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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Okeefe Ranch, North Okanagan, BC

Tabs, Pip and friend on the school bus--ready to start their adventure back in time...

Tabs and Pip at the general store buying too much old fashioned candy!

The old school house. Tabs as"Arabella."

Dear sweet Pip, "Clara"--told to sit at the back of the class and to not block the isle.

An old farm house--I loved this house. It had such wonderful karma inside.

*The golden pheasant--isn't he grand?
*Tabs dressed in the Little House on the Prairie dress my mom made for me when I was little.

*The church and grave yard. Tabs etching a picture from a grave stone.
*Tabs, Mommy and Pip.
* Peter (an adorable little boy in Tabs class who is deaf) signing to the girls that he saw a mosquito.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little House on the Big Ranch & Mist's first haircut

Mist: after hair cut and before below.
She is in love with it. Feels like Supergirl. She donated the 9" they cut off to a wig manufacturer that makes wigs for cancer patients.
Friday night: Peter and I went for a bike ride. It was great--the weather was so hot and sunny. There are sooo many steep hills up here that it was a killer workout. Then we watched some of my "Office" DVD's. The girls watched "Mary Poppins" upstairs. 
Mist is meeting several girlfriends today at a local mall. She did this for the very first time on Monday evening for a few hours. I don't think 12 year old girls should be hanging around a mall together for fun. I let her go the first time because the girls she was with are darlings and I have strict rules about how to behave at the mall and I know my Mist is a wise and smart little girl.
But a friend who couldn't make it on Monday has arranged a big group of the friends to go today. I have said Mist could go again, even though I am against 12 year olds at the mall as entertainment. If she were 16, maybe. I'm fine with it if an adult is also at the mall at the same time, keeping somewhat of an eye on the group. So I told Mist, this cannot be a regular event. I'll let her go today because all her friends are going, but after that, I want a parent hovering quietly in the distance. Does anyone agree with me that malls are no place for 12 year old girls to hang out?

Peter teaches all day today. I have to take Tabs to soccer at 9am and Mist to ballet rehearsal at noon. I am planning to take all my babes to "UP" 3D tonight. It looks cute.
Yesterday Fernando got neutered. You'd never know--he has so much energy post op. Today he is a little tender--I gave him his painkiller dose. 

O'Keefe Ranch: Pip and I and Tabs went to the O'keefe ranch just past Vernon yesterday. It was a gorgeous hot day for it. I enjoyed sitting with Tabs teacher on the bus ride down. He is an interesting and cool guy--he loves to travel, loves working with kids, seeking adventure and loves sports--kinda like me. He told me he's had 13 concussions from playing youth hockey and that he still has to manage the disastrous side effects from the damage.
The class trip was fun. The landscape is sooo beautiful and the ranch cool. They have actors in the general store (kids can buy candy) and in the old school house and the mansion tour. 
It was perfect except for the old biddy school marm. She acts like everyone is a real student of hers from the turn of the century. She gave everyone an old fashioned name and led them in a mock class. 
Everyone, except the Pip and I. She treated us like we were unwelcome lepers. She told us to sit on chairs in the back--out of the way and not to bock the isle. She gave everyone an old fashioned name except us. (All the other parent volunteers and helpers were treated like her students too). I thought, this is garbage. Dear little Pip and I were playing along, pretending it was the old 'n days, singing "God Save the Queen" and calling her "Mam" and she's acting like we are not a part of the group! Psycho B on her part. So I looked out the window wistfully--if she wasn't going to include us in make believe, I wasn't going to pretend anymore. I caught her gaze out of the corner of my eye, and she could tell I was affronted. She then decided to back peddle a bit and hand us some graphite so we could do the alphabet like the rest of the class. A sane part of her brain realized that she was being a total B and that perhaps, as we were paying tourists, this might affect her job somehow. Anyway, it was too little, too late and although I was polite to her, I still feel the pain of her rudeness/rejection of me and my darling baby girl. In retrospect, I wish I'd stood up in class and said "Excuse me Mam, what about us?"
However, I took some great photographs of our trip and will post them tomorrow. 
My secret passion (not secret anymore) is to buy land, lots of land, lots of glorious land with an old farm house on it and play "Little House" all year long whenever I have need to escape from the city.

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Tennis or Nap?

