died the day she left. It had just shed it's skin again too. Odd.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Green Beer

Back from the gym. Off very sooon to the speech path with dear little Pipi and the Tabs. Tabs throat still sore but no fever yet this am. Rented a movie last night for the first time in ages! Peter actually stayed awake through the entire thing even though it was a weid movie. Nicole Kidman, Jack Black...about her sisters wedding--can't hink of the title. Mist is snowboarding today at Sunpeaks with all her relatives--Grandad's treat.
Joop volunteered to be my art agent in Vancouver--I think he'll make an imposing one. Will do a collection of B&W portraits of BC wildflife. It would be nice to have an income while I do my masters. Must complete many, many before Sept.
St. Patties yesterday and the Hart in me was disappointed as I did nothing Irish. I did reflect however, on a time when I was in high school and I came to the U os S to visit T. And she and her friends snuck me into the campus bar--Louis, and encouraged me to steal them a pitcher of green beer. So, the nieve girl that I was, waited for the table next to us to get up and dance, and I snatched their pitcher of green beer. The guys at our table guzzeled it down quickly before the table returned.

Monday, March 17, 2008


To satisfy you foodies out there, here is last nights menu:

Sopa Seca de Arroz
Enchiladas de pollo de picadillo

In English: dry soup (spanish rice) ;sauteed zuchini,corn,red pepper and onion; and chicken,olive and raisin enchiladas.
It was traditional Mexican and delicious.
Most unfortunately, Tabs has a new fever and sore throat and will not be able to go on "Her big trip" to Auntie's in Nelson. She is very sad about that. I hope she will get to be the special girl and go anouther time soon. Kyr and Mist left on the bus a half an hour ago. My week plans have changed as now I will have both the Pip and the Tabs home. Peter has a very busy week--meeting galore.
I have decided to put Snowboading away for the season and skating too and concentrate on biking and tennis. This in addition to my year-long persuits of running, hiking, spinning and weight training. Not to mention the soon to be lake swimming--gotta boost my own ego once in awhile.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ego Boosters

This is one of my favourite family candid photos. So I put it up for lack of an interesting current one.
Out for supper last night to Fresco's with PJ, T and Joop. It was most enjoyable with conversations about "your biggest ego boosts in your life."Then we walked to the theatre for "Kite Runner." Hard to watch, but good and I learned a little about Afghanistan. KW and Mist babysat the little gals. Tabs walked into a glass door and received a nose bleed. All were well though, and slept three in a bunk bed with Archie on the floor beside them.
Today--swimming at the hotel, a major bike trip with T and Joop. And a San Antonio inspired Mexican feast at my house for supper. Mist and KW will go to Kamloops at 9am tomorrow.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Mistaya's band "Clockwise" in concert last night. I think they were singing "Jack and Diane" in this one.

Lynn Cody was excellent. I loved her! She was about my age, well spoken and interesting. I want to read her novel "Mean Boys." She gew up on Cape Bretton Is. and now lives in Vancouver. I wish I'd been able to book a one on one with her.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Art of Zen

I have had requests for explaining how one zens one's home and what is involved. So, here is my explanation:

Zenning involves looking at a room in detail and deciding what should stay and what needs to go.

Stay: objects with good karma: home made, collections that evoke an emotional response(positive), practical objects that one uses often.

Go: objects that one has no feeling toward, objects one isn't fond of, objects that are not practical.

It also involves letting go: allowing my children to keep some collections I view as junk but mean something to them.

It involves a large mind picture of one's ideal home. in my case it is a minimalist, Buddhist inspired retreat. So, with that home in mind, I jettison all objects (paintings too) that I would not put in my ideal home. I prepare for my ideal home now. So zenning involves living in the present--not the future. Treat one's existing home as one's ideal home--only the best allowed inside.

In the case of not being able to afford all that one's ideal home requires, I keep some objects that am not fond of but are needed now and used often-- so there for, they are practical objects; ie: ugly sofa in the family room and old desk used for storing my art presently.