We played tennis last night. I like the sport even though I'm not that good at it. Playing against the girls was a challenge.
Today was bust. I had to have my hair done this morning. I can only go to the salon in the mornings because they do acrylic nails in the afternoons and they are toxic! I wheeze as soon as I step into that salon. So, my morning was spent at the hair dressers and I got no work done. The Pip was my most adorable side kick. Or I was hers. She is so calm and well behaved. We read books, did etch-a-sketch and she ate a little snack for the few hours we were there. 
Tomorrow I juggle taking Fernando to the vet (neuter time) and going on an all day field trip with Tabs class (Pip is coming too). Then on Saturday I juggle meeting with a classmate to work on our project and taking Tabs to soccer and Mist ballet--Peter teaches all day. I am tired of being double booked all of the time.
I was up all night soooo itchy! My skin is itchy under the surface. I wake up in the middle of the night and brush my entire body with a boar bristle brush--trying to stop the itching! Allergies suck. Anyway, I am so tired from not getting any sleep and then getting up at 5:30 to work out.
I am really too tired to do much, or even think. Perhaps a nap will set me straight.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

UBC Congregation 2009

Waiting for the ceremony to begin in our VIP seats:Bruce, Grace, Pip and Mist.
Mist and Tabs with Rob and Nana.
Peter opening his solar watch--gift from his family.
Mist, Tabs and Pip at the Hotel Vancouver.
Peter, Pip and I in our hotel room--photo by Tabs.
Pip on her bed at the hotel.

Mistaya was chosen to be a student leader next year. That means that she and the other chosen students have a special TA--they meet to plan events for their fellow students every morning.
She is very excited about it. I am too. It will be a great experience for her.
Tabs has ballet tonight.
Pip and fernando and I just got back from the park. 
I am a little bit bored in my head. Why? I love to travel, so when I first get back home I go through a ho-hum period of wishing life were as thrilling as it is when I travel. Being home is work! 

Monday, May 25, 2009

Beach Combing, Vancouver, BC

Bruce, Mistaya and Pip
Bruce, Pip, Tabs and Mist.
Tabs and Mist.
Mist and Me.
Bald Eagle--a familiar site on the coast.

Bruce just left for the airport with the girls and Pete. He will be missed. The girls begged to stay home from school today, but they'd missed so much last week that we insisted they go.  
Hanging with Uncle Bruce was a thrill for all three girls. They loved going to the beach with him and singing songs. He took them to the movie "Night at the Museum II." Even little Pip enjoyed it. Yesterday they had time for a Kettle Valley hike and picnic.
We hope to find time to go to Waskesui, Sask, this summer and canoe. Bruce is an expert canoeist, who goes on week long treks. We plan to meet him next summer in Alberta for a canoe trip down the S. Saskatchewan near Drumheller--stopping to dig for fossils along the way. 
I'm busy preparing my powerpoint presentation for class. I am looking forward to time off so I can rethink my thesis idea. I have a vision of excitement for my career path. And I need time to make it happen.
 Lately I get thrills of excitement in my chest as though something exciting is about to happen soon. Every time I feel this way, within weeks or so, something really exciting does happen!
I must check to see if the Dalai Lama tickets are on sale yet.
This Friday I go to O'Keefe Ranch in Vernon with Tabs class. The Pip will come too. 
The weather is full on summer! Love it! 

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bonobos and Me

Peter graduating.
Peter and all of his fans after graduation: L-R, Me, Pip, Bruce, Peter, Tabs, Mist, Grace, Nana and Rob.
Nana and the girls.
Sorry for my lapse in blogging. It was a busy week and weekend. Got back from Vancouver last night with Peter's bro--Bruce visiting. And as I just got back from an all day class at Uni. I'm known as the class pervert after today, I don't even care. 
I mentioned Bonobos as an example as naturally bisexual apes when the Prof was waxing on about human sexuality and how environment can play a roll. So the prof says, "Yes, people with alternative and  unusual sexualities know all about the Bonobo's"--the class turned to look at me and laugh. I just pointed to myself and said, "That's me." And later, when I was making a statement about the penal gland in the brain, the class didn't get it and assumed it was somehow related to the penis--and that was after I'd made a comment about biased reporting and quoted a sexist statement in a book that involved the word Penis. I don't know how it all happened, but it all came together somehow that all my class comments centered around sex. C'est la vie.
Vancouver was perfect. The weather was warm with bright blue sky each day and all the flowers in full bloom. Vancouver has enormous Rhododendron and Azalea bushes--so lovely. Peter's Mom, sister Grace and brothers Rob and Bruce flew into Van, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to join the celebration. The girls were thrilled to see their relatives again and had lots of fun. We received VIP seating at the Chan Centre and had the best seats in the house for watching the convocation--Peter works with some of the graduation organizers on senate and I guess they like him! Pip slept through the ceremony. We managed a quick swim at the hotel but other than that we were busy visiting with the Arthur relatives and attending the ceremony. 
Oh, we did stop by IKEA on our way home but hardly picked up anything--save huge stuffies for the girls (like they need ANY more stuffies)! Bruce is out with the gals as I write this--Girl's day out with Uncle Bruce--should I be frightened? So far we know that they went to  I-Hop for breakfast and then to the beach. It is so hot toady in Kelowna--feels near 30 oC. We have the air on. 

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Uninvited House Guest

This morning, I was rushing around trying to get Pip and I ready to leave the house when she came to me in my bedroom. "Mom, come on. There's a pieda in the living room." I didn't understand, but she kept insisting I follow her. Good thing too, because right in the corner of my living room, beside the desk where Pip always plays was this lady. Why do black widows love us so much? Usually they are in the garage but this time she was way too close for comfort. I got her out of the house on the tip of a tennis racket. It was actually a fairly big one, about 1 1/2 inches in length. 
We leave for Vancouver early tomorrow. I have been busy getting us all ready. Bought the girls these great "gummy" style fish oil vitamins. We don't each sea food as I am allergic. I was thrilled to find them in such a tasty form.
May I recommend "Once"--an Irish movie. It may be British but filmed in Ireland--can't remember. Anyway, it is a love story of the finest. 
Last night I did my Sunday evening Yoga routine and nearly threw-up afterward. All that scrunching of the stomach--remind me not to eat supper next Sunday.
Downloaded the best vintage children's songs. Pip and I love to belt them out. I especially like "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts."

Monday, May 18, 2009

May Long Weekend

A painting from my book "A Pug Named Pru."
May long weekend. We spent it tiding our yard and hiking around Knox Mountain. Tabs was ill Sat and Sun--she caught a gastro bug at the pool. Mist spent last night at her friend Sara's and is at the beach with her today. I am waiting to pick her up for supper. I have finished my paper, so all is on schedule for when I leave for Vancouver on Wed. We will all stay at our favourite hotel again: Hotel Vancouver. 
Peter and I enjoyed Star Trek despite my criticisms:
Jim Kirk, Spock and McCoy all miscast--Kirk and Spock not suave and macho enough for me. 
Though the other crew members were well cast: Bones etc.
Enjoying "The Office" DVD series. We don't have TV, so the shows are all new to me.
What to wear to Peter's convocation: sophisticated elegance, or summer ease?
I am starving!  Need to eat...

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Slide 'em Cow Boy!

Fernando and Pip playing in the back yard today.
As soon as the big girls get home form school, we will be off to the new water sport centre to try out the surf and wave pools and water slide. Poor Fernando has to stay home--although I'd love to see him tackle the water slides. Mist had a track meet yesterday. She didn't run because her lungs are still congested from that flu. Triple and high jump were her best sports. Tabs is excited because her school will unveil their new playground equipment today.
I am trying to finish a paper by this weekend. We leave for Vancouver next week (all of us). Tomorrow the girls and I will plant our pot gardens on the balcony: Pumpkin, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, basil, dill, peas and beans. Peter is going to redo the front flower bed as the entire yard is in dire need of attention. 
After the pool and after my supper of slow-cooked beef Burgundy, Peter and I are going to see the new Star Trek.
Rewriting Pru has so inspired me to do all new illustrations for it. I must find the time! This may be my foot in the door. I love writing fiction. I have plans, oh boy, do I have plans...

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Piggy in the Middle

Oh Fernando...

Breed: cross between a mountain goat/Tasmanian devil/Albert Einstein and cheetah.

Favourite game: piggy in the middle.
You are the piggy--Fernando the black streak that encircles you. You can NEVER catch him, NEVER.

Favourite hobby:
running straight up the slide at the playground and beating your kid to the top. Then he waits until your kid is about to slide down--he shoves her out of the way and slides down feet first--knocking your kid off the slide.
He continues to do this as fast as he can, always beating your kid to the top of the slide.