One should not spend a lot of money zenning one's home as it follows in the Buddhist tradition of living simply and without excess, however, one may purchase items to simplify the home such as storage items. For example, I have 2 ugly plastic recycling boxes on full view in my kitchen because they enable me to organize my kitchen, recycle easily. Even though they re not attractive, I keep them because they are practical and they help my day flow smoothly.

In conclusion, zenning is about creating a home with positive karmic flow through simple, organized, tidy, practical, and loving means.

PS I will attend a talk tonight downtown in the orchard museum with CBC and the UBC writer in residence Lynn Cody on "The Life of a Writer"--should be good. Mist has a rock concert tonight, so Peter will have to attend without me. Tabs had a musical concert at school today that Peter attended and The Pip and I volunteered for Hot Lunch at the school.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Squirrel Nutkin

Silver's new doo.
Thought I'd be super chef and make a slow cooked stew Early this am. Chopped and mixed and turned it on only to come home to a cold pot of uncooked stew that had been sitting for 5 hours. The bleeping plug-in was loose! So, all that work for naught. One can understand my reluctance to put great effort into suppers as this sort of thing often occurs--hence the legume-chiens. Finished zenning the house! All that is left is the garage and yard. And I want to have a huge garage sale next month to cleanse my furnace room.
Girls received great report cards. Pip loves Silver's new look--she points to his lion tuft tail and laughs and laughs.


A small sample of my zealot style organizing--porcelain dolls and antique clothing finally displayed.
Last french class on Monday--a whoopie dee doo party--quiet unfortunately.
Theresa and Yoop and kyran this weekend. Will do some biking and a dinner party. Mist and Kran will go to Kamloops on Sunday and Tabs back to Nelson on Monday with Theresa. Then Pete and I and Pip will pick up Mist and Kyran on Friday(visit with Catherine etc) and drive to Yoop's in Vancouver for Easter.Theresa will bring Tabs to Van and meet us there.
Take Silver in today to get him shaved.
Pip and I will try out Storybook Theatre today--interactive theatre for tots.
Will sign up for a 10 km race as my lung capacity is top notch and I feel like I need a race to challenge myself.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just Zenning Around

My living room from two angels:

Silver Zenned out.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Pirates of the Mountain

Wish I had something grand to brag about this entry...but alas, I do not. No...one after the other of my children have fought a nasty Kelowna flu bug and I have been nurse maid for many a week. And now, of course, I am fighting it. To give one an idea of the stress of the bug: Peter and I were up from midnight to 4 am with Tabitha on Monday night. She had a fever of 40.7 (over105 f). So it is no wonder I eventually caught the bug. But today she is recovering and playing pirates with Penelope: tea towel(pirate flag) hanging from one of the four posters on Pip's crib(the pirate ship). I am so happy that my girls adore each other. For example: in the middle of Tabs feverish night, she refused to take her medicine (she was delirious) and finally decided she would try and take it but only if Penelope could be there with her--she needed to be with Penelope. I had to tell her that Pip was asleep---it was the middle of the night.
Mistaya is off at school--she declined to be put into an extra enriched math program--unbeknownst to her parents--even though she is a math whizz and finds regular math too easy. So today, she told me she might ask to be put in it after all.
Peter and I plan to take a tropical vacation to celebrate the completion of his PHD. San Fransisco at the end of the month is off for now. So Mom...keep a week open in May! I better fight this chest bug and fast if I want to snow board at Big White this Friday night--and I do! I am taking it easy today, nurse maiding...but the Zen quest is still on until I completely finish my house.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Mommy is here this weekend. In great form and spirit. Brought me another fabulous end table to match my set. My living room is Zen. Love it. Tabs party was a success. 14 little girls in the house at once. And boy, did those girls eat! Not a crumb of pizza or cake left.Spent too much time cleaning up mouse poo downstairs and organizing to avoid further mice.
Ready for adult fun this week. With Peter ill and then away, I haven't spent any time with him since San Antonio and that was one big crazy adventure. A movie out, snowboarding Friday night to start. Decided my videos are so much more exciting than my posts. Must do another...perhaps an interpretive family dance. Yes, I know some of you can hardly wait for that one.