Favorite move: pooping on the leather sofa just to say he's mad at you for ignoring him for 1/2 a second.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Princess Penelope Finds Her Prince Charming

Peter in his UBC gowns, holding his darling Pip and his recent teaching award.
Pip, kissing her Prince, testing to see if he'll turn into a frog...

Peter tried on his robes to make sure everything was ok before his convocation next week in Vancouver. When Pip saw him, she said, "I want to play too!" She ran down the hall to find herself a Princess dress. When I asked her how her dad looked, she said , "like a prince." So after helping her into her princess gown, the two royals posed for photos.

Election day in BC today. My opinions (wanted or not):
Vote Yes for the single transferable vote. (At the very least do it to support my dear mom who has worked so hard on a committee researching the pros and cons of it and then promoting it!)
Do not reelect Campbell--he has sold our Beautiful British Columbia rivers to private corporations.

Much improved today. Tomorrow I plan to hit the gym once again. 5 days off is enough!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pippity Poppity-Poo

My little Pip. She is so clever. She made a sculpture with her Lego blocks of "Saraus Rock"--an unusual rock formation from the "Land Before Time" movies. And while playing with play dough, she rolled a small piece of black play dough, put it on the butt of her plastic "Clifford" dog and said "Poop goes the weasel!"
Tabs made ginger cookies last night. I suggested a recipe had I made up but had not tested yet. The ingenious little baker came to me, hands gooey, "Are you sure it's only 1/2 cup of flour? It's too sticky to roll into little balls." I instructed her to gradually add more flour until she could roll the dough into balls. They are delicious--she saved me the biggest one, she said. When I asked her this morning how much flour she used she said, "I had to use 4 cups Mom!"
Mist back at school today. She wanted her hair cut so she could make a grand entrance. Unfortunately, her personal fashion stylist (me) was too sick to make the appointment happen.
Feeling significantly better this afternoon. Fever only slight. Put myself on antibiotics for the bronchitis. 
Just writing my two papers I have left for my current class. Enjoying my professor more. He is feeling healthy finally and a little of his wit and passion is showing through. You know, in fiction, sentence fragments are encouraged. Interesting ways of saying words....but it hasn't crossed over into reporting yet. I wish it would. It is so much more fun writing in cryptic fragments.
So, as my health returns, so does the pressure. The pressure to live my life to its fullest. But I will start with just being Zen. I already had a blizzard from DQ so what's next?

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Happy Mother's Day all Moms! 
The pic is Pippi age 1 on Pender Island BC the summer of 2007. 
I am in bed with a 39 o C fever. I went to class yesterday because I felt well enough to go in the morning. By evening this flu had galloped back again. So I will rest in bed while Peter has fun out and about with our darlings. 
Perhaps it is the fever, or perhaps other negative forces, but my mind is enveloped in blah. I do not feel enthusiastic about much. To keep this day cheerful,
I shall sign off early, wishing all mothers a whole bunch of self-love today.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Brilliant Books & Boring Nights

A picnic in a mountain Park.
it has been a long week. Mistaya has been home all week with the flu. However, she seems nearly cured except for a cough today. And now I have the bug in my lungs--no fever, just a bronchitis. I don't know how I will sit through an entire day of class tomorrow. I may nip out at lunch if I feel yuck.
I attended UBC awards ceremony yesterday. Peter won a teaching award--top 10% ranked teachers by the students. I enjoyed it as there were free drinks, appies and the odd interesting soul to chat with. I also talked to my Prof and managed to charm him into thinking my paper idea was brilliant--comparing eight picture books (one of my own) for common themes, and how the art work compliments or distracts from story. All of the books are brilliant and so is the art work. I guess I should have chosen some books I could have torn apart more, however, I do mention some other books as "bad" examples, even they are not a part of my intimate 8. A few new favorites of mine, that I didn't read as a child and discovered now: "A Hundred Dresses" and "The Velveteen Rabbit"--brilliantly written.
So, I have re-written "A Pug Named Pru" this morning. I had not looked at that manuscript in about 5 years. I believe it is better for my rewrite. All I can say is that even though my latest paper assignment has caused me a lot of grief and confusion, at least I found the time to write fiction again. I do love it. The morning flew by and I was surprised it was already past noon and I had to run and pick up the Pip.
Today is blah--I usually do not allow myself to have a blah day. But because I have bronchitis in my lungs, I did not work out. And I probably will not do much this evening. However, I get bored and then depressed if I don't get out. So, what shall I do to brighten my own day yet not tire me out? Some ideas: take kids to park, coffee out, rent another movie. I saw Wendy and Lucy last night--well done.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ring Ring

A view of the lake from in front of our house. And Peter pushing Pip in the stroller after our evening picnic in the forest. We are high on a mountain but I can run down to the water in about 20 minutes (a steep climb).
I am very stressed tonight. It leaves me feeling tired and sad. Sad because I  worry. I worry about my Mist who has the flu. She never gets sick and if she does it is a mild case. I guess the stress of being a stage actor wore her down. She has had a fever and cough and general malaise.
And Peter is away most evenings (lets be honest, he is away in mind all week) as it is his "learning conference" that he organizes and runs for UBC each year. He is away driving key-notes here and there. And when he is home, he is glued to his computer or asleep. 
In addition, I am also having problems with my assignment. On closer inspection, I dislike it. I so wish I hadn't been so rushed when choosing it. I so long to do the first choice: critique one book (2000+ words). We had 3 choices of what assignments to do. The one I choose (#2), has turned out to be poorly thought-out.--critique 15 children's books and compare common themes, writing styles, who enjoys them and why? But these books are varied: from "The Hobbit" to picture books. It is too big a task for the time frame we have. Assignment 1 seems so much more manageable. However, I agreed to do #2 with a partner before I knew what was what: 15books  vs one book. How did he come up with his numbers? Does he think "The Hobbit" is not as difficult to critique as "The Outliers?" No, he seems to think it takes 15 hobbits to make up for one of his nonfiction choices. I think his assignment choices are not thought-out and lack any cohesiveness in difficulty. Why did I agree to this? HELP!
Needless to say, my day has been a whirlwind of running here and there fetching groceries and books for my patient, entertaining a feisty Pip and naughty dog--Fernando( pees and poos in the house non-stop--nomatter how many times I take him out!)Also, running Tabs to ballet and back--not to mention Peter being away until late. I tried to fit in a little work but it was scattered. I had many phone calls today as well. It seemed the phone never stopped ringing. 

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ponderosa Girls

A walk through the ponderosa wood behind our house. It was a warm weekend. Mistaya's portrayal of a fairy in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was beautiful. She was exhausted by the last performance on Saturday night. When I picked her up from the "after the play" cast  pizza-party--she said, "I'm so tired." 
And Tabitha played "The Juggler" at her piano recital at the college. She was amazing. I hadn't heard her even play the piece! I only ever hear her practise other pieces at home, so it was a delightful surprise to hear her play it so well. 
Today, my over-tired Mistaya has a cough and a little fever, so she stayed home with her Mama.  Pip is in fine form--busy making a train on her bunk bed--a train to take her to the jungle, a favorite destination of hers. She'll often  "adopt" a little red monkey with a long tail named "Roggio" on her journey. He is very little, fits in the palm of my hand. 
We had a wonderful family picnic last night in the forest park behind our house. It was so beautiful, I never wanted to leave. I always feel like that when I'm in the forest on a sunshiny day.
Can hardly wait for July--when Miranda's family arrives. The neighborhood is all ready a-buzz with anticipation. Seriously--I've had neighbors I haven't talked to in years approach me and ask if it is true: "Is your sister moving just down the street?" Another neighbor said "I hope they like beer!"--no worries there.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

ZEN, What's it Good For?

ZEN...what's it good for?
I wish life were as simple as being a Buddhist Monk. But as a woman alive today it is not. The demands are great:
-shop for and cook healthy, organic, and local meals for one's family.
-be in top physical shape
-look gorgeous
-have a stylish wardrobe
-have a beautifully decorated home
-have a clean home and a tidy yard
-have a gorgeous landscaped yard
-have children who are educated in all areas (requires much extra curricular lessons and travel)
-dress children in stylish wardrobes
-groom children to perfection.
-play all sorts of expensive sports
-have a brilliant career that pays good money
-be a great talent in one or two areas
-have a relationship with your lover (this requires time)
-be well educated
-raise a few pets 
-be an eco-warrior in spare time
-try to have a friend or two
-oh, and don't forget to be well read too
-find time to meditate to "balance" this crazy lifestyle
-find time to get together with like souls(spiritual community) to practice one's spiritual quest
-visit dentists and doctors, orthodontists regularly to keep everyone in top shape
-visit children's schools regularly to make sure everyones needs are being met...and this is the tip of the iceberg.

This is why the ZEN of the ZEN are unmarried, childless males who do not have a career other than meditating.  I have much admiration for those who embark on a spiritual/philosophical quest to find enlightenment. But if enlightenment comes from being childless, loverless and no career ambitions other than spirituality--then I guess I am hooped. 
I find it very difficult to find ZEN at this time in my life journey. However, I always like a good challenge. So this is why I am a Buddhist: the philosophy is pure science, and the quest simple: happiness. And even better, to always create good karma. That means that we are free to think the most vile of thoughts, the trick is to never act on them. But instead, act in a manner that is always kind and compassionate. Anyone can do it!

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Love & War

Silver and Fernando, a typical interaction. Silver doesn't need legs--the cat never seems to use them! He's the evolutionary step towards a cat like animal that sits in trees all day and never sets a toe on land--a sloth like creature.
 Crisis involving a father of Tab's friend being completely negligent for not feeding my child (Tabs, who was on a play date at his home and then he took them to a movie) a thing or even a drink from after school at 3 until 8 at night. And when his children each bought a popcorn during the movie (Tabs had money but it was a movie night at school and they had to have tickets ahead of time for the food), each refused to give Tabs a kernel, he  was OK with that--he let my little, skinny girl go without food or water all evening! She came home in tears and very hungry. The guy has had a past history of being careless and doing things I have specifically told him I do not want Tabs to do. This is just one more thing. It is hard to know what to do. Tabs really likes her friend and wants to go over there for play dates all of the time. But he is just irresponsible. I had recently taken his daughter to a dance night and paid for her ticket to dance and all her food. This is also the same guy that never showed up to pick up his kid the other night when we had to go to Mistaya's play.
 Now, onto another busy weekend. Just trying to take it easy....
Tabs and Mist full schedules and Peter and I trying to squeeze in some Zen time.
Decided a problem I am having with my latest class is the Wam! BAM! mentality. Choose your topic now! Evaluate this paper Now and have it in to me by noon tomorrow! Pick a team to work on the project with NOW! This has led me to have to make impulse decisions which are not the best for my plan. The plan being that each and every project I do must in some way, directly advance my thesis. Either through learning research skills or research that will help me write my thesis. So this knowledge has focused me and I must back track. The partner I  am working with is on a different personal path, so I will have to tell her my new project idea and see if she is in or out. I will do the projects alone if we can't come to an agreement. My first presentation on "Omnivore's Dilemma" is a done deal--no, it doesn't advance my thesis one little bit and I feel it is a total waste of my graduate time. I would read the book on my own anyway--presenting a review of it to the class---high school stuff in my opinion. Anyway, I have learned that the wam-bam process of selecting topics doesn't suit me and from hence forth, I shall be vigilant to my cause (thesis support).
I have a brilliant architectural plan for adding an entire other story to our existing home. It would make the house huge, yes, but functional too. However, we have always wanted to have lake view property, so perhaps we should wait and build. This will require the possibility of M and J wanting to split a gorgeous property on or near the lake...one can never start planning too early! 

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Friday, May 1, 2009

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Opening night.
Mistaya as a fairy.
The cast and crew did a great job and delivered a very entertaining Shakespearean play. 
Opening night jitters definitely affected my fairy. She lost the family tickets, we were late applying her make-up and curling her hair. 
Tabs had a friend over and the friend's dad never did show up to get her, so we had to scramble to find another friend to look after her as we could not take her to the play with us as it was sold out.  
Pip fell asleep on the way to the play and slept through the first half. Only to awaken in her dad's arms and let out a long, loud and drawn out yawn.
Mistaya reported she heard the yawn from on stage and knew it was the Pip.
Tabs back at school and well.
I have the little cold now. I slept in and didn't go to the gym as I want to knock it out fast. Perhaps having my teeth cleaned yesterday left me with tiny cuts in my gums which let in the virus.  
Must take Pip to daycare. Another 
busy weekend. Mist has three performances and a cast party to attend. Tabs has soccer and a piano recital to attend. Yes, boo-hoo....it is going to be a lovely weekend and all I want to do is head for the wilderness, lie in the grass and smell the spring flowers all day long. The Balsam flowers and Saskatoon bushes are in full bloom and the mountains are alive with yellow and white blossoms. I love this time of year.
A child in Vernon has the Okanagan's first case of swine flu. I just want it to 
end its run and soon. The global hysteria is creating too much bad karma. I could natter on and on this morning but alas, we will be late for daycare and my work